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البحث في الفيديو ، الأعضاء، أحداث ، ملفات صوتية ، صور ومدونات البحث
Beb Monton






Oct 28, 2014

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 Not my motive to offend someone and  Im not stepping on someone toes for bringing up this issue. 

 I am bold to speak about Bikinis, Only my God knows and understand my heart for this issue. Its worth figting for.

Should Christians Wear Bikinis? No.

Christians not should wear bikinis


  • God says you are made with value, and that value has nothing to do with your breasts or how sexy you are.
  • Boys and men (yes even the old senior citizen men on the beach) are turned on by your body.
  • Boys and men who see a woman’s body – especially a naked body (or mostly naked) – can remember that image even if they saw it for less than 13 seconds. And they can recall it more than 60 YEARS later with excruciating detail.
    • That means, yes, when Mr. Not-So-Pure-Old-Man on the beach goes home and wants to have self-sex he may well be thinking about you in the bikini. I’m not kidding.
  • Your brother and his friends (and cousins and uncles and probably grandpa) cannot help that their brain and body have a physical and chemical reaction to seeing your breasts and almost naked body.
    • Which means that you are putting these guys in a very, very difficult position. Many of them control themselves when you are around, but don’t even ask what they say when you are not. Trust me… they do say things, and even do things!
  • Boys and men who see you in a bikini have an automatic response to you: their brain actually reacts to you as if you are not a person, but rather a tool like a chain saw or hammer or power drill. Yep… you just became something to be used, not loved.

- See more at: http://www.carlaanne.com/2012/05/should-christians-wear-bikinis/ #sthash.avhe75Nh.dpuf


.... Just last week I talked my friend about beauty pageant, He made a j0ke" Beb, I want to be a judge in the Bikinis portion". 

 I asked why men really like bikinis? Because men really like that part, the next layer.   

Subject about purity:

From my favourite book “Saving my first kiss” Lisa Vethouse .  It has been said that the most sexual organ on a man’s body is his eyes. What he sees has a very big effect on what he thinks, and visual images of the female body can cause a guy’s brain to jump straight into lust mode. When we women wear clothing that displays too much flesh or close silhouette of our figure, we are taking advantage of a weakness that many men find difficult to control.


 Personally, I am conservative but I wear modest bathing suits. I dare to wear a modest one. 

  I can wear Bikinis in my room Laughingonly ....Not public.