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البحث في الفيديو ، الأعضاء، أحداث ، ملفات صوتية ، صور ومدونات البحث

South African Christian Football Ass|South Africa

is moving in the direction of setting up the Christian Football World Cup

Quote - Nahtino: "…the South African Christian Football Association leagues  ... it’s a wonderful initiative ...people need to know that church and ministry is bigger and broader than just the church walls ...and Sunday morning services …I applaud.” - Kick-Off Magazine electronic forum – 4th December, 2008


South African Christian Football Association (SACFA)

The below is a list of the Christian Football leagues who may be contacted:

1. Football Fellowship League (FFL) - Southern Suburbs - Sammy Daniels - mailto:sammy@atcgroup.co.za (C: 082 469 9446)
Helderberg Christian Sports League (HCSL) - Somerset West/Helderberg – Vida Arnolds - mailto:vida@privatactus.co.za (C: 072 937 6768) (This league includes juniours and a netball league)
Interdenominational Fellowship Football League (IFFL) – Southern Suburbs - Brian Keet - mailto: brian.keet@yahoo.com (C: 073 363 5235) (This league includes juniours)

4. His Football League (HFL) - Southern Suburbs & Northern Suburbs - Donovan Schell - mailto:Donovan.Schell@transnet.net (C: 083 283 9812) (This league includes an Over 35 men's league)

5. Southern Suburbs Football League (SSFL) - Southern Suburbs - David Craig - mailto:cosmicsilver@gmail.com (C: 082 561 6213)

6. Rainbow Sports Ministry (RSM) - Khayelitsha - Christopher Samente - mailto:rsportsministry@gmail.com (C: 083 480 0587) (This league includes juniours and a netball league)


Spencer Courtis - cape town, south africa

South African Christian Football Association (SACFA)Communications Officer

Cell: 078 250 1665 | Office: 021 - 531 3857 | Email: spencer@tbnpartner.co.za | Skype: spencerc777

Members - Brian Keet, Ronald Edwards, Vida Arnolds, Bradford Snyders and Spencer Courtis

Pastor(s) – Maans Jumat

CompLeting as apposed to competing the body of Christ

Int.: W/H: 27 21 531 3857 | Cell: 27 78 250 1665 | email: spencer@tbnpartner.co.za



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South African Christian Football Ass

Here may be some interresting news for some folk. The intention in Cape Town now is to set up and Over 50's Christian Football League. We have played our first match, played it Sat.10 Oct. 2015 with the team who won the Over 34 league and we were unlucky to have not put the goals away as they did.

South African Christian Football Ass كتب تعليق على المدونة بعنوان Invitations & Appointments for 2013

Invitations & Appointments for 2013

The Fatherheart of God We are awaiting invitations and appointments for 2013. If you feel led by God to invite us to minister in your town/country do not hesitate as invitations are already coming in for 201…

not been here for a while - how is 2015 looking?

South African Christian Football Ass كتب تعليق على الفيديو Recreation is Ministry

sports - you mentioned it - such a tremendous untapped tool sport is Cailee - bless ya as you soar!!! Spencer at www.webswillwork (the 'tent making' side of my ministry through football) :)

South African Christian Football Ass [العضو]] انضم إلى الصلاة [[عنوان]] [اسم]]

South African Christian Football Ass كتب تعليق على الفيديو Child Prostitution in Cambodia

Phew! Am lost for words on this. No life, no future unless reached by Christ. can one pray for sudden destruction on those who are perpetrating this? ...in the name of Jesus i pray for this, that their souls may be saved.

South African Christian Football Ass كتب تعليق على المدونة بعنوان Help us to keep cross.tv tidy!

Help us to keep cross.tv tidy!

Did you know that you can rate videos, blogs, comments, photo galleries and even audio files? Moreover you can flag videos, photo galleries and audio files as inappropriate! Please help us to keep the cross.tv…

Sound advice guys! Bless ya!!!

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