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البحث في الفيديو ، الأعضاء، أحداث ، ملفات صوتية ، صور ومدونات البحث
Mohan Ram Simpson


Praying God to grant wisdom to the leaders of the world.

البلير الخـاص بي

I would like to start a charitable trust in India for helping the underprivileged, specially those kids who are struggling to pay the tution fees in schools and colleges and those who are |المـزيد

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Jul 18, 2010

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VIRGIN BIRTH:            

Man is inquisitive, which is good and appreciable, But he concludes the secrets of God within the limits of his knowledge, which is bad.


Once, one of my Sikh friends told me that a birth is impossible without the presence of a father. Their holy book, GURUGRANTH SAHEB says like that. So, Jesus’ birth story cannot be accepted literally. I simply told him that every thing possible to God. I think he was least convinced by that answer and as He is one of my good friends; He purposely stopped the discussion with no more comments.


Later I came through medical articles about “CLONING & CLONES” and I did referred those articles to him and said that if it was possible by today’s scientists then it is possible to God and as Guru Nanak was a philosopher of 15th century He might not be knowing about today’s scientific truths. Any way my friend was more convinced and greeted me for the way I gave the answer.

Background story:-

When God created man on the 6th day of creation, His word was there to be recorded in the cells of man and like a computer program, those words had been recorded in DNA of man. (God’s curse is also recorded in his DNA on the day of man’s fall) Please refer the DNA decoding which is one of the latest inventions in genetic engineering, the science branch which helps to cure complicated genetic disorders like Parkinson and some kinds of cancer.

Now modern scientists are curiously looking at this technology to get more information about humankind.

God did the creation using all scientific inputs only. Later man invented lots of things and theories after inspired from God’s creation. Eg: Sonic depth measuring technology of submarines (which calculates the depth of oceans from the reflected ultrasonic sound waves) is developed after getting inspiration from the techniques used by Bats. (which flies in darkness and catch their prey using this sonic distance calculating technology. These creatures do not fit in Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution also because, such an advanced technique evolved in a primitive organism like bat). Wings of Aircrafts.(From the structure of Bird’s wings). Lifting of aircraft (tones of weight in air) from Bird’s wing positioning tricks while flying and take off.


For understanding what God might did, when he send his begotten son to the world,

we link  cloning with that mighty act.

Here in the case of Jesus’ birth God might do something like cloning using Virgin Mary’s ovum.





Somatic cell nuclear transfer, (SCNT) was the method used to create Dolly the Sheep (The first cloned Lamb).

What does SCNT mean? Let's take it apart:


Somatic cell: A somatic cell is any cell in the body other than the two types of reproductive cells, sperm, and egg, which are also called germ cells. In mammals, every somatic cell has two complete sets of chromosomes, whereas the germ cells only have one complete set. So the offspring get half hierarchy from Father and half from mother. (please note this under lined words)


Nuclear: The nucleus is like the cell's brain. It's an enclosed compartment that contains all the information that cells need to form an organism. This information comes in the form of DNA. It's the differences in our DNA that make each of us unique.


Transfer: Moving an object from one place to another.


How does SCNT differ from the natural way of making an embryo?


The fertilization of an egg by a sperm and the SCNT cloning method both result in the same thing: a dividing ball of cells, called an embryo.


 So what exactly is the difference between these methods?

An embryo is composed of cells that contain two complete sets of chromosomes.( Chromosomes are located inside the nucleus of our cells and these contains the DNA which is the recorder of a creature as everybody knows) The difference between fertilization and SCNT lies in where those two sets originated.


In fertilization, the sperm and egg both contain one set of chromosomes. When the sperm and egg join, the resulting zygote ends up with two sets of chromosomes- one from the father (sperm) and one from the mother (egg).


In SCNT, the egg cell's single set of chromosomes is removed. It is replaced by the nucleus from a somatic cell (NORMAL CELL), which already contains two complete sets of chromosomes. Therefore, in the resulting embryo, both sets of chromosomes come from the somatic cell results the behavioral replication of the somatic cell donor.


To make Dolly the sheep, researchers isolated a somatic cell from an adult female sheep. Next, they transferred the nucleus from that cell to an egg cell from which (the nucleus of the same cell contains half chromosomes) had been removed. After a couple of chemical tweaks, the egg cell, with its new nucleus, was behaving just like a freshly fertilized zygote. It developed into an embryo, which was implanted into a surrogate mother and carried to term. (Please note there is no sperm cell (NATURAL FATHER) in this story)


Here in the birth of our savior the behavioral and wisdom replication of the Heavenly father need to be happened {NO sharing of Virgin Mary’s cellular chromosomes (Please note)} and now the reason of virgin birth (without the natural father) is clear. There is no other way other than virgin birth; to AVOID THE SHARING OF human chromosomes and because of this Jesus was born sinless. (NO HEIRARCHY THROUGH ANCESTRAL CHROMOSOMES AND GOD’S CURSE BEARING DNA) So that He grown up like a very special, cleverest philosopher child (Luke 2:28-33, 2:40) who could beat the scholars, Doctors and philosophers of Jerusalem in knowledge and wisdom even at the age of twelve. (Which is impossible for a child of that age who born in a poor family like Joseph the carpenter.) (Luke 2:46-48). God Almighty did all this by His words.


As science is emanated from our Almighty father, He decided not to reveal all the secrets of his technology to common mankind like Joseph, Mother Mary and us ( Luke 2:49 & 50), but Joseph and Mary believed what God’s messenger said and that’s their greatness. God permitted humankind to find those out by doing researches and studies. As far as Book of Revelation is concerned, it is Almighty’s will to reveal those hidden secrets of his work to all humankind prior to the final judgment day.

The Bible says SIGNIFICANT, RELEVANT, and RATIONAL TRUTHS and nobody can challenge it.