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ann .

Ann lovedbyJesus|Malaysia

The words that every Christian hopes to hear on Judgment Day: "Well done, good and faithful servant!" God will honor and reward those of His servants who have spent their time on earth wisely, working continually to further His kingdom.

البلير الخـاص بي

God of compassion, in Jesus Christ you cared for those who were blind or deaf, crippled or slow to learn. Though all of us need help, give special care to those who are disabled, |المـزيد

إنضم لـصلاة

مجتمع الإعلانات

Prayer for my family Dec 14, 2011 1 التعليق

Although we are a christian family, there is a judge ready to destroy our family unity under the false pretext that our two children, aged twelve and six half would be uneducated -which is false- and that it would be better for them to be in full time in a kind of school (they may be at home only two days a week for them to be with us, their parents), and the prayer is that this DOES NOT happen and if there is obstination from this judge, that she die (thinking it is the only solution), and that everyone trying to destroy our christian family, whatever pretexting, and above all is untrue, die too. If I cannot defend myself and my children with human methods, I use the weapons, spiritual, from God. Amen and Amen.

The Water Levels are Rising~~~ Dec 01, 2011 5 تعليقات

For the past couple of months many Christians including myself have been receiving physical healings. The river is rising and there is an abundance of rain coming to the body of Christ. The Lord is about to bring many streams together for this great outpouring as we are beginning to see a small cloud like a mans hand. The Lord says, as you see the river rising, it is time to launch out into the deep. In this season of rain, ask for the rain. There is a dimension that is available to you and as you step in to this river and allow Me to take you deeper, you will experience a new level of My glory. In this time of acceleration, I am looking for those who will not back down from persecution. I am seeking those who will leave the past behind and follow Me wholeheartedly. I am looking for those with a surrendered heart. I am looking for those who will humble themselves and hearken unto My voice, to usher in My glory and to be carriers of My anointing. Do not despise the day of small beginnings. Do not become discouraged when you see that the water is just ankle deep but know that the water is rising. The days ahead will be glorious for the body of Christ. Many things will transpire and multitudes will be brought in to the Kingdom. Many will experience breakthroughs of significant proportions. There will be great miracles that will accompany this outpouring. What seemed impossible with man will become a natural occurrence. Do not be influenced by those with wavering faith but stand steadfast knowing that I will watch over My word to perform it. Have nothing to do with those that try to cut off the flow of my river. Don't allow anything to deviate you from this truth. Do not become discouraged when the darkness appears to be dominating. It is the dark clouds that are carrying the rain. You will see that the glory of this latter house is going to be greater than the former house and in this place I will bring peace says the Lord. Ezekiel 47:3 And when the man went out to the east with the line in his hand, he measured one thousand cubits, and he brought me through the waters; the water came up to my ankles. Again he measured one thousand and brought me through the waters; the water came up to my knees. Again he measured one thousand and brought me through; the water came up to my waist. Again he measured one thousand, and it was a river that I could not cross; for the water was too deep, water in which one must swim, a river that could not be crossed. He said to me, "Son of man, have you seen this?" Then he brought me and returned me to the bank of the river. When I returned, there, along the bank of the river, were very many trees on one side and the other. Then he said to me: "This water flows toward the eastern region, goes down into the valley, and enters the sea. When it reaches the sea, its waters are healed. And it shall be that every living thing that moves, wherever the rivers go, will live. There will be a very great multitude of fish, because these waters go there; for they will be healed, and everything will live wherever the river goes. Zachariah 10:1 Ask the Lord for rain In the time of the latter rain. The Lord will make flashing clouds; He will give them showers of Rain. (Elaine Tavolacci)

A prayer for healing Nov 19, 2011

God of compassion, in Jesus Christ you cared for those who were blind or deaf, crippled or slow to learn. Though all of us need help, give special care to those who are disabled, ... ... particularly those we name in silence... By our concern may they know the love you have for them, and come to trust you; through Jesus Christ who came to heal. Amen

The matter is the blood. Nov 17, 2011 1 التعليق

My Father God,Thank you for sending your son to shade his blood for all man kind.All the man kind could put their sins his back.Through his blood all has forfiven.Only Through Jesus blood and sufferings you have made the choice.There is no other son.Only The Saviour ,only one taken all the sins and bore on his back.The life you gave through your son's resurrection.The only one trust worthy son Jesus.Amen!!!!

Stay with us ,Father Nov 15, 2011 5 تعليقات

........... "Stay with us ;the day is almost over and it is getting dark"(Luke 24: 29) ........Father ,this is an evening .....stay with us .....we know that not much time left ..Father come ...come to our life ...we want to be with you so close... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bcfH6l1-HvE

we are here to Preach Christ crucified and Risen - Oct 18, 2011 9 تعليقات

Full name: Republic of Azerbaijan Population: 8.8 million (UN, 2009) Capital: Baku Area: 86,600 sq km (33,400 sq miles) Major language: Azeri, Russian Major religion: Islam Life expectancy: 68 years (men), 72 years (women) (UN) Monetary unit: 1 manat = 100 qapik Main exports: Oil, oil products GNI per capita: US $4,840 (World Bank, 2008) Internet domain: .az International dialling code: +994 ::::::::::::::::::::::President: Ilham Aliyev:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Lord this time we are lifting Azerbaijan to your presence.....we are asking Lord's blood may cover the country now........May His blood makes peace on that country right now....we praise you Father ...we know that by your son's blood you established the peace ..Now we are asking that blood may cover whole Azerbaijan and protect them.....:::: by faith it is done. ……We believe......we proclaim your words of salvation to this country (( 1 Cori 2:2 Says…..."I made up my mind to forget all except Christ and His death on the Cross~~ so those who know the Lord, "are called" to preach him... It’s a new beginning...For one week ,we can choose a country ...we can pray over and declare and proclaim Lord's mercy over that country.......so just like John the Baptist we may be preparing a way for the Gospel to many who never heard about Jesus........so It’s our CALL and ITS JUST A NEW BEGINNING...........and I welcome all friends to pray over Azerbaijan....and friends from Azerbaijan can just pray about the problems of their country ...so it will be helpful to pray together as FAMILY ........... We are a Family in Christ…..we are NOT STRANGERS ......Ephesians 2:19-20~~Consequently, you are no longer foreigners and strangers, but fellow citizens with God’s people and also members of his household, built on the foundation of the apostles and prophets, with Christ Jesus himself as the chief cornerstone. Praise the Lord~~~))) map and location of Azerbaijan ~~http://www.cross.tv/profile/168656?go=blogs&action=show&id=28458&backpage=1

I will Praise you Lord Forever! Oct 16, 2011 2 تعليقات

Throughout my life, is a standard written language in my praise as producing fruit for an offering, and my lips are like a gift of sacrifice. With the lyre and the harp, sing praise to the glory of God, and the flute of my lips exalt his justice. Morning and evening, will remain in covenant with God: and the end of the day, recite his commandments, and while there, there will my border and the end of my journey. So, bless his name on everything you do, before moving the hands or feet, whether you want to go, whether I want to feel me up, or even lying on my bed, sing songs of praise. My lips when the roar at the table, and before you even lift my hands in order to participate in any of the delicious fruit harvested from the earth. When you get the fear and terror, and there is only anguish and grief, yet will I bless the name of the Lord and I will give thanks for his marvelous deeds, and meditate in his power, and I will bow before your mercy during throughout the day. For I know that in their hands for justice for all living, and I know that all his works are true. So whether in distress or in salvation, praise the Lord in the same way.

we are here to Preach Christ crucified and Risen - Oct 10, 2011

we are here to Preach Christ crucified and Risen - to Mexico Lord this time we are lifting Mexico to your presence.....we are asking Lord's blood may cover the country now........May His blood makes peace on that country right now....we praise you Father ...we know that by your son's blood you established the peace ..Now we are asking that blood may cover whole Mexico and protect them.....:::: by faith it is done. ……We believe......we proclaim your words of salvation to this country (( 1 Cori 2:2 Says…..."I made up my mind to forget all except Christ and His death on the Cross~~ so those who know the Lord, "are called" to preach him... It’s a new beginning...For one week ,we can choose a country ...we can pray over and declare and proclaim Lord's mercy over that country.......so just like John the Baptist we may be preparing a way for the Gospel to many who never heard about Jesus........so It’s our CALL and ITS JUST A NEW BEGINNING...........and I welcome all friends to pray over Mexico....and friends from Mexico can just pray about the problems of their country ...so it will be helpful to pray together as FAMILY ........... We are a Family in Christ…..we are NOT STRANGERS ......Ephesians 2:19-20~~Consequently, you are no longer foreigners and strangers, but fellow citizens with God’s people and also members of his household, built on the foundation of the apostles and prophets, with Christ Jesus himself as the chief cornerstone. Map of Mexico http://www.cross.tv/profile/168656?go=blogs&action=show&id=28000&backpage= Praise the Lord~~~)))

“Father, let it start with US Oct 01, 2011 12 تعليقات

Father says “ a new generation is raising up … a new generation who walk with me….who sit with me…….who ask guidance for every single matter ………..who walk in healing ….who gives healing ………who walk in miracles ….who walk in selfless faith ….who walk in awesome manner that never ever a generation walk with me before……..and it start with YOU AND ME ..””” // John 5:17 ~~~ “Jesus answered them , “My Father is ALWAYS working ,and I too MUST work…….. Romans 5: 20::: BUT where sin increased ,God’s GRACE increased much MORE…// so if you put together John 5:17 and Romans 5:20…………..who is the WINNER still???? Who has the strong hold still ???????.......... No matter what Father is always the winner …Heaven wins always …….Jesus shed his last drop of blood for us ………even in that one drop is not go in vain……Father wants a new awakening with YOU and ME …….so lets pray together “Father, let it start with US “~~~~~

This transformation is result of developing A Life Sep 29, 2011 10 تعليقات

There is a living and breathing generation that walks the earth today that is growing into its destiny as a Glory (presence based) Generation. They are a new wineskin that has been raised up for such a time as this. They are preaching the Gospel of the Kingdom, they are healing the sick, they are casting out unclean spirits, they are raising the dead and they are making disciples. They are fueled and compelled by the Love of Christ and the mighty Power of His Spirit. They are a generation extraordinaire that has learned the value of A Lifestyle of Glory. The Glory of the Lord is a tangible reality available to every believer. Another way to say this would be that the Presence of the Lord is real! It is a tangible reality on earth as it is in Heaven. Let's look at Exodus 33:10-14 which says that Moses prayed to the Lord, "And all the people saw the cloudy pillar stand [at] the tabernacle door: and all the people rose up and worshipped, every man [in] his tent door. And the LORD spake unto Moses face to face, as a man speaketh unto his friend. And he turned again into the camp: but his servant Joshua, the son of Nun, a young man, departed not out of the tabernacle. And Moses said unto the LORD, See, thou sayest unto me, Bring up this people: and thou hast not let me know whom thou wilt send with me. Yet thou hast said, I know thee by name, and thou hast also found grace in my sight. Now therefore, I pray thee, if I have found grace in thy sight, shew me now thy way, that I may know thee, that I may find grace in thy sight: and consider that this nation [is] thy people. And he said, My presence shall go [with thee]..." What a powerful passage of scripture demonstrating the tangible presence of the Lord that is not only available, but the heritage and destiny of every believer. Everyone saw, everyone heard, everyone experienced with their physical senses the Glory of the Lord. It was so beautiful and strong that everyone worshiped at the door of their tents. Entire families were witnessing the Glory of the Lord and worshiping in His Glorious Presence. We can't settle for anything less than this, the Glory of the Lord in all walks of life. Lifestyle of Glory I looked up the word presence in vs. 14 and I was amazed at its meaning. It means the face of Yahweh that completely surrounds you. In front of you, behind you, to the left and the right of you, above and beneath you. That blew me away when I read that what Moses had asked for the Glory of Yahweh (or the face of Yahweh) to completely surround them as they journeyed into a land whose builder and maker was the Lord. He asked for the Glory of the Lord to be the mark that followed the nation of Israel. In Matthew 28:20 Jesus says, "...I am with you always, [even] unto the end of the world. Amen." I looked up what that word "with" means in this verse and to my amazement it means after and/or behind. Virtually it means the same thing as stated in Exodus between Yahweh and Moses. And the great revelation in the New Covenant is that the former and latter rain have become one in Christ and now the Glory of Lord is a tangible reality around us and in us. In this Lifestyle of Glory we see the Lord of Glory completely surrounding us and pouring out His Spirit upon everyone who asks, seeks and knocks. Upon everyone who is hungry and the thirsty. Jesus' promise to everyone who asks is that they will receive. His promise to everyone who seeks is that they will find. His promise to everyone who knocks is that doors will be opened. He said blessed are the hungry & thirsty for they will be filled. The very nature of this lifestyle stirs up hunger for seeking intimacy with Jesus. It produces a true desire for change and transformation. A Lifestyle of Glory produces change that this world so desperately needs. Let's look at the change we see in the life of Peter after developing A Lifestyle of Glory. In Luke 5:8 we see Peter coming face to face with the Glory of the Lord in the person of Jesus and Peter falling down at Jesus' knees and saying, "depart from me Lord for I am a sinful man". In Luke 9:20 we see Peter declaring that Jesus is the Christ. In John 21:7 we see Peter jumping out of the boat and swimming to the resurrected Jesus who sat on the shore. In Acts 1:15 we see Peter standing up to preach among those who were gathered in the upper room. In Acts 2:14 we see Peter preaching and thousands coming to the Lord. In Acts 3:6 we see Peter doing the works of Jesus and seeing the crippled man healed. In Acts 5:15 we see people who are being healed by lining up in the street and getting in Peter's shadow! That transformation is result of developing A Lifestyle of Glory! To develop this lifestyle you must learn to prioritize and place a daily demand on His Glory. Jesus said it best when He said the kingdom of heaven is like a pearl that when it is found is worth selling everything for. It is this Lifestyle of daily Glory that will spark the fires of Revival around the world and will awaken America to a third Great Awakening. It is this lifestyle that demonstrates the tangible presence of the Father to an unbelieving world. It is through this lifestyle that we will see a great grace released like never before and see entire cities come under the Greater Glory of the Lord. So today we place a demand on the Glory of the Lord and we consider it the greatest joy to let go of everything that we might live in it.

WORLD NEWS FROM : RADIO BIBLE ! Sep 28, 2011 2 تعليقات

From Br. Ezra Orando! WORLD NEWS FROM : RADIO BIBLE ! 1) ECONOMIC CRISES in America and Europe: “ God makes NATIONS STRONG and GREAT, but He DEFEATS and DESTROYS them. He makes their leaders FOOLISH, and makes them WANDER, CONFUSED and LOST; They GROPE in the DARK and STAGGER like DRUNKARDS” Job 12:23-25. 2) DROUGHT in Somalia and FLOODS in Pakistan : “ DROUGHT comes when God WITHHOLDS RAIN; FLOOD comes when He TURNS WATER LOOSE” Job 12:15. 3) CONFLICTS in North African and the Arab world: “ God takes away the Wisdom of Rulers and makes LEADERS Acts like fools. He DETHRONES KINGS and makes them PRISONERS; He HUMBLES priest and MEN of POWER. He DISGRACES those in POWER and put an END to the STRENGTH OF RULERS” Job 12:17-21. Let’s pray that the eyes of the world will be opened to see the sovereignty of the LORD , and humble. Fear the God of Jesus Christ , all the nations and Rulers of the world! Stop serving an unknown “ Allah” , practicing occultism, legalizing Homosexuality etc, and repent! http://www.imminentendoftheworld.com/

Blessing Sep 21, 2011

Dear Lord, Keeping blessing cross.tv

Mindanao Campus Ministry Jan 02, 2011 4 تعليقات

We are praying for the roofs needs for our ongoing building contructions worth Php 30.000 $ 700 more or less.

"Чадо Божие" Dec 18, 2010 1 التعليق

Счастливый человек Я счастлив Я счастлив, несмотря на проблемы, Ведь у меня есть ответ. Я благодарен за конфликты, Ведь это значит, наступило время моего обновления. Я рад испытаниям, Ведь они расширяют мой сосуд веры. А неблагополучные условия – это основание для благословений. Я счастлив потому, что могу молиться Богу. Lucky person I happy I happy, in spite of problems, After all I have an answer. I am thanked for conflicts, After all this signifies, approached time of my renovation. I am a pleased test, After all they increase my container of the faith. But unchancy of the condition this reason for blessing. I happy therefore that can be prayed God.

AlfonsoBalmaceda Nov 16, 2010 3 تعليقات

Pido oración para mi hija VALERIA MICHELL BALMACEDA PINEDA 11 años se le detecto leucemia el 20 de 01 del 2007 al cual se le dio tratamiento hasta agosto del 2009. Pero en abril del 2010 recayó la cual hasta la actualidad no entro a remisión por lo cual no se pudo hacer trasplante, hace 3 meses decidimos retirarnos de la quimio la cual no estaba haciendo ningún efecto, por lo cual ella no quiso mas quimio, donde decidimos como familia confiar plenamente en Dios. Y decidimos matricularla en la escuela ya que es su delirio, en la oración que hicimos como familia cuando nos retiramos de la quimio fue que no importaba como la tormenta se pusiera íbamos creer en Dios hasta el final, pero la tormenta arrecio mas fuerte el 3de octubre donde la DRA. le detecta vaso inflamado, y con 210,000 leucos cuando lo normal son de 5000 a 10,000,sin duda algo terrible para nosotros, máximo que me encontraba fuera del país, tuve que cortar mi viaje regresarme el 5 de octubre. Pero eso si hermanos ella es una niña con mucha fe. Cuando la llame de PANAMA ella me contesto y le dije que estaba preocupado por ella. Y ella me dijo la última palabra la tiene Dios, clama a mí y yo te responderé y te enseñare cosas grandes y ocultas que tu no conoces o es que vos no lees la biblia. Esas fueron sus palabras, pero hermanos lo más duro estaba por venir el martes por la noche que llegue de panamá platique con la DRA, y me dijo que mi hija solo le quedaban de 2 a 3 semanas de vida ya que la enfermedad había avanzado demasiado, algo muy desgarrador para nosotros, fue cuando decidimos llevarla a Estados Unidos y se lo comunicamos a mi hija ella me dijo: que si era a ponerla quimio ella no iba a viajar porque ella no iba a faltar a la palabra que había hecho con Dios, y que ella no necesitaba más quimio, entonces se vino la palabra del pacto que hice con Dios de que no importaba como la tormenta se pusiera mostros íbamos a creer en Dios hasta el final, déjenme contarles hermanos que VALERIA. Ya lleva 7 semanas para la honra y gloria de Dios y lo más importante de pie no en una cama sino que asintiendo a su escuela, ahorita mismo está recibiendo sangre porque se le bajo la hemoglobina a 6,y déjenme contarles que con esa hemoglobina baja fue ayer al concierto de tercer cielo y de paso se tomo fotos con el cantante que ahí se las voy pasar para que la miren y de paso para que la conozcan, ella ya no quiere mas transfusiones de sangre y plaquetas dice que ella no necesita ya esas cosas porque Dios la tiene sana, pero la DRA dice que para Valeria ya no hay cura pero para mí y mi familia y ella y ustedes que conocemos de El Dios maravilloso, poderoso, hermoso, univoque nos creo y somos imagen y semejanza de El no hay nada imposible. Por lo que para nosotros es imposible, para DIOS TODO ES POSIBLE porque nosotros hacemos lo natural, pero DIOS HACE LO SOBRENATURAL, que DIOS los bendiga henos y que la paz de CRISTO nos fortalezca. Por favor hermanos OREMOS JUNTOS POR VALERIA, Y DECLARO HNOS QUE MIRAREMOS LA GLORIA DE DIOS EN LA VIDA DE VALERIA AMEN.

Ezra Nov 01, 2010 3 تعليقات

From Br. Ezra orlando Chea A. PRE-NOTES: The Bible says: “The people of Gibeon, who were Hivites, heard what Joshua had done to Jericho and Ai, and they decided to deceive him. They went and got some food and loaded their donkeys with worn-out sacks and patched-up wineskins. They put on ragged clothes and worn-out sandals that had been mended. The bread they took with them was dry and mouldy. Then they went to the camp at Gilgal and said to Joshua and the men of Israel .Then they told him this story, we have come from a distant land.................Look at our bread. When we left home with it and started out to meet you, it was still warm. But look! But look! Now it is dry and mouldy. When we filled these wineskins, they were new, but look! They are torn. Our clothes and sandals are worn out from the long journey” the men of Israel accepted some food from them, BUT DID NOT CONSULT THE LORD ABOUT IT. Joshua made a treaty of friendship with the people of Gibeon and allowed them live. The leaders of the community of Israel gave their solemn promise to keep the treaty. Three days after the treaty had been made, the Israelites learnt that these people did indeed live nearby........All the people complain to the leaders about this.....” Joshua 9:3-23. Brethren, many years ago, I met a man lying in a very desperate manner beside the road, with a hospital book just beside him! Some passers had stopped and were looking, so did I ! Feeling very sympathetic , I thought of the story of the good Samaritan in the bible(Luke 10:33), then moved closer and picked up the hospital book. It had been well written in French as if from a health center, indicating abdominal problems, stamped and signed. I then tried to talk to this man of around 30years, and he “struggled” to respond. I asked him where he was staying and he told me he was living alone, and will like to go to his parents in the village so that they can better take care of him there, but there was no money for transport. This looked very genuine and now became my responsibility to assist him, So I asked how much, which he said 2500Francs CFA. I gave him the money and as he was getting up to leave, I left. A week latter, at another point of the street, I still saw this very man in the same sympathetic position, and the very book besides him, so I moved closer and ordered him to get up, which he did, and before I could start talking to him, he was already going away. Brethren, every scripture the bible says, is for our instruction. If I had spiritually understood what the scripture of Joshua was teaching , I would have first inwardly prayed for discernment from the Lord, before acting. But I saw with my eyes, heard, then wasted the Lord’s money to a lazy crook. From that day, I became very conscious of first turning to the Lord, in face of every presented situation. We must never act by just what we hear and see, but always turn to the LORD to ask for guidance. It is not because some one presents to us a picture of a seemingly sick person, be it on the internet, or physically, and tells us some seductive lies, that we should just believe and heed to, without turning to the Lord. We are to walk by the Spirit in every situation, and not by sight, without which, the devil will use our carnal emotional sympathetic feelings, to deal with us. Scamming is a devilish spirit, and so knows very well how to disguise and trick people. A scammer in the midst of believers, will disguise like one, and struggle to speak their language. Many of you like my self, must have received pretentious love letter with pictures of ladies, claiming to love us, and requesting to have our own pictures! The pictures these scammers present to us are photos of others they seduced to collect. So if you have once given out your pictures to these crooks, don’t be suppressed to find it one day: - On a site presented as someone suffering from serious cancer and doctors have decreed your death soon, and so you want to share your wealth before you die, or - In trouble needing assistance, or - Requesting for love , or - A manager of a company recruiting workers, or - A philanthropist or widow giving aid to the poor , or - A destitute orphan etc ! So if we are moving spiritually and not by sight, the Holy Spirit will dictate the true from the false, as we turn to Him. I know of a brother in the Lord who was emptied some millions of his years earnings, by these crooks. Quite often after allowing ourselves to dubbed, we satisfy our conscience by saying that ‘God will punish them!’, as if we had turned to him for verifications, before dealing with them. Yes, God may punish them, but we disobeyed Him by emotionally acting on our own without turning to enquire from Him. There are brethren who are indeed venerable to being easily dubbed, so I believe it is our responsibility before God , to watch and alert. We all know that, a man who leads a blind man astray, is not spared by the Lord. Therefore, our brethren moving to fall into a hole is considered as blind, and we must alert him of the hole before him, so that he doesn’t fall into it. That said, let’s settle on this fundamental topic of the day. Bible says : “ The human heart is the most deceitful of all things and desperately wicked: Who can know it? I the Lord search the heart, I try the reins, even to give every man according to his ways, and according to the fruit of his doing” Jeremiah 17:9-10. It is because of this human nature that the Lord says: -“ Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God” Matthew 5:8 - “And may your spirit and soul, and body be kept HOLY and BLAMELESS on the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ” 1st Corinthians 5:23. Brethren, do you believe in this exigency of the LORD as I do? Do you believe that only those who are PURE in HEART, will escape the coming wrath of God as the bible say? How is your heart? We should not just say that we have been saved by grace in Jesus! Yes, now that we have believed in the Lord Jesus and therefore saved by grace in Jesus, the fundamental question now is: Is our heart pure? These scriptures are addressed particularly to those who have gone through the right way of becoming a Christian(Read our prayer Number 19). Have you and me who have been born again, attain this level of spiritual maturity? If at this present moment that you are reading this exhortations, the Lord happens to come, will He take you along with him, or you will be abandoned to face His full wrath? A brethren asked this question: Why does the bible talk of TWO SALVATION as these two texts seem to reveal?: 1) “In the same manner Christ also was offered in sacrifice once to take away the SINS of many. He will appear the second time, not deal with SIN, but to SAVE those who are waiting for him” Hebrew 9:27 2) “This fills us with a living hope, and so we look forward to possessing the rich blessings that God keeps for his people. He keeps them for you in heaven, where they cannot decay or spoil or fade away. They are for you, who through faith are kept safe by God’s power for SALVATION which is ready to be revealed at the end of Time” 1st Peter 1:3-5. Does this mean that when we confess and repent from our sins and accept Christ, are we not already for ever SAVED? This question is very challenging to many of us, but let us scan through the thoughts of the author of the scripture- the Holy Spirit, to understand his use of this word SALVATION. SALVATION in the bible, is revealed in TWO DIMENSIONS: THE FIRST DIMENSION: In the first dimension, we are saved from Satan’s plat form of sinful destruction. Sins gives us into the hands of satan and his demons , to dominate and make us his slaves for hell. On this plate form we obey him, even against our wish. He has complete control over us and uses us to violet the laws of God, at his whims and caprices. The first step of SALVATION is transferring us from this domain or platform where we obey him even against our will, through confession and repentance from sins(Act 2:38), and forgiveness through the blood of Jesus, unto that of Jesus to be able to refuse obeying him, and obey God through the Power of the holy Spirit. On this base now, through Jesus Christ (by the power of the Holy Spirit), we are able to disobey Satan and his demons and dominate them in the name of Jesus. By grace in the Lord Jesus, we overcome the power of sins reigning over us. We are now on the battle field and must do everything possible in collaboration with the Lord , to dominate Satan and sins, and keep obeying God for the SECOND AND FINAL SALVATION talk of in Hebrew 9:27, 1st Peter 1:5. Which therefore means that if Satan fails to stop us from the first phase, he will go to the second phase to continue the battle there. Therefore comes the exhortations: -“Keep on working with fear and trembling to complete your salvation” Philippians 2:12 -“ If your hand or your foot makes you sin, cut it off and throw it away! It is better for you to enter life without a hand or a foot than to keep both feet and be thrown into eternal fire......” Matthew 18:8-9. -“ Blessed are those who wash their robes clean and so have the right to eat the fruit from the tree of life and to go through the gates into the city” Revelation 22:14. -“ And everyone who has left houses or brothers or sisters or father or mother or children or fields for my sake, will .........and WILL BE GIVEN ETERNAL LIFE” Matthew 19:29-30. - “ Be like new-born babies always thirsty for the pure spiritual milk so that by drinking it you GROW and be SAVED” 1st peter 2:2. -“ You have not resisted sins to the point of shading your blood” Therefore, the second phase is the crucial one on the plate form of Christ to collaborate with the Holy Spirit for out heart’s circumcision and transformation, as to be pure to meet God( Happy are the pure in heart, for they shall see God). We are appealing to brethren, to re-visit our debate topic on circumcision of idols from the heart. Because of the importance of this topic, we are placing it as our top debate message again! So you can better read again as you read through this prayer page. THE SECOND PHASE OF SALVATION. Therefore, the second phase of salvation comes in, involving only those who have rightly gone through the first phase. They are those who go victoriously through the transformation process from the old creation to the new, and finally leave this terrestrial tent to be with the Lord, and finally SAVED from the earth where they were still under Satan’s temptations. Now, taken away from the earth to be with the Lord, they are completely SAVED from any influence of sins, or temptations from any where what so ever. Therefore, comes words like: - “ .....He will appear a SECOND TIME, not to deal with Sin, but SAVE, those who are waiting for him” Hebrew 9:27 - “ They are for you,..............God’s power of SALVATION, which is ready to be REVEALED AT THE END OF TIME” 1st Peter 1:5. This thus implies that, every believer now in Christ who has gone through the first phase of salvation, must make sure to in collaboration with the Lord, work to complete his salvation(Philippians 2:12), which is the second phase. Ananias and Sapphira , Judas, failed in the second phase as they didn’t complete their salvation, and thus ended in hell. The fundamental text that should leave no doubt to us of someone having the first Phase of salvation but losing the second is that of sins unto death: - If you see your brother commit a sin that does not lead to death, you should pray to God, who will give him life. This applies to those whose sin do not lead to death. But there is sin which leads to death, and I do not say that you should pray to God about that. A wrongdoing is sin but there is sin which does not lead to death” 1st John 5:16-17. - “ For how can those who abandoned their faith be brought back to repent again? They were once in God’s light; they tested heaven’s gift and received their share of the Holy Spirit; they knew from experience that God’s word is good, and they had felt the powers of the coming age. And then, they abandoned their faith! It is impossible to bring them back to REPENT AGAIN, because they are again crucifying the Son of God and exposing him to public shame” Hebrews 6:4-6. - Luke 13:6-9, Matthew 25 These texts are applicable to believers who have engaged in the first phase of salvation, and not unbelievers. It is just like the people of Israel who went through the first phase of being saved from slavery in Egypt ( Egypt to us today represent the world of sins). They were going to Canaan which was land for their complete physical salvation (today represented by eternity with the Lord). But on the way in the desert(which to us today represent difficulties or trials with the devil to obey God), many disobeyed and died without entering Canaan . Only some succeeded to enter their final land of salvation from slavery in Egypt , Canaan . Brethren, until we take time before the Lord, to cry out for him to expose it’s deceitful wickedness, so that we can collaborate with him for circumcision, we will be self deceived to think that our heart is pure. Yes, our hearts are deceitful and wicked: - We say to some one ‘God bless you’, while in our heart, doubting and suspecting him - A brethren is presenting a financial need to us that we find sincere, but say we have nothing, whereas there is, and tell him 'God bless you'. - Some one comes to us lowly dressed, we look at his attire from head to toe, and pay him casual attention, whereas another sumptously dressed, we give him all the attention and even bow to greet him. - We see a brethren nearly working bear footed, or naked, or lack food to eat, while we have and can help, but close our eyes and tell him ' God bless you' ! - We read the word and know very well what God wants us to do, but skip over it because it rivals with the doctrines of our religious system , and confess how we love God and God loves us. - We know very well the type of descent attire the lord want us to put on for his glory, but we throw it to the pigs because it goes against our worldly test, and confess how we love Jesus and are saved by grace in him! - We read the bible and select just those things that pleases us and we find our interest in them and hang on , while the others that seems to displease us, we throw to the pigs and keep confessing how we are saved only by grace in Jesus! - We pretend to talk well of someone in his presence, but immediately he turns his back, we say all sort of evil about him. - We pretend to be comfortably exhorting one another in Christ, and calling each other brother, but the day he says something that goes contrary to our thoughts, we throw him to the pigs and stop communication! -We pretend to say we love our wive or husband and so long as all keeps going well, the love looks very hot, but the day one mistakenly tramples on the toes of another, he/she vomits all his bile as if they have never known each other! -We are discussing and laughing with someone, but immediately one mistakenly alters an unwanted word, our laughter turns to violence and we are hardly identified again ! - We tell somebody, we are coming, knowing very well in our hearts that we will not come. - A person helps us to lend us something, but when the time comes to give it back, it becomes a talk of war. - We helped someone in need, and when there is a small misunderstanding between us , we let everyone to know that if not of us, that one wouldn't have been surviving ! - Someone wrongs us, instead of just limiting our selve to what went wrong for correction, but we now get into history and start recounting all the wrongs he has ever done us. - We hurt someone, and instead of saying sorry, and putting things right, we start justifying and quoting how he had equally hurt us some times ago! - We confess how we are all brethren in Christ without barriers, but when it comes to marriage, because of his white or black color, we consider that one an outcast! Yes, the list is very long and we know it! Yes, the heart of a man is deceitful and terribly wicked! The circumcision of our hearts from idols, is all about collaborating with the holy Spirit to purge it off from this deceitful and wicked nature so that we may have a pure heart qualifying us to see God. This is the twisted nature of the devil called the old creation, and does not change over night by our simply confession and repentance from sins. It is a process undertaken in us by the holy Spirit, as we turn to the Lord. Let each one of us pray this prayers for ourselves as individuals. PRAYERS:: - Heavenly father, I confess the truth that my hearts is deceitful and terribly wicked! - May you spiritually open my mind to the understanding and acceptance of the truth as you have declared that, 'only the pure in heart shall see you', so that I will be conscious to take you serious and start collaborating with you, for a pure heart! - I pray that you turn my attention to be sensitive towards every attitude of my heart, that I may be more conscious of it's evil ways. - May I not be self deceived with some empty religious words of salvation by grace, while keeping an impure heart, which will disqualify me from seeing you! - Examine me and test me, LORD; judge my desires and thoughts (Psalms 26:2), so that my heart may be exposed to the light. - “ Gold and silver are tested by fire, and a person’s heart is tested by the Lord(Proverb 17:3), test my heart Lord, that all it's hidden evil may be exposed so that I can collaborate with your Holy Spirit for it's circumcision! - Examine me, O God and know my thoughts. Find out if there is any evil in me and guide me in the everlasting way(psalms 139:23) to complete my salvation and be with your eternally! Let's continue to pray as the Spirit leads us. Open Debate topic N° 17: Circumcision of Heart from Idols is the Mark of God's People and not mere Christianity! NB: Please, the Open debate N° 5: How do we proceed in the choice of a life partner as to assure a successful Christian marriage?, seems preoccupying to many, and there are one or two things to learn that may help prevent future marital squabbles, or solve some present ones because we failed some where from the beginning. So you can visit our blog for it.

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Lord, I lift up my mother's spirit into your mighty hands. She's gone to be with you 2 days ago. She's now healed from cancer. At 75, she had had a blessed life because of YOU. We ask for more of your holy presence and comfort as we adjust to a life without her. Please guard our bodies, mind and soul from diseases and we claim a continual physical and spiritual health in YOU.

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From Br. Ezra Orlando Chea PRE-NOTES (In normal human schools, there is order, and no one takes a child who is supposed to be in class one to class 2, or 4 or 6. The child normally will start from class one and climbs gradually! As a called TEACHER, assigned to teach believers(saints) I must have to discern and situate in which class a student should be, and the appropriate lessons for each! I am not an Evangelist, prophet etc, but a TEACHER.I will exhort you to excuse me for the fact that, the teachings below are not destined to all even though all may read! They are lessons not for those who haven’t fulfilled the conditions in prayer lessons N° 19. And not even for very young believers who haven’t yet the knowledge of the LORD and have to be prayed for to have-Ephesians 1:16-19, but you are encouraged! So readers to whom the message is destined to, will identify themselves as they read. Be blessed reading). The bible says:”And they heard the sound of the LORD GOD walking in the garden in the cool of the day, and the man and his wife HID THEMSELVES FROM THE PRESENCE OF GOD among the trees of the garden” Genesis 3:8. As Adam and Eve walked in obedience to God, there was hot love relationship between them, manifested by romantic communication in his presence! But now, SIN has sap their conscience and they now have to run away and hide from the presence of God. They no longer want to see God or hear his voice, so no need for communication, and so the running away from his presence. Brethren, have you ever loved anyone? If yes, then what are the major characteristics of lovers? Most of us who have ever loved anyone will acknowledge the truth that, it is PERMANENT COMMUNICATION backed by the desire to be in the presence of that one. And the major indications that a love relationship is dying down is the coldness and absence of communication backed by the desire not even to see the other! When we don’t longer want to communicate with someone, we do everything possible not to see him! Let us just take the case of a husband and wife who are in hot love for one another! There is always the great anxiety to communicate and feel the presence of the and hardly support long absence from one another. They do everything as to be careful not to hurt the other. When they are together in bed, they will want to sleep in the arms of one another! And at times, they talk sweet lovely words to one another, until sleep takes them unaware! Children with hot love towards their parents, will always want to be with them and talk with them! This is quite often manifested when the parents go out and are coming back, they run shouting welcome and falling on their legs. Even the creeping one who quite often knows the mother best because of the breast milk enjoyed, will creep at times with cries of joy towards the mother! while the one still yet to creep, will just be sending cries of welcome where ever he/she might have been laying , immediately she hears her voice. At times to manifested their love, the little ones will sit on the parents leg’s, put their heads on their chest(heart), and just be quite, or talking calmly and gently rubbing their hands on their body. But when the love is cooling or dying down between two couples, communication too begins to cool, and finally to a complete stop, if nothing is done to rescue. They now start behaving in the house like robots in a factory. The man removes food money and put on the head bed or table and leaves, while the woman just collects, go and buy what ever she may like to prepare, come and cook, dish and put on the table, and the man comes back sit on the table eat! Then if he is going to bed, he goes and sleeps facing front , the wife too come, climbs behind, sleeps facing the other way. At times they reverse position with the woman’s head down and the man’s own up. Their legs may be those to communicate with their heads in the night. In the morning on fortunate days, one may just say morning, and the other says yes, and that is all! When there is something they must say to the other, they begin to use the children as their mouth piece, or papers and pens. Outside home, the wife may begin to tell her friends or whoever wants to hear, that I and my husband no longer COMMUNICATE . When this SITUATION continues for sometimes without a solution to re-establish dialogue and solve the problem that dislocated communication, soon they may just no longer want to see one another, and the best way of doing this will be to park out of the house. With children whose love affairs is dying down with parents because of their disobedience to them, instead of them running and shouting welcome daddy! Or welcome mummy! They instead run to hide behind the house or enter their rooms. Love is cooling down and so no communication is necessary, therefore the presence of the other is not needed! When Adam and Eve sinned and heard the voice of God, they ran and hide themselves from God! Brethren, the general tendency of sins is making one to run away from the other! When you wrong someone, you run away from his presence, for fear that he may bring the topic up. -When you see that one coming, you try to change direction, or if the distance is so closed and no way of changing direction, you turn your face and pretend as if you have not seen him. -If you happen to suddenly came into his presence and there is no way of escape, you hurriedly cut conversation shot, pretending that you have an appointment somewhere and you are already late. - If you happen to be working in the same office, or staying in the same house, you do everything possible to avoid his presence and long conversations. You make sure to cut every conversion very shot! We do everything to escape communication, and spiritually, this is the same thing we do with the Lord in the nature of our prayers when we are wronging him somewhere! Thus: -OBEDIENCE=HOT LOVE RELATIONSHIP=COMMUNICATION=PRESENCE! -DISOBEDIENCE(SINS)=COOL LOVE RELATIONSHIP=NO COMMUNICATION=RUN FROM PRESENCE! Brethren how is your love relationship with the LORD like? Is it HOT or COLD? How is your PERSONAL prayer life? A hot love relationship with the LORD is always manifested by the constant anxiety to talk to him and therefore the need to always withdraw and be in his presence for communication! You always give all of yourself to him, and be lost in his presence, to be caressing his feet in a father- child communion! For those of us who have personally known God-that is have a personal revelation of God to know him and obey Him, and be walking in his ways, we have always have special fixed time that we withdraw into his presence and fall into his arms for special love Romance, caressing his feet in communication(prayers) for hours. Yes, two lovers will always want to be lost in the arms of one another communicating sweet gentle words. Yes, you used to get lost into the presence of God and spend hours in this hot love romantic relationship with him. But now, things have changed, you are compromising with sins, and no doubt, the lack of your desire to withdraw into his presence and be caressing his feet in communication(prayer) as you used to do. Your sin is causing you to run away and hide your self from the Lord! You may be very well involved in some church activities, but these are just external works! You are not in communion with God! Deep in your heart, you know there is something wrong, but you are just trying to calm your conscience! Yes, hurts will always sap a romantic relationship! Now: -You no longer have specific time of withdrawal into his presence to be lost into his arms, caressing his feet in communication(prayers-dialogue) for hours. The time has been shorter and shorter, and finally to zero. -You now start throwing some scanty casual words in the name of prayers and running away! -Fire no longer burns in your heart when you are praying! -Your prayers now lack orientation! They are not focused! -You can now make more noise on salvation by grace, than seeking the presence of God. -You now love more the presence of men than that p of God. -You are now a lover of tittles than a lover of the LORD ! Brethren, you know all of these and clearly know when the problem started! It could be : - The love of the world and the things of the world that you hated before, you have turn back to them. Yes, a dog turns back to it’s vomit! - You have turn back to anger, bitterness, hatred, un forgiveness, etc.. -You bribed to get into a job either though money, sex etc! - You bribed to pass and examination through money, sex, etc! - You want to get married at all cost to some one who is an unbeliever just because you must get married to that person! - You want at all cost to get married to a believer, that you clearly know God has said no! - You want at all cost to do a job that you know God doesn’t want you do it! - You want at all cost to travel abroad or go some where that you know God has said no! - You lied to save yourself from an embarrassing situation, that you merited punishment for it, and so someone else may be innocently paying that punishment in your place! - The bank mistakenly overpaid you and you consciously took the money away! -There is something God has ask you to do, may be share the much that you have (money, cloths, food, cars, etc), with others who don’t have, or give for God’s work, but you don’t want to do it! - God has reveal something in his word to you through conviction of the Holy Spirit, but you consciously refuse not to obey! - Somebody bought something from you at a given price but mistakenly gave you surpluse, or you buy and he give you surpluse change, and you illegally put it in your pocket! - Love of food and committing Gluttony that give you over weight, provoking laziness and sluggishness. - You Love your job more that God, so that you always hurry for it and more buried in worshiping and caressing it, while you just turn to God to throw him some words in the air, or wait for Sundays! - You bought something you know God did not want you to buy! - You did something wrong to your husband or wife and instead of saying sorry, you defended yourself and crate a mark of hurt in the heart of the other! - You lied to your parents to get some money from them to use for another thing other than that you said it was for! Etc, etc.. Brethren, the list of this is very long! Sins rupture a persons hot love for God! It saps a person's conscience and distance him away from God! There cannot really be any deep hot relationship with God manifested by a withdrawal in his presence to communion with him, without his light of holiness shinning on our sins. His fingers must point at our sins, and therefore making it difficult to stay in his presence without putting things right with him. Someone therefore, compromising with sin in any domain of his life, can not withdraw in the presence of the Lord, for a deep communion. Therefore the easiest thing quite often to do, is to hurriedly throw some words in the name of prayers, and say we are saved by grave in Christ. If you are someone who can’t withdraw to be in the presence of God for the expression of you love relationship, but is used to just throwing some few words at God and saying Amen, then check your life well, there must be something wrong somewhere. If you want to know the degree of your love and obedience to the LORD, check the nature of your personal prayer life! The nature of your personal prayer life, is the ONLY parameter to measure the degree of your love for the Lord! Every believer who is living a disobedient life to the Lord, runs away from his presence, and so no desire for communication(prayers)! When you see a man not in a hot love affair with God which is manifested by his desires to always withdraw and be in his presence alone, caressing his feet in lovely communication, then check that man’s spiritual life! He must be compromising with sins somewhere! Sin is the only thing that separates a man from God, and cause him to run and hide from God! Brethren, we are not talking here of : -The fulfillment of religious rite through recitation of some monologues called prayers! -Or just hurrying to throw some empty words in the air called prayers to God to satisfy our conscience ! -Or taking the name of God hostage when we find ourselves in some problems, or in need of something, then we starts crying and throwing some words to God and at times launch some fasting, and immediately we have our problems solved in any way what so ever even by magicians, we stop! No this is not the type of communicative love we are talking of! This is just an attempt to see if we can exploit God. -Or believers who will only turn and start praying to God, when they find themselves in a problems, and immediately that problem is solved, they stop praying, and can compromise the life of holiness without any fears! Prayer is communicating with God or talking with God, from the position of HOT LOVE FOR Him as we walk in obedience to him ! No one who loves can refrain from the other. When we truly love, we give ourselves to the other because love is giving. Since God created us in his nature, we will automatically behave like him giving. The bible says:” God so LOVE THE WORLD THAT HE GAVE HIS ONLY BEGOTTEN SON(John 3:16). God manifested his love towards us not by empty words, but by giving all of Himself to save us. So when we really love, we will always love to be in the arms of the other. When a man loves, he gives his all. And therefore, no one who truly loves, will want to hurt his companion. He will do everything as not to hurt the heart of the one he Love! Such love is disinterested. Interested love never last! What we mean here is interaction with God from the position of hot love base on obedience, and not prayer of authority because this one is dealing with the devil. Anyone can make some noise in the name of Jesus that he is exercising authority over the devil, without having any communion with the Lord! After all, demons will submit to one another, if it will help to foster the kingdom of darkness! And this is exactly what goes on in exorcism. Equally the bible says plainly that it is not the casting of demons, working miracles and wonders that is proof of us belonging to him(Matthew 7:21-23). A real authentic child of God doesn’t follow miracles, but miracles follow him. To this the bible says plainly: “The disciples went and PREACHED everywhere, and the LORD WORKED with them and proved that that their preaching was true by the miracles that FOLLOWED” Mark 16:20. PREACHING obviously will mean handling the SIN issue! Today there are many who are following miracles and wonders, and Satan now raises his own priest, who have no communication with God, to hold souls captive in spiritual blindness under the banner of miracles and wonders! They keep their sins, and follow miracles and wonders. These miracles and wonders makers may Theologically relate some written word very well, because Satan masters the word, but are not CHILDREN of God, to bring souls unto sincere repentance for the forgiveness of their sins, and living a new life of holiness in Christ. That said, we are talking here of every child of God, personally in a vertical relationship with God, in a HOT LOVE affair and not a cold distant love characterized by self interest! A hot love that is manifested by his desire to always be in his presence for communication. Equally we don’t mean, going to church every Sunday, or being very active in some church activities in the name of serving God, because we can very well do all these things without any communion with God! That is, a cold distant love because we want something from him, it can be eternal life or any other thing, since the normal carnal man normally loves enjoyment and not suffering. The bible of Israel left Egypt for Canaan not because they loved God and wanted to obey him, but because they where told it was a land flowing with milk and honey! On the way when they where not seeing the land flowing with milk and honey, they began cursing God, and prefered going back to Egypt. So there are many of us following Christ for our own interest and not that of God. That is why we can compromise his holiness for what ever if need be. Some of us may even be frequent in organized church prayer meetings, but having no personal love affair with God, manifested by the ardent desire to always withdraw alone into his presence and be caressing his feet in prayer -communication. No matter what external religious activities one may be doing, if that one has no personal relationship with God, he is just wasting his time. The bible tells us that our Lord Jesus Christ will always withdraw very early in the morning or late evening in a lonely a place to pray(communicate with God), and will spend the whole night with God! Is this your own experience brethren? Do you have specific times that you have fixed to always withdraw and caress the feet of the Lords in prayers? How many minutes or hours do you always spend in the arms of the LORD your beloved? Or we can only better spend hours in the arms of our beloved in flesh and not in those of the LORD! Brethren the life with God is very practically. All these things we really practiced them amongst our selves, but when it comes to God, we get into imaginations. We can’t say Christ is living in us and our lover, then not be able to communicate with him. Certainly, we are not true lovers, because true lovers communicate! There is something wrong somewhere! Either he is not at all in us, or our sins have made us to run away and hide from him. Brethren, the bible says plainly we are the dwelling place of God through the Holy Spirit(1st Peter 2:4-6). If you are staying with someone that you cannot communicate with, then there is a divorce between the two of you! If we are the temple of God and God is living in us, then we must communicate with him! You can’t refuse to talk with him and expect him to keep staying in the cold, in you! If he has come with his hot love to dwell and communicate with us, but we decide to be cold, and prefer but to be talking outside with other things, he may leave! Has God struggled in you to beckon you for communication, but you keep lusting and searching for an unknown God outside ! Please he is in you and calling as he called Adam and Eve: Where are you John! or Mary! or Peter! or James! or James or Andrew! Put your own name, and answer! And begin the hot love affair afresh! The lord told me once that “Satan steals away Christ from the hearts of people, and possess them with denominational doctrines”. This in another sense simply means that, we turn to believe that Christ dwells but outside either in our four walls church, or else where, but not in us to control our lives, and so turn to believing in outwards things! If we are true believers, then God is living in us and not out of us! There are many who will get up from their house and hurry to their church to take part in a prayer meeting, without having prayed at home! Brethren, is this not frightful? But that is what is happening! Brethren, have you been cold in your love affair with the Lord and he is threatening to vomit you, but instead you are very busy in doing some religious activities in the name of serving God, and being saved by grace in Christ? The bible says: “I know that you are neither COLD nor HOT. How I wish you were either one or the other! But because you are lukewarm, neither hot nor cold, I am going to spite you out from my mouth!” Revelations 3:14. It is in our communication with the Lord that we are more illuminated as to be able to share horizontally. Any horizontal relationship without a vertical relation, is just the works of the flesh! Every teachings that originates from man to man without it’s roots from a vertical relationship with the Lord, is useless! So as we earlier said in our former prayer topic, two people who sit to agree to intercede for their beloved ones, must first as individual, establish a personal vertical relationship with the LORD! For a group of believers to be meeting to pray together, each as an individual, must have a personal vertical relationship with the LORD. If a group of cold believers meet in a group to pray, as we mentioned in one of our topics, who will enflame the other? All of them will be cool, and therefore just making nose! We know that this is what is happening in death religious systems. But we are talking here of real born again children of God! The healthy ones in the lord, are those who are in a hot love affair of prayers-communication with God . Prayer is the respiration of a believer! We must pray to live spiritually! Prayer is the taproot of every believer in Christ. When you disconnect a plant from it’s roots yoking it to the soil for nutrition, that plant dies. So when you run away from personal communication with the Lord, you die spiritually. Brethren, turn back to the Lord, for hot love and begin to communicate with the Lord(prayers), and he will welcome you in his arms that are always waiting. He is calling like he went calling for Adam and Eve! Where are you!!!!!! Answer and Start talking with him brethren! He will broaden your eyes to see your sins well and it’s consequences, then as you sincerely repent, he will forgive and restore you in his presence for perfect communication may be as before! Yes, because SINS is quite often that which causes us to be cold towards the Lord, and therefore, run away from his presence for communication, just like Adam and Eve did. In marriage, we know that there are things that we may do that hurts another, which is always the root source of cold love that finally leads us to run away from the presence of one another! As we earlier said in our prayer N° 15 of July 2010 choose two basic periods for your love affair with the Lord, that you get into his presence and be lost in him, caressing his feet with deep sweet communications(prayers). I think we already explain in prayer N° 15 of July 2010 what this side of prayer may be! It is dialoguing which may be: -Adoring, worshiping, praising and thanking him! -Supplications for forgiveness! -Supplications presenting to him our personal needs! -Talking to him about the work he has assigned us to do -Talking to him about our beloved ones etc..... The list is long! Brethren, there is one major thing that influence our level and nature of COMMUNICATION or dialoguing(Prayers) with God: OUR KNOWLEDGE OF THE LORD. Apostle Paul said: “ I have not stopped giving thanks to God for you I remember you in my prayers and ask the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the glorious Father , to GIVE YOU THE SPIRIT WHO WILL MAKE YOU WISE AND REVEAL GOD TO YOU, SO THAT YOU WILL KNOW HIM” Ephesians 1:16-19. So there can be a true knowledge of God, and a false Knowledge. And if so then, we can have a true worship of a known God, and false worship of an unknown Go! I think this should move us to our next debate topic. PRAYERS: -Father, we want to confess the truth that, we are no longer in the deep romantic love affair, that we had with you before! Every thing has grown cold! -We have abandoned those specific times we fixed to always run into your presence for romantic love affair with you! -Our compromises with sins have made us run away from your presence to hide just like our ancestors Adam and Eve did! -We can no longer bear your presence for long as we used to do! -We are now throwing scanty and casual words now to you in the name of prayers! -Father, we are conscious of where we went wrong, and so humble before your feet for sincere confession and repentance! -I know I committed the sin(s) of ………………………….(you enumerate those things that you know sap this relationship). -Father, we beg for forgiveness and plead that the blood of Christ blot away all these evil before your face, so that you may no longer remember them! -Restore us to that place of hot romantic love we knew with you, before our evil came in to sap it! -We beg that you do it not by any merit on our side, but your mercy through grace in the blood of Jesus! -Release anew upon our hearts that burning desire to whole heartedly turn back, and stir up our spirit to enflame , so that we may quickly catch up like fire lighted on fuel! -Father we beg you to do this for the glory of your name, in the name of Jesus! Continue to pray as the Spirit leads you! Open debate topic: What is the fundamental differences between worshipping a known and an unknown God?

anonyme Sep 05, 2010 1 التعليق

Pray for Rula Armush. I was inspired to ask for her, even if I do not know her, but God does.

Kawit Friends Church Aug 05, 2010 4 تعليقات

Praise Jesus4ever!!!!! Blessings in the Name of our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ! Thank you for praying for the success of our 3nights Evangelistic Crusade last July 21,22,23, 2010 in bgy Congbalay Legaspi however the Lord Jesus Christ did not allow us to make it happen due to bad weather condition. This season is a rainy season in our country, the Philippines. However the Lord is so good & great, He gave us a new way to reach-out our barangay(bgy)/village with the Gospel of our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ to fulfill the Great Commission given to us, "the Body of Christ", in Matthew 28:18-20 we are now going in intensive training for a "house to house evangelism". Please pray for our success in winning precious souls for Jesus Christ & making them a fruitful disciples of Jesus Christ! Our labor in the Lord is not in vain! 1 Cor. 15:58! Hallelujah! Enjoy loving Christ always!!!!!! Ruben D. Roca, Your co-servant of The Lord Jesus Christ.

anonyme Aug 04, 2010

" Now then we are ambassadors for Christ, as though God did beseech you by us : we pray you in Christ's stead, be ye reconciled to God " " It is required in stewards, that a man be found faithful"

paula garcia Jul 16, 2010 5 تعليقات

Amado Senor, desde hace 20 anos tu aparesiste en mi vida y la trasformaste, llenando te paz mi corazon,y dandome fuerzas dia tras dia a lo largo de mi vida, gracias mil veces Senor por ello, mientras viva siempre te estare agradecida. Asi como llegaste en nel momento preciso, ni un minuto antes ni un minuto despues, quiero pedirte algo muy especial por la familia de Mss. Tiffany, por Mr. Vincent y por su pequena hija Sydney, te ruego por ese cancer de pangreas , te ruego por la recuperacion de su cuerpo de esa primera operacion, el es un hombre fuerte mi amado Senor, pero lo he visto venirse abajo tanto en su salud como en su fisico,dale las fuerzas necesarias para salir adelante Amado Padre, renuevale su alegria, dale valentia, paz, sana cada espacio de su cuerpo, manifiestate en el, asi como con la emorroisa, el ciego de Gerico que te rogaba que le devolvieras la vista, tu que todo lo puedes, pues para ti no hay nada imposible, te ruego por Mss. Tiffany porque como esposa, ella tembien se ve afectada, tu sabes que es una persona muy noble y buena y que ayuda a muchas personas sin ninguna interes, ella fue la primer persona que me ofrecio trabajo al venir a este gran pais y fue una persona, justa con mi salario y mis prestaciones, vendicela Anado Senor y llenala de fuerzas para seguir adelante y por ultimo amado Senor te pido por Sydney, porque con sus 7 anos de edad ella neceita a su padre, para sacarla adelante no permitas que ella se crie sin padre, tu sabes que yo la he cuidadp desde sus 3 meses de edad y que la quiero con todo mi corazon que ella es como mi propia hija. Te suplico que voltees a mi tu rostro resplanteciente y que escuches mi oracion. Todo esto lo pongo a los pies de tu cruz porque tu vives y reinas por los siglos de los siglos. AMEN Y AMEN.

tonyjeans Jul 15, 2010 8 تعليقات

SHALOM Dear Brother/Sisters please pray for the old Age PASTOR,PREACHER,GOD SERVANT,WORKERS WHO DO IN THE CHURCH AND OTHERS ORGANIZATIONS, Because they are suffering from diseases,not having proper Food to eat,clothes to wear,we should pray for them for Good health,wealth and etc... i need every one to pray for them,because they thought us how to live fearful in sight of the LORD JESUS, i ask this small prayer in name of LORD JESUS CHRIST Matchless name forever,, Amen.Amen.Amen

anonyme Jul 14, 2010

Pray for S., in Pakistan, forced to islam, age : 18/ for Than K, in Myanmar, and Church of God/ for Sabrani, in Philippinas/ for Samad, in Bengladesh/ for Janita Noma, 20 years old/ for Gülnür Y (Uighur)/ for Tsehay D (Ethiopia)/ for Edet I Okhoya (Nigeria)/ for Chen Hongxian (China)/ for Marina Shestakova (Uzbekistan). These are from persecuted churches.

anonyme Jul 05, 2010 3 تعليقات

As Anyanwu, the beloved girl of God, is in Japan, would you pray for the meeting between her and Heidi the chairwoman (overseer) of Heiwa Japan -as if one part of God's Church-, and that their work for Him succeed...and in the prayer think about Lidia Baltag. I was inspired by God's Spirit to ask...

Moisés Barbosa Jun 16, 2010 1 التعليق

Dear Father, I ask you please bless all the people around the world that needs you, give them your peace and grace. I ask you bless me and my hole family. In the name of Jesus Christ amen! Thanks Jesus

Lin0 May 22, 2010 2 تعليقات

Pray for the Church in Norway as the Spirit leads you: http://www.kirken.no/bjorgvin/doc/stiftsnytt%202.071.pdf We pray that they will accept the Gospel from foreign ministers , We pray that faith will take over religion, We pray for rest in Christ rather than confidence in material wealth, We pray that our testimony will bear fruits : http://www.kirken.no/bjorgvin/doc/stiftsnytt%202.071.pdf Let God's love and mercy rescue a people to which christianity was imposed by the sword !!!!!!!

anonyme May 18, 2010

A prayer for the persecuted Christians in Algeria, in Belarus, in Egypt, in Palestinia, in Lebanon, in Syria, in Irak, in Iran, in Azerbayjan, in Kazakhstan, in Uzbekistan, in Kirgizistan, in North Korea, in Saudia Arabia, in Maldivas, in Bhutan, in Yemen, in Afghanistan, in Laos, in China, in Erithrea, in Somalia, in Turkmenistan, in Pakistan, in Lybia, in Mauritania, in Jordania, in Myanmar, in Ethiopia, in Vietnam, in Colombia, in Cyprus, in Czech, in Estonia, in Hungary, in Latvia, in Lithuania, in Malta, in Poland, in Slovakia, in Slovenija, in Balgaria, in Croatia, in Romania , in Jordania, in Bengladesh, And pray (let us) for : Laurence Wagih, for Theresa Ghattass, for Paulus Fraraj Rahho, for Ingy Nagy Edwar, for Abdul Rahman, for Magdi Allam, for Paolo Jiang Sunian, for Ghenet Gebremariam, for Shi Weihan, for Ranjha Masih, for Helen Berhane, for Ghorban Tourani, for Christopher Alam, for Alan Yuan, for Habiba Kouider, for Mohamed Sifaoui, for Mouna Naim, for Labib Madanat, for Ali Kaboli, for Mahmood Matin Azad, for Hamid Shabanov, for Yelena Tursunova, for Sayid Tursunov, for Aitmurat Khayburahmanov, for Son Jong Nam, for Pheng, for Ladi Muhammed, for Ugur Yüksel, for Thua Tu Thia,

anonyme May 14, 2010

This is the same that the prayer for Hani, and is a prayer to you that you who can contact Vanna in Cambodia. Thanks.

nosky May 12, 2010

phil 3:10 Father give me more purpose to grow in ministry psalm 103:2 Oh God no matter what that i'll not miss my miracle

anonyme May 09, 2010

Another prayer for Anyanwu, and at first to thank God that she has recovered for she is in Netherlands, and the present prayer for her meanwhile she's travelling in Netherlands and where she intends to go . Let's pray her travel help the work of God and help her to do what she has to do. God has His will done.

Danish Hassan May 08, 2010 2 تعليقات

Dear Brother Please pray for me and my famliy. Thank you so mcuh. FROM, DANISH HASSAN

anonyme May 02, 2010 2 تعليقات

A prayer for Anyanwu due to particular circumstances : that she recover from her motorcycle accident, at first, and that God help her in her overseerness.

Marielena Rodriguez May 01, 2010 14 تعليقات

Amado padre! hoy vengo a ti por medio de este bendecido ministerio a pedirte respuesta, no como imponencias, yo se que ya sabes...lo que esta pasando! pero porque a mi ya también se que solo tu sabes el porque de todo. Mi padre tu sabes lo que me costo para hacer la primera intervención, cuanto sacrificio y ahora de nuevo tener que pasar por lo mismo...y sin ningún beneficio, ahora en peores condiciones, con esta metástasis que se a formado, permite me que pueda conseguir el medio para mi nueva intervención, ten misericordia de mi. Te lo pido por favor, tu eres el dueño del oro y la plata, no quiero estar en contra de tu voluntad, mucho menos ir fuera de tus designios mi padre, después de recibir de salir ayer de la consulta en medio de tantos y tantos exámenes, llore y camine sin rumbo fijo en medio de tanto desconcierto, se que estuve en la carne y no en mis cabales, no quiero justificarme pero te pido me entiendas y me perdones ayúdame seis meses no me dará tiempo para subirte, como tu lo mereces, tampoco quiero hacer ningún tipo de promesas señor. te suplico te imploro no me abandones tu conoces mis dolores incontrolables ya, pero en medio de tanta oscuridad hay un rayito de luz. Permite me si es tu voluntad que pueda realizar esta nueva intervención, solo si es tu voluntad sera posible.Siempre has secado mis lagrimas, me das consuelo en los momentos de aflicción, solo tu eres el único que nunca me ha abandonado, no es fácil cuando te dicen tienes seis meses de vida. Tu mi padre eres el único que tiene la ultima palabra, aunque este en medio de esta metástasis que se ha formado, ven en mi auxilio por favor, mis fuerzas se agotan cada día mas. Tu eres mi salvador señor tu conmigo quien contra mi. Se que le ganaremos la batalla a este enemigo porque tu eres un padre de amor y bondad no un padre castigador. Tu no le haces daño a ninguno de tus hijos por malos que sean. Solo tu conoces mi corazón, y se que vendrás en mi pronto auxilio, calma estos dolores y esta desesperación mi padre amado soy yo la niña de tus ojos tu hija Marielena padre, aunque este cada día mas deteriorada se que darás respuestas a mis suplicas, por que no me abandonaras jamas. y si tu voluntad es que no me intervenga lo entenderé padre sito amado. En tu nombre precioso y en solo honra para ti Amén y Amén Dear father! Today I come to you through this blessed ministry to ask answer, not as imposing, I know you know ... what is happening! but for me and I also know that only you know the reason for everything. My father, you know what cost me to make the first intervention, the sacrifice and now again going through the same ... and without any benefit, now in poor condition, this has formed metastases that allows me to environment can get for my new intervention, have mercy on me. I beg you please, you are the owner of gold and silver, I will not be against your will, much less go out of your designs my father, after getting out of the consultation yesterday in the midst of so many examinations, cry and walk aimlessly in the midst of such confusion, I know I was in the flesh and not in my right mind, I will not justify myself but I ask you understand me and help me forgive me six months will not give me time to subirte, like you deserve, do not want to make any promises sir. I beg you I beg do not leave me you know my pain and uncontrollable, but in the midst of darkness there is one glimmer of light. Allow me if you will that made this new intervention only if thy will be posible.Siempre've dried my tears, give me comfort in times of grief, only you are the one who has never left me, not easy when you say you have six months of life. You're my father alone has the final say, although this in the middle of this metastasis has been formed, come to my assistance please my strength is exhausted every day. You are my savior Lord your with me and against me. I know you will win the battle against this enemy because you are a parent of love and kindness not a punitive father. You do not you hurt any of your children by bad they are. Only you know my heart and soon you'll come to my aid, calm these pains and this despair my father loved me the apple of your eye your daughter Marielena father, although this is deteriorating every day but you will give answers to my petitions, that never leave me. and if your will is not involved I will understand me father loved site. In your precious name and honor just for you, amen and amen Cher père! Aujourd'hui, je viens à vous à travers ce ministère béni de demander de réponse, pas aussi imposant, je sais que vous savez ... ce qui se passe! mais pour moi, et je sais aussi que vous seul connaissez la raison de tout. Mon père, vous savez ce que me coûte de faire la première intervention, le sacrifice et maintenant de nouveau passer par les mêmes ... et sans aucun avantage, aujourd'hui en mauvais état, ce qui a formé des métastases qui me permet de l'environnement peuvent obtenir pour ma nouvelle intervention, aie pitié de moi. Je vous prie s'il vous plaît, vous êtes le propriétaire de l'or et l'argent, je ne serai pas contre votre volonté, et encore moins de sortir de vos dessins de mon père, après être sorti de la consultation hier au milieu de tant de examens, pleurer et de marcher sans but, au milieu d'une telle confusion, je sais que j'étais dans la chair et pas dans mon bon sens, je ne vais pas me justifier, mais je vous demande de me comprendre et m'aider à me pardonner semestre seront pas me donner le temps de subirte, comme vous méritent, ne veulent pas faire de promesses monsieur. Je vous en prie je vous en prie ne me laissez pas vous le savez ma douleur et incontrôlable, mais au milieu de la nuit il ya une lueur d'espoir. Permettez-moi si vous voulez que fait cette nouvelle intervention que si ta volonté soit posible.Siempre 'ai séché mes larmes, donnez-moi réconfort dans les moments de douleur, que vous êtes celui qui ne m'a jamais quitté, pas facile quand vous dites que vous avez six mois de vie. Tu es celle que mon père a le dernier mot, bien que cela au milieu de cette métastase a été formé, viens à mon aide s'il vous plaît ma force est épuisée tous les jours. Tu es mon Seigneur sauveur de votre avec moi et contre moi. Je sais que tu va gagner la bataille contre cet ennemi, parce que vous êtes un parent de l'amour et la bonté n'est pas un père-intérêts punitifs. Vous n'avez pas vous blesser un de vos enfants par mauvais qu'ils soient. Seulement, vous connaissez mon cœur, et bientôt tu viendras à mon secours, calme ces douleurs et ce désespoir de mon père m'a aimé la prunelle de vos yeux votre fille Marielena père, bien que cela se détériore chaque jour, mais vous donner des réponses à mes prières, qui ne me quittera jamais. et si votre testament n'est pas impliqué, je me comprends père aimait site. Dans votre précieux nom et l'honneur pour vous, Amen et Amen Caro padre! Oggi vengo a voi con questo benedetto ministero di chiedere risposta, non come imposizione, lo so sai ... cosa sta succedendo! ma per me e so anche che solo lei conosce la ragione di tutto. Mio padre, sapete cosa mi è costata a fare il primo intervento, il sacrificio e ora di nuovo passare attraverso lo stesso ... e senza alcun vantaggio, ora in condizioni precarie, questo ha formato metastasi, che mi permette di ambiente può avere per il mio nuovo intervento, abbi pietà di me. Vi prego per favore, tu sei il proprietario di oro e argento, non sarò contro la tua volontà, e tanto meno uscire dei vostri disegni di mio padre, dopo essersi fuori della consultazione di ieri in mezzo a tanti esami, piangere e camminare senza meta in mezzo a tale confusione, so che ero in carne e non nella mia mente giusto, non voglio giustificare ma chiedo che mi capisce e mi aiuta mi perdoni sei mesi non mi diede il tempo di subirte, come voi meritano, non voglio fare alcun signore promesse. Ti prego ti prego non lasciarmi tu conosci il mio dolore e incontrollabile, ma in mezzo alle tenebre c'è un barlume di luce. Mi permetta se si vuole che ha fatto questo nuovo intervento solo se la tua sarà posible.Siempre 'ho asciugato le mie lacrime, mi dia conforto nei momenti di dolore, solo tu sei quello che non mi ha mai lasciato, non è facile Quando dici che hanno sei mesi di vita. Tu sei quello che mio padre ha l'ultima parola, anche se questo in mezzo a questa metastasi si è formata, vieni a salvarmi per favore la mia forza è esaurito ogni giorno. Tu sei il mio Signore, il tuo salvatore con me e contro di me. So che vincerà la battaglia contro questo nemico, perché siete un genitore di amore e di gentilezza, non un padre punitivo. Tu non farti del male uno dei tuoi figli cattivi sono. Solo tu conosci il mio cuore e presto verrai a mio aiuto, calma questi dolori e disperazione this mio father me amava la pupilla dei your eye your daughter Marielena padre, anche se questo è il deterioramento every giorni ma vi will give risposte alle mie suppliche, che se non mi lasci. e se il vostro non è coinvolto io mi capirà padre amava sito. Nel vostro prezioso nome e l'onore solo per voi, amen e amen प्रिय पिताजी! आज मैं इस धन्य मंत्रालय के माध्यम से आप के लिए आने के लिए पूछने के जवाब लगाने के रूप में नहीं, मुझे पता है कि तुम ... जानते हो क्या हो रहा है! लेकिन मेरे लिए और मैं भी जानता हूँ कि केवल आप ही सब कुछ के लिए कारण पता है. मेरे पिता, तुम्हें पता है कि मुझे क्या लागत के लिए पहली हस्तक्षेप करना, बलिदान और अब फिर उसी के माध्यम से जा ... कोई लाभ के बिना और, गरीब हालत में अब, इस metastases कि मुझे अनुमति देता है बनाया है अपने नए वातावरण के हस्तक्षेप के लिए हो, मुझ पर दया कर सकते हैं. मैं विनती करता हूँ आप कृपया, आप सोने और चांदी के मालिक हैं, मैं तुम्हारी इच्छा के विरुद्ध नहीं किया, बहुत कम अपने अपने पिता डिजाइनों के बाहर तो कई के बीच में परामर्श से बाहर होने के बाद कल, जाओ होगा परीक्षाओं, रोना और इस तरह के भ्रम के बीच में aimlessly चलना है, मुझे पता है मैं मांस में था और मेरी सही दिमाग में नहीं, मैं खुद औचित्य नहीं, लेकिन मैं पूछना तुम मुझे समझते हैं और मदद करेगा मुझे छह महीने मुझे माफ करने के लिए subirte समय देना मुझे नहीं मिलेगी आप की तरह, लायक है, कोई वादा साहब नहीं करना चाहता. मैं तुम्हें भीख माँगती हूँ मुझे क्या करना छोड़ तुम मेरे दर्द और अवज्ञा का पता मुझे नहीं भीख माँगती हूँ, लेकिन अंधेरे के बीच में वहाँ प्रकाश की एक किरण है. मुझे अनुमति दें अगर तुम, तुम ही होगा कि इस नए हस्तक्षेप किया तभी तेरा 'posible.Siempre किया ve मेरे आँसू सूख जाएगा, मुझे दु: ख के समय में आराम देने के लिए एक है जो मुझे कभी नहीं छोड़ा गया है, नहीं आसान कर रहे हैं जब आप कहते हैं कि तुम जीवन के छह महीने है. आप मेरे पिता एक आखिरी शब्द है रहे हैं, हालांकि इस मेटास्टेसिस के बीच में है इस का गठन किया गया मेरी सहायता करने के लिए आ कृपया मेरी ताकत है हर दिन थक. आप मेरे रक्षक हैं भगवान मेरे साथ और मेरे खिलाफ. मैं जानता हूँ कि आप इस दुश्मन के खिलाफ लड़ाई जीतने क्योंकि तुम प्यार और एक दंडात्मक पिता नहीं दयालुता के एक माता पिता हो जाएगा. तुम बुरा के द्वारा अपने बच्चों के किसी भी चोट नहीं है वे कर रहे हैं. सिर्फ तुम ही मेरा दिल जानता है और जल्दी ही आप मेरी सहायता करने के लिए आ जाएगा, ये दर्द शांत और इस निराशा मेरे पिताजी ने मुझे अपनी आंख तुम्हारी बेटी Marielena पिता के सेब प्यार करता था, हालांकि यह हर दिन बिगड़ती है, लेकिन आप अपने जवाब याचिकाओं को दे देंगे, कि मुझे छोड़ कर कभी नहीं. और यदि अपनी इच्छा से शामिल नहीं है मैं साइट प्यार पिता समझ जाएगा. अपना कीमती नाम और सिर्फ तुम्हारे लिए सम्मान, आमीन और आमीन Lieber Vater! Heute komme ich zu Ihnen über diese gesegneten Ministerium zu beantworten bitten, nicht so imposant, das weiß ich ... Sie wissen, was geschieht! aber für mich und ich weiß auch, dass nur Sie den Grund für alles zu wissen. Mein Vater, wissen Sie, was kostet mich das erste Intervention zu machen, das Opfer und jetzt wieder durchlaufen das gleiche ... und ohne Nutzen, jetzt in einem schlechten Zustand, hat mir ermöglicht, dass Metastasen gebildet Umwelt kann für meine neue Intervention zu bekommen, hab Erbarmen mit mir. Ich bitte Sie, bitte, sind Sie der Eigentümer von Gold und Silber, ich werde nicht gegen Ihren Willen, geschweige denn aus Ihrer Entwürfe meinem Vater gehen, nachdem ich aus der Anhörung gestern mitten in der so viele Untersuchungen, schreien und laufen ziellos in der Mitte eine solche Verwirrung, ich weiß, ich war in dem Fleisch und nicht in meinem Verstand, ich will nicht mich rechtfertigen, aber ich bitte Sie mich verstehen und mir helfen, verzeihen Sie mir sechs Monate wird mir keine Zeit zu subirte, wie Sie verdienen, wollen nicht irgendwelche Versprechungen machen, Sir. Ich bitte Sie, ich bitte verlass mich nicht kennst du meinen Schmerz und unkontrollierbar, aber mitten in der Dunkelheit gibt es einen Lichtblick. Gestatten Sie mir, wenn man will, dass aus dieser neuen Maßnahme nur, wenn dein posible.Siempre "werden ve trocknete meine Tränen, gib mir Trost in Zeiten der Trauer nur du derjenige, der mich nie verlassen hat, nicht einfach sind wenn Sie sagen, Sie haben sechs Monate des Lebens. Du bist derjenige, mein Vater hat das letzte Wort, obwohl diese in der Mitte dieser Metastasen gebildet hat, komm mir zu Hilfe bitte meine Kraft erschöpft ist jeden Tag. Du bist mein Herr, dein Retter mit mir und gegen mich. Ich weiß, du wirst den Kampf gegen diesen Feind gewinnen, weil Sie ein Elternteil der Liebe und Güte nicht eine strafende Vater sind. Sie müssen nicht Sie verletzen eines Ihrer Kinder von schlecht sie sind. Nur Sie wissen, mein Herz, und bald wirst du mir zu Hilfe zu kommen, beruhigen diese Schmerzen und diese Verzweiflung mein Vater liebte mich die deinen Augapfel Ihre Tochter Marielena Vater, obwohl dieser sich verschlechtert jeden Tag, aber Sie werden Antworten auf meine Bitten geben, dass mich nie verlassen. und wenn dein Wille ist nicht beteiligt werde ich verstehe mich Vater liebte Website. In Ihrer kostbaren Namen und Ehre für dich, Amen und Amen Querido pai! Hoje venho através deste ministério abençoado pedir resposta, não como imposição, eu sei que você sabe ... o que está acontecendo! mas para mim e eu também sei que só você sabe a razão para tudo. Meu pai, você sabe o que me custou a fazer a primeira intervenção, o sacrifício e agora de novo passar pelo mesmo ... e sem qualquer benefício, já em mau estado, este se formou metástases que me permite ambiente pode ficar para a minha nova intervenção, tem misericórdia de mim. Eu imploro, por favor, você é o dono do ouro e da prata, eu não vou ser contra a sua vontade, e muito menos sair de seus projetos, meu pai, depois de sair da consulta ontem no meio de tantos exames, chorar e andar sem rumo no meio de tanta confusão, eu sei que foi na carne e no meu juízo perfeito, não vou me justificar, mas peço que me entenda e me ajude a perdoar-me seis meses não vai me dar tempo para subirte, como você mereço, não quero fazer qualquer promessa, senhor. Peço-te imploro não me deixe você sabe a minha dor e incontrolável, mas no meio da escuridão há um raio de luz. Permita-me se você que fez esta nova intervenção somente se a tua vontade ser posible.Siempre Já sequei minhas lágrimas, me dê conforto em momentos de tristeza, só tu és o único que nunca me abandonou, não é fácil quando você diz que tem seis meses de vida. Você é o meu pai tem a última palavra, embora no meio da metástase foi formada, vinde em meu auxílio, por favor minha força se esgota a cada dia. Tu és o meu Senhor, teu salvador comigo e contra mim. Eu sei que você vai ganhar a batalha contra esse inimigo, porque você é um pai de amor e carinho de um pai não punitiva. Você não é ferir qualquer dos seus filhos, eles são maus. Só você sabe o meu coração e em breve você venha em meu auxílio, acalmar as dores e esse desespero o meu pai me amava a menina dos seus olhos de sua filha Marielena pai, embora este se deteriora a cada dia, mas você vai dar respostas às minhas súplicas, que nunca me abandona. e se sua vontade não está envolvida vou me entender pai amava site. Em seu precioso nome e honra apenas para você, amém e amém

paula garcia Apr 28, 2010 3 تعليقات

Una vez mas Senor rendida a tus pies, agradecida por tu amor tan infinito, no me alcanzan las palabras para darte gracias, un ano mas de vida mi Senor, gracias porque a lo largo del camino he podido sentirte en cada minuto de mi vida amado Senor, porque cuando he caido he podido sentirte a mi lado tendiendome tu mano para volver a levantarme renovando mis fuerzas, dia a dia. Cuando mis muchachos eran pequenos te rogaba vida para verlos crecer y desemvolverse en su largo caminar y ahora Padre amado ya mayores de edad, sigo rogandote por ellos, por mis padres, por mi familia en Guatemala y por los que estamos en este gran pais U.S.A. Bendice este gran pais Senor, pero sobre todo Senor, trasforma corazones, que podamos amar a nuestros hermanos sin importar color o raza que todos podamos unirnos en fuerte abrazo y un apreton de manos y poder sentir en lo mas profundo de nuestro corazon amor cincero, rogando a Dios nos de la oportunidad de salir adelante, de tener nuestro pan diario en nuestra mesa, ganado con nuestro diario trabajo, un techo donde cobijarnos del frio, tener lo primordial, no necesitamos grandes riquezas, solo lo que tu nos quieras dar. Te ruego por la paz de nuestros hogares , por la paz del mundo entero, te ruego Senor por el fin de toda guerra, para que no mueran personas inocentes, por los enfermos en los hospitales, por los ninos huerfanos, que no han conocido el amor de sus padres, por tantos muchachos metidos en pandillas, que andan matando, rovando y haciendo fechorias en las calles, cambialos Senor, que puedan conocer tu amor tan infinito. Se que tu eres un hacedor de milagros Senor, confio en ti mi amado Senor, porque se nos nos amas y diste tu vida por nosotros una muerte tan dolorosa. TE LO RUEGO SENOR CON TODO MI CORAZON TU INCONDICIONAL DISIPULA. PAULA GARCIA LA CUAL NO VIVE SIN TI!

Ann lovedbyJesus Mar 16, 2010 1 التعليق

Dear God, I know by faith that my life is a gift. You created me so that you could love me. You are with me at every moment. Each day is filled with opportunities to grow closer to you. But life is hard. My faith is weak. I do not always see the signs of your love in my life. Sometimes I feel lost and alone. Sometimes I withdraw into myself, and close myself to your love, and fall into sin. Then life seems not a gift, but a burden hard to bear. Yet you does not forsake me. When the light of faith dawns once more, and I turn back to you, I see that your love never fails. I see that no day is too long or lonely, no burden too heavy, no trial too great, because you oh my God is with me. Thank you dear Lord. In Jesus most precious name I pray, Amen.

To Save A Life Feb 08, 2010

Join us in praying for every single person in America right now who is supposed to be touched by our film, To Save A Life, will have access and be invited to see the film. We are praying for thousands to know they are not alone, there is a God who loves them, and they too can Save A Life in their community, schools, and beyond. Thank you so much for praying with us!

gadie abbey Aug 24, 2009 1 التعليق

pray for me..for HIS grace,love,strenght..will always follow me and over flow in my life and my heart and my soul..

Roweena Feb 02, 2009 7 تعليقات

Knowing God's Will Father, I thank you that you are instructing me in the way that I should go and that you are guiding me with your eye. I thank you for revealing your will, your plan, and your purpose for my life. I do hear the voice of the good shepherd, for I know you and follow you.You lead me in the paths of righteousness for your name's sake. My path is growing brighter and brighter until it reaches the full light of day. Thank you, Father, that Jesus made unto me wisdom. I trust you from the bottom of my heart;I no longer trying to figure out everything on my own. In the name of Jesus, I listen to your voice in everything I do, everywhere I go, and you are keeping me on track.

Open Door Baptist Church Jan 21, 2009

Please pray for the Open Door Baptist Church Prayer Request List Church Ministers: Pastor Benigno D. Busacay Jr and Family Open Door Baptist Church-Irisan Preacher Zaldy Nayyoc Youth Pastor Missionaries & Missions: Ptr. Daniel Pablo Sr. and Family Terraces Baptist Mission-Banaue Ptr. Sabaro Capit and Family Ambagiw Baptist Mission-Besao Ptr. Javier Garcia Cambodia Ptr. Donato Altura New Delhi- India Ptr. Lindsey Caoili and Family China- Tibet Bro. Jeff Madungdungo Maddela, Quirino Prov. Church Special Prayer Requests: 1. Services Services: a. Sunday School >Kids >Adult b. Divine Worship c. Evening Worship d. Prayer Meeting e. Morning Prayer f. Youth Fellowship 2. Church Scheduled Activities: a. Home Bible Studies b. Women’s & Other fellowship c. Baptism d. Lord Supper 3. Church Ministries & Workers a. Sunday School Kids Coordinator and Teachers b. Sunday School Preachers c. Young People Coordinator d. Choir Directress and Members e. Song Leaders f. Worship Leaders g. Ushers and Usherettes h. Cleaning and Church Keepers i. Men’s Group j. Women’s group k. Home Bible Studies l. Visitations m. Jeepney Routes n. Bible Student 4. Church Project Church Vehicle Church Piano 1st Floor Construction Sunday School Room Doors 6. Church Members a. Families Aramay Family Bao-et Family Archijon family Biniahan Families Bantiyao Family Campos Family Chommog Family Cacayan Family Cogasi Family Guiniang Family Dinagtuan Family Gelawa Family Gama Family Dapyusen Family Julian Family Lengwa Family Llano Family Matbagan Family Maches Family Nacar Family May-ag Family Orbillo Family Olpino Family Pilay Family Pablo Family Pindog Families Pasag Family Tagapan Family Tanacio Family Caoili Family Tindungan Family Tacloy Family Timmango Family Wanag Family Binwag Family Geli Family Mataag Family b. Individuals Bro. James Angway Sis. Marge Apse Bro Ramil Binwag Sis. Balbina Ernesto Bro. Gerald Har-op Sis. Eleanor Jamandra Sis. Lemura Lambayong Sis. Jacky May-eng Bro. Jeff Madungdungo Sis. Lorrie Bro. Paul Pitpitunge Bro. Dominic Palaleo Sis. Elsa Palao Sis. Analiza Sicyao Sis. Esther Sis. Cristina Tayaban Sis. Thelma Ugale Sis. Urydale Sis. Glenda Young Couples: Dirk & Angie Gilbert & Idalyn Julie ann & Calvin Joyce & Husband 7. Sick Members: a. Complete Recovery Bro. Quirino Orbillo Sis. Jonalyn Pablo Sis. Evelyn Gelawa Bro. Silverio Gelawa Baby Lovelyn Tayaban Bro. Reynante Wagsayan Sis. Vanessa Pindog Partners in the Ministry: Deacon Chang & Family & Friends Bethel Mission Center Daegu Jungang Baptist Church Korean Pastor Sponsors: Rev. Kim, Kwang Hyuk Rev. Kim, Sung Sik Rev. Yoon, Tae Jun & Jae Chul Rev. Oh, Seung Young

gracee Jan 15, 2009

Make use of me, oh God, that I may bring glory to Your name...