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البحث في الفيديو ، الأعضاء، أحداث ، ملفات صوتية ، صور ومدونات البحث
ma cho


Those who plant in tear will harvest with shout of joy.They weep as they go to plant their seed,but they sing as they return with the harvest.(Ps126:5-6)


Dear brethren, let's pray the Lord to open our minds to understand the meaning of the word ".........deceive the nations scattered over the whole world , that is GOG and MAGOG" ( Rev 21:2), which is source of much confussion to many believers today................... Going up to heaven after rapture will just be temporal and then we will come down after the thousand years................... There is no place in the bible that says immidiately after the rapture, we will come back on earth...............We clearly see our coming back on a New earth as a Holy City in Rev. 21:2 , after the thousand years . ..............Many people are confussed with Rev. 20: 7 which says " After the thousand years are over Satan will go out to deceive the nations scattered over the whole world , that is GOG and MAGOG" .............. The secret to understand this text lies in the understanding of the word ".... that is "GOG and MAGOG" which refers to the invisible evil world where Satan and his demons are ...........Many misunderstand it to be human beings in the physical world which we know had all been destroyed by fire on the day of the Lord(rapture) as indicated in 2nd Peter 3:10-13.......... .. The bible refers the rapture day saying: It will be like the day of Noah when water came and destroyed everyone.............. It will be like the day of Sodom and Gomorrah , the day lot left Sodom, fire rained down from heaven and kill everyone. ................That is how it will be on the day the son of man is revealed" Luke 17:27-36.................. If that day of rapture is going to be like this, then where will human beings come again from to be on earth t for Thousand years after which Satan will be released to seduce them?..................... So, we foolishly accept that Satan will come out on the physical earth and go all over the world gathering human beings as his armies to use and fight God! .................Follow this link and carefully read down to where you have the heading : WHAT IS THE MEANING OF THE WORD GOG AND MAGOG IN REV. 20:7-10, for a comprehensive biblical explanation of Revelation 20:1-10...........http://www.imminentendoftheworld.com/41.php

GOOD NEWS FROM: RADIO PRAYER ROOM!!! Mar 14, 2013 1 التعليق

Dear brethren, why not postpone as the apostles and many did, some temporary things to enjoy here now like...... ........and enjoy them in the coming New Earth forever?.............. Which is that thing that you are really burning for now, which may deprive you from the wonderful coming eternal enjoyment in the New coming world?...............Have you ever ask youself these questions after reading this text: .."............. “But the courts shall sit in judgment and his dominion shall be taken away to be consumed and destroyed to the end. AND THE KINGDOM AND THE DOMINION AND THE GREATNESS OF THE KINGDOM UNDER THE WHOLE HEAVEN SHALL BE GIVEN TO THE PEOPLE OF THE SAINTS OF THE MOST HIGH; THEIR KINGDOM SHALL BE AN EVERLASTING KINGDOM, AND ALL DOMINION SHALL SERVE AND OBEY THEM.." Daniel 7: 26-28...... ................Where is under the heaven where the kingdom is ? Certainly on the Earth! ............. And who are the people of the Saints of the Most High to receive this kingdom? The elects who formed the Holy City of God coming down from Heaven, CLOTHED WITH A SPIRITUAL EVERLASTING BODY TO LEAVE FOR EVER ON EARTH AS GOD'S PEOPLE FORMING GOD'S KINGDOM as it is written: "..........And I saw the HOLY CITY COMING DOWN FROM HEAVEN", Revelations 21:2................ These Saints are coming down from heaven in what type of a body? To this the bible says:........... " It is sown a physical body, it is raised a spiritual body..............." For what is immortal must be changed into what is immortal ; what will die must be changed into what cannot die. So when this takes place and the mortal has been changed into the immortal , then the scripture will come true:......... "Death is destroyed; victory is complete is complete " 1st Corinthians 15:33-54............... These are those that Isaiah 65:17-20 is talking about, who will marry and have children, build houses etc.......... The bible is not contradictory brethren! We are the ones not understanding it. ................... The kingdom of God's Holy people is not going to be in Heaven but on a New Earth...................Going up to heaven after rapture will just be temporal and then we will come down after the thousand years................... There is no place in the bible that says immidiately after the rapture, we will come back on earth...............We clearly see our coming back unto a New earth as a Holy City in Rev. 21:2. ..............Many people are confussed with Rev. 20: 7 which says " After the thousand years are over Satan will be go out to deceive the nations scattered over the whol;e world , that is GOG and MAGOG" .............. The secret to understand this text lies in the word " GOG and MAGOG" which refers to the invisible evil world where Satan and his demons are ...........Many misunderstand it to be human beings in physical world which we know must have been destroyed by fire on the day of the Lord(rapture) as indicated in 2nd Peter 3:10-13.......... If this is what God is planing for you and me dear brethren, why not pos- pone as the apostle did, some temporary things here now, to enjoy them there forever. ......Did you visit this link?........ http://www.imminentendoftheworld.com/50.php

GOOD NEWS FROM: RADIO PRAYER ROOM!!! Mar 05, 2013 1 التعليق

Dear brethren, a wonderful SECRET revelation from God for you and me that you should carefully take time to PRAYERFULLY read and see how you ...... http://www.imminentendoftheworld.com/50.php .(Copy this link and search). May your mind be spiritually opened to understand as you read, and be richly eternally blessed.

GOOD NEWS FROM: RADIO PRAYER ROOM!!! Feb 12, 2013 5 تعليقات

Dear brethren, let's pray that God will open the Minds of our Sisters to understand this statement : "JUDGE FOR YOURSELF IF IT IS NORMAL FOR A WOMEN TO PRAY TO GOD WITH HER HEAD UNCOVERED" 1st Corinth 11:13. ........ .. The Lord said: "My mothers and brothers (and sisters) are those who hear the WORD of God and OBEY" Luke 8:21.............Dear sisters in the Lord, are you really a sister to the Lord Jesus Christ?............. If yes, then do you OBEY this word of God?............ How comes that we dare pray to Him with our head uncovered and still pretend to Love Him? ....... What a disrespect!!!!!!! ...... We are not serious at all! ...........God test our Love for Him, in our attitude to His word......... Has he not said: "Every woman who has her head uncovered while praying disgraces her head..............If a woman does not cover her head, let her also have her hair cut off.............For this reason, and because of the ANGELS , the woman ought to have a sign of AUTHORITY on her head. (1 Cor.11:5,6)............The VEIL on the woman's head is a sign of AUTHORITY? ....... And what impact has this on ANGELS?.......... So what are the sisters losing by not OBEYING this command of God?...........The disappearance of the `head-covering' among women in many `Westernised' churches is another indication of the lack of reverence for God's Word among today's Christians..........Yes, we no longer have any fear and respect for God and so don't tremble before his word............The same evil of disobedience to God's word that Adam and Eve committed in Eden, we are doing same today under the wrong understanding of the word " Salvation by grace" !! .........Remember that God honor those who honore Him.....

GOOD NEWS OF VICTORY FROM RADIO HEAVEN !!!! Oct 31, 2011 1 التعليق

Hallelujah !!!!!!!!!!!!!! The LORD our Great God, announces victory from his throne! Mighty soldiers of the Lord!!!! May all those who waged war against Satan and his demons , shorting without missing the target, to SCATTER the evil league of Common Wealth Nations meeting to impose the legalization of HOMOSEXUALITY, praise the Lord for the Victory worn! May you all keep on being bless as we raise His banner higher and Higher against the kingdom of Darkness. The world’s Radio: Radio France international (RFI), BBC, announced Sunday 30th , 2011 that the Common Wealth Nations members meeting in AUSTRALIA GOT SCATTERED on the issue of member states Legalizing HOMOSEXUALITY, and so the meeting dispersed with no results. Yes, the working POWERS of our Great and Mighty God at work! Visit the topic of the prayer again, and let’s see how we can more and more collaborate with the Holy Spirit for more bullet targeting prayers in other needing directions: Prayer of October 7, 2011.. http://www.imminentendoftheworld.com/15.php That is the Almighty God we have! Do you now see that we the believers to whom he has giving the authority over everything on earth, to subdue and dominate for his glory are seriously failing Him? If only we could team up and collaborate with Him, Satan would not have been making a fool of mankind as he is presently doing. Let us pray that the LORD will open the eyes of believers all over the world to see the necessity of teaming up together as one, to crumble the works of the devil so that we can begin to impact the whole world for the gory of our LORD –King JESUS CHRIST, for the shame to the devil.

WORLD NEWS FROM : RADIO BIBLE ! Sep 28, 2011 2 تعليقات

From Br. Ezra Orando! WORLD NEWS FROM : RADIO BIBLE ! 1) ECONOMIC CRISES in America and Europe: “ God makes NATIONS STRONG and GREAT, but He DEFEATS and DESTROYS them. He makes their leaders FOOLISH, and makes them WANDER, CONFUSED and LOST; They GROPE in the DARK and STAGGER like DRUNKARDS” Job 12:23-25. 2) DROUGHT in Somalia and FLOODS in Pakistan : “ DROUGHT comes when God WITHHOLDS RAIN; FLOOD comes when He TURNS WATER LOOSE” Job 12:15. 3) CONFLICTS in North African and the Arab world: “ God takes away the Wisdom of Rulers and makes LEADERS Acts like fools. He DETHRONES KINGS and makes them PRISONERS; He HUMBLES priest and MEN of POWER. He DISGRACES those in POWER and put an END to the STRENGTH OF RULERS” Job 12:17-21. Let’s pray that the eyes of the world will be opened to see the sovereignty of the LORD , and humble. Fear the God of Jesus Christ , all the nations and Rulers of the world! Stop serving an unknown “ Allah” , practicing occultism, legalizing Homosexuality etc, and repent! http://www.imminentendoftheworld.com/

Ezra Jul 25, 2011 2 تعليقات

Br. Ezra Ornado Chea A. Look my dear brethren in Christ, there is no single soul on the face of the earth that God will want to perish in eternal lake of fire. But because he is a God of justice who cannot skip over just one of his single rules, he will do everything possible to guide us conform to his laws, as we call to him in sincerity to know them and obey. To this the bible says of the LORD: “ He is near to those who CALL to Him with SINCERITY “ Psalm 146:18. So , if after our exhortations in prayer N0 47 & 48(if you are new refer to catch up) on where our heart is , and we are SINCERE before him, then let’s cry before him, to show us the real NATURE of our HEART as illustrated in the PARABLE of the SOWER and the SEED in Matth.13:1-43. The LORD gave this parable not just to entertain us with, but out of his love so that we can identify where we fall and cry for him to do something about it, that we don’t perish. Yes, because it is this NATURE of our heart that receive the seed of life, which determines where our heart is. We may then in collaboration with Him, pray for Him to put things RIGHT FROM OUR HEARTS which is the fundamental, and all will be well with us. The parable of the SEEDS and the SOWER in Matthew 13:1-43, on the nature of the heart where the seed fell , is therefore very important. WHAT IS THE NATURE OF YOUR HEART ON WHICH THE SEED FELL?(Be honest to carefully check): 1) The NATURE OF HEART ALONG the PATH?( some seeds falls along the way , the evil one comes and snatches away what was sown, and we remain empty loud noise making vessel. Vs 4). Such a heart is earthly oriented and bound. This falls in the lots going through the large easy way to hell, where many of the religious are found (Matth. 7:13). Are you that one who has clearly heard the gospel of salvation through Christ, and known the fundamental biblical steps to obey on the born again way to eternity( Repentance from sins, water baptism-immersion for forgiveness of sins, and receive gift of Holy Spirit-Act 2:38), but are turning round and round? May be you contempt yourself in your sterile or death religious system that up holds the disobedience to the word of God, or your customary traditional system ; and you say, “ we are all serving the same God”. If yes, this is the nature of your heart on which the seed of life fell. Are you to turn now to the Lord with SINCERITY and cry for him to do something about it? 2) THE NATURE OF HEART ON THE ROCKY GROUND?( some seeds fell on rocky ground but does not sink deep into them, and they don’t last long. We remain a loud empty noise making vessel- Vs 5). Such a heart is earthly orientated which falls in the lots going through the large easy way to hell(Matth 7:13). Are you that one who has heard the gospel of salvation and gone through the right way-Act 2:38, but because of some life difficulties or persecutions from: wife, husband, parents, children, employer etc , and you withdraw, or cool in your engagements of following the Lord? You then go back to compromise and be living your sinful life as before, while pretending to talk about believing in Jesus ? If yes, then this is the nature of your heart on which the seed of life fell. Are you to turn now to the Lord with SINCERITY and cry for him to do something about it? 3) THE NATURE OF HEART ON THE THORN BUSHES ?(some seeds fell in thorn bushes, but the thorn bushes which is love of the world and things of the world, so that you have endless desires, grow up and choked plants-vs7). Such a heart is equally earthly orientated. Thorns are earthly desires and worries about life , and as such places you on the large easy way of the many heading to hell(Matth, 7:13). Majority of believers are here. They want to gain heaven and the world at the same time. They don’t want to miss the two, but unfortunately it can’t work because the world-thorn bushes always succeed in choking the word of life that leads to heaven. Are you that one who has heard the gospel of salvation and gone through the right way-Act 2:38, but because of thorns you are unprepared to renounce and abandon , you are blocked from collaborating with the holy Spirit for circumcision of your heart to enable your spiritual growth as to bear multiple fruits qualifying you for eternity? If yes, then this is the nature of your heart on which the seed of life fell. Are you to turn now to the Lord with SINCERITY and cry for him to do something about it? 4) THE NATURE OF HEART ON THE GOOD SOIL?( some seeds fell on good soil and the plants produce corn; some produced a hundred grains, others sixty, and others thirty” vs 8. Such a heart is heavenly orientated , and prepared to sacrifice the love of the world and the things of the world, as to gain heaven. They know that they can’t gain heaven and the world at the same time, and so chose to sacrifice the world to gain heaven. They are the very few believers on the hard narrow difficult path leading to heaven(Matth. 7:14). So, concludes the saying: “ Many are called but few are chosen). The bible says: “ In your struggle against SIN you have not yet RESISTED to the point of SHEDDING YOUR BLOOD” Hebrew 12:4. It is such a heart that can resist SINS to point of shading his blood, as to gain heaven. Are you that one who has heard the gospel of salvation and gone through the right way-Act 2:38, decided to denounce the love of the world and the things of the world, collaborate with the Holy Spirit for the circumcision of your heart to bear multiple fruits qualifying you for eternity? If yes, then the nature of your heart is the good soil on which the seed of life fell. From the above 4 cases outlined by the LORD, you can be able to honestly identify the nature of your HEART. That is, which of the 4 does the NATURE of your HEART reflects? Don’t allow the devil to deceive you by precipitating you to say “ we are save by grace in Jesus”. It is that same Jesus that we claim to be save in him by grace, who has outline these nature of hearts. PRAYERS: - Heavenly father, you rightly say “ The human heart is the most DECEITFUL of all things and DESPERATELY WICKED: Who can know it? I the Lord search the heart , I try the REINS “ Jeremiah 17:9-10. Yes, my heart is deceitful and desperately wicked! - Examine me, O God and know my mind; test me and discover my thoughts. Find out if there is any evil in me and guide me in the everlasting way(Psalms 139:24). - Teach me how short my life is in this terrestrial tent so that I may become wise and hurry to put things right with you before it becomes too late to do anything about it, LORD!! - I humbly before you LORD, to beg that you show and convict me as to what the nature of my heart on which the seed of life fell is, with regards the 4 types of heart you have outlined. (ie if honestly you don’t know which among the 4 reflects the nature of your heart on which the seed fell). IF WE HONESTLY IDENTIFY THE NATURE OF OUR HEART TO BE : ALONG THE PATH, ON ROCKY SOIL AND IN THORN BUSHES , then WE PRAY SAYING: - Lord, the nature of my heart is that one ALONG the PATH on which the seed of life fell, and the demons of my customs and traditions , my religious system, snatched it away. - Heavenly father, you can change hearts, because you are sovereign ! I beg you to change the nature of my heart from that ALONG the way, to that of good soul on which your word the seed of life can take root, so that I may bear fruits worthy of eternity. - Lord, the nature of my heart on which the seed of life fell, is that of ROCKY SOIL, Or THORN BUSHES, I pray that you change it into that of good soil so that I may bear fruits worthy of eternity. IF WE ARE HONEST THAT THE NATURE OF OUR HEART IS THAT OF GOOD SOIL ON WHICH THE SEED OF LIFE FELL, THEN WE PRAY SAYING: - Lord thank you for the nature of my heart being that of good soil. - I pray that you fortify me more and more in my WILL to hate the world and the things of the world, and stir up my continues collaboration with the Holy Spirit’s sword of circumcision so that, I keep on bearing more and more fruits worthy of eternity. - Teach me more on how to harden my body( SELF) with blows like apostle Paul, as to run the race straight to finish STRONG crossing the finishing line, for crown of life(Rev. 2:7). - Keep on Lord, crushing my own will, thoughts, desires and emotions; and impose yours so that I may run the race and finish strong. Have the free liberty to do with me as it so pleases you at all cost, minimizing whatever cries this flesh may manifest. Do it Lord, for it is for my own good. - Always expose every wicked plans or traps of the devil along my way, so that in collaboration with you, they are crushed. You can then continue to pray as the Holy Spirit may inspire you.

Ezra May 30, 2011 5 تعليقات

From Br. Ezra orando Chea PRE-NOTES Dear brethren, a married man will undress himself before his wife and stand naked, but will go and hide money from her! Equally, a married woman will undress herself before her husband and stand naked, but will go and hide money from him! So, money has become more important than our bodies! Yes, worshiping the god called MONEY ! Brethren, if you are not honest to your husband or wife in financial matters , you are still lost! Yes, you can undress and stand naked before him/her, but will go and hide money just to say loudly: “You can take all that you want of my body, but not my MONEY! Take it my body and do whatever you want with it, but as for MY MONEY, I say NO!!!!!!!!”. Yes, worshiping the god of MONEY! Are you like this? If yes, then let’s assure you by the Spirit of the Lord that if you don’t put this right straight away , don’t be shocked to find yourself in the lake of fire, if sudden death comes your way now. You may sing and dance salvation by grace in Jesus, but if you don’t iron this point out with your wife or husband, you are a sure candidate for hell. Are you different from the rich man in Luke 18:18-24 who was worshiping his money? Certainly not! What did Jesus say? It will be difficult for such to enter the kingdom of God. Does the bible not say the two by marriage shall become one? Or you say it is only your naked bodies that becomes one and not your MONEY! Listen brethren, this is just one way in which the fallen sinful heart manifest itself. Yes, a heart dirty and rotten from the inside that only a very deep surgical circumcision works of the Holy Spirit can remedy. This is just one example among the millions we may know of the human heart sick of the SIN syndrome. If you are still consciously practicing one sin in your heart, be sure that you will go to the lake of fire if you don’t do something about it right now, before it becomes too late. Let's all carefully examine our hearts through the holy light of the Lord, and be sure it''s pure. Death may come upon you, earlier than you had expected. You are not an exemption to the natural rule of physical death. Look at the deaths occurring around you! The next death obituary may be yours. None in Japan and all the other places in the world hit by catastrophes ever expected death could be so soon! STOP brethren!!!!!! Let’s pray that every believer in Christ, will be conscious of sudden death at any moment, and so strive to get into perfection, before it becomes too late to do anything about it, when surprised to find himself in the lake of fire! Brethren, don’t say that I have believed in Christ and therefore saved by grace, but rather let us look at our self through these words of God as our assurance of where we will go to, in the case of any sudden death: -“ Blessed are the PURE IN HEART, for they shall SEE God” Matthew 5:8. -“ And may your SPIRIT and SOUL, and BODY be kept HOLY and BLAMELESS on the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ” 1st Thessalonians 5:23. -“..As you wait for the day of the Lord, do your best to be PURE and FAULTLESS in God’s sight(2nd Peter 3:14). -And everyone who thus HOPES in him PURIFIES himself as He is PURE “ John 3:3. -‘Follow peace with all men, and HOLINESS, without which no MAN shall see the LORD’ Hebrew 12:14. Are you sure of the purity of your heart? Are you sure that you are blameless in: body, soul and spirit before God? If not, ask God to expose the hidden secrets of your heart, so that you may in collaboration with Him, purge it off from any dirtiness he may show you, and render it pure(Circumcision of heart from idols). The bible adds: “ Let us HAVE GRACE whereby we may serve God acceptably with reverence and godly fear: For our God is a consuming fire” Hebrew 12:28. Our GRACE in Jesus Christ therefore, is to be lead by the holy Spirit into a holy living before God, and not that we are saved with our sins. We can therefore be saved from our sins and not with our sins. To this, the Lord conclude saying: ‘You have not yet resisted UNTO BLOOD, STRIVING AGAINST SIN” Hebrew 12:4. Look Brethren, religiosity kills! After we have repented of our sins and turn to Christ’s blood for forgiveness, we must seek to move into PERFECTION: Body-Soul-Spirit. I exhort you to run after those preachers or teachers who will labor to help you keep your heart pure from sins, than those who will excite you with miracles, signs and wonders because the scripture plainly says: “ The beast was taken captive, together with the false prophet who had PERFORMED MIRACLES THAT HE HAD DECEIVED THOSE WHO HAD THE MARK OF THE BEAST AND THOSE WHO HAD WORSHIPED THE IMAGE OF THE BEAST” Revelation 19:20. Do you get the sense of what the Lord is saying here brethren? Very simple: That if you find yourself running after miracles and wonders, than seeking for purity of hearts, then be very careful, you may be having the mark of the beast. This is very simple to understand. Mark of the beast simply means sins! You may then have gotten yourself involved in it in anyway whatsoever, whether consciously or un-consciously, all is that you are living in sin. Therefore, do you hunger and thirst for a pure hear? Or do you hunger and thirst after miracles and wonders? Listen brethren, the bible says: ‘ Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be satisfied” Matthew 5:6. And not “blessed are those who hunger and thirst after miracles and wonders! “ In the book imminent End of the world in this 3rd Millennium, we took time to explained what force to receive the mark of the beast on right hand and forehead, meant (Rev.13:16). All those following “Babylon” the woman prostitute(Revelation 17 and 18), should be very careful. Listen brethren, if you have been seduced by the devil to be waiting for that day when a big animal will come on earth as beast, and go around forcing people and writing marks of “666” on their right hand and fore head as a sign of sin, then we exhort you to come out from your foolishness. Worshiping the beast and its image and receiving his mark “666” in another great sense of the scripture, is sinning(That is, obeying the devil consciously or unconsciously) as it is written: -“Little children, let no one deceives you. He who does right is righteous as Christ is righteous. He who commits sins is of the devil; for the devil has sinned from the beginning”( 1st John 3:7-8). -“This is the spirit of the antichrist, of which you heard that it was coming, and now it is in the world already. Little children, you are of God, and have overcome them; for He who is in you are greater than he who is in the world”(1st John 4: 3-6, 1st John 18-19). -“For many deceivers have gone out into the world, men who will not acknowledge the coming of Jesus Christ in the flesh: Such a one is the deceiver and the antichrist’ (2nd John 18). Therefore, it must be clearly noted that, Paul wrote his letter: “For that day will not come unless the rebellion comes first and the man of Lawlessness is revealed, the son of perdition, who opposes and exalt himself against every so-called god or object of worship, so that he takes his seat in the temple of God, proclaiming himself to be God( 2nd Thessalonians. 2:3-3), around 50 AD. That is when the devil through the Roman Empire under the influence of Judaism was persecuting the saints. By then, the Roman Catholic Papacy-the little horn that is the lawless one to rise and claim the seat of God on earth and continue the persecution of saints, was not yet on the scene(Daniel 8:10-14, Daniel 7:21-28, Revelation 17:1-18, 1st John 4: 3-6,). While John wrote his letter: This is the spirit of the antichrist, of which you heard that it was coming, and now it is in the world already ( 1st John 4: 3-6), around 95AD. That is when the Roman Empire since Emperor Nero around 64 AD, was acting vigorously under the power of Satan in the persecution of Christians; and later to give birth to the Roman Catholic Papacy the little horn (313) through the Roman Emperor Constantine, which was to claim the seat of God on earth. She is, ‘‘ Great Babylon, the mother of all prostitutes and perverts in the world’’ Revelations 17:5. She is thus the major tree of antichrist, producing many branches of antichrists: Many antichrists have come; therefore we know that it is the last hour.(1st John 2:18). Notice that “ last hour”, here is meaning that it was the time spoken of. Therefore, Satan is the dragon, the wicked one, the antichrist, whose agents are equally called antichrist, the beast, wicked one, false prophet, Babylon, woman prostitute et cetera, all appellations referring to Satan and his agents . All Satan’s agents therefore, equally represent him. Thus, any individual or system etcetera, at the service of Satan and anyone loyal to him equally bears his name, and consequently carries his mark or seal of ownership “666’’. This implies therefore that, any person (man, woman, child) who sins is of the devil and automatically bears his stamp of ownership “666,” just as the Holy spirit and obedience is God’s stamp of ownership on all who do not sin. Sin is disobeying the commandments of God and rejecting faith in the Lord Jesus as it is written: Here is a call for the endurance of the saints, those who keep the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus. Sin therefore is not the matter of receiving a visible physical mark “666” labeled on ones forehead and hand but conscious and unconscious disobedience to God, which the devil will reinforced towards the end before rapture. Our dear brethren, let us get into second by second sanctification in the obedience of God’s commandments through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, rather than listening to the devil’s lies and waiting for a day when Satan will appear as a huge beast and start writing physical labels of “666’’ on people’s heads and hands as a sign of sin. We know that in the world of today, some objects in the market like: shoes, clothes, kitchen utensils, et cetera, carry this sign” 666” in one form or the other; and even some agents of Satan write it on their bodies and wears. But this must not distract any true child of God whose priority should be sanctification in the obedience of God’s commandments through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. The truth is that, in the last days before rapture, the economic and financial situations in addition to Ecumenism rapidly gaining grounds, things will be very difficult such that, those who will want to live a pure godly life, will find it very difficult keeping the commandments of God and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. If they do not pay a price of sacrifice even to the least drop of their blood, they will give up and consciously engaged in practicing sins; joining satanic sects etc (this situation also is called tribulation). No one can denial the fact that, we are not already experiencing difficult economic and financial difficulties which is more and more intensifying and obliging people into conscious sinning and satanic sects entanglements. Therefore, as a result of this economic, financial, religious and political difficulties provoked by Satan and his agents, many believers will be forced to compromise godliness to ungodliness just for survival. Thereby consciously obeying Satan and receiving his mark of ownership “666.” This briefly explains Revelations 13:14-17 tie says: “And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads. And that no man might buy or sell, save he had the mark, the name of the beast, or the number of his name..”. This text is linked to that of 2nd Timothy 3:1-5, which clearly outlines the characteristics of the last days. Thus, during this End Time period it is everybody and not only believers in Christ who will be exposed or influenced(justifying the use of the word “causeth” meaning causes), into conscious sinning and satanic sects entanglements as government authoritiesLegalizes sins, and endorses it upon the people. Therefore, only true and sincere saints of God who the Bible says: “ Keep the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus” will win the victory and be raptured at the end. For it is written: “Then the dragon was angry with the woman, and went off to make war on the rest of her off spring, on those who keep the commandments of God and bear testimony to Jesus” (Revelation12:17). I still keep exhorting you to get a copy of this master teaching book: Imminent End of the World in this 3rd Millennium, for there is much to learn from, as to be very current with the move of God.

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Please pray for our Brothers and Sisters in the Southern States of the United States. They are being hit by terrible floods and other natural disasters. Officials in the South faced some tough decisions about having to open spillways and evacuate roughly 2,000 people in order to save the larger cities. Please pray for wisdom and divine guidance in all of these decisions, as they are certain to be difficult ones. Please pray for protection for all of the people affected by these disasters, as they are very trying times. We know we serve a powerful and merciful God, and we pray that His Love shines through in all of this. For more information about the flooding please take a look at our blog http://www.cross.tv/blog/24270

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From Br. Ezra orando Chea A. Dear brethren, we are in the difficult times, that will be more and more difficult until the rapture. We must be more alert of the more and more hostile spiritual and physical environment which we are now. Let’s pray that the Lord will stir up our spirit of watching and praying so that we will be able to daily pray with the Lord for one hour as not to fall into temptation: “Then he returned to the three disciples and found them asleep; and he said to Peter. How is it that you three were not able to keep watch with me even for one hour? Keep watch and pray that you will not fall into temptation”Matth.26:40-41. The Lord told me on 10,November 2004 as he gave me His message on the Imminent End of world in this 3rd Millennium that, Revelation 9 and 10 was now in accomplishment for the Imminent Rapture. The Iraq War, was certainly beginning manifestation of the release of the four angels spoken of in Revelation 9:14” Release the four angels who are bound at the great river EUPHRATES! The four angels were released; for this very hour of this very day of this very month and year” River Euphrates is in Iraq, where we had the Garden of Eden, which was where God created the first human beings-Adam &Eve, and kept. To this the bible says: ” Then the Lord God planted a garden in Eden, in the EAST, and there be put the man he had formed……..A stream flowed in Eden and watered the garden;…….the third river is TIGRIS, which flows East of Assyria, and the fourth river is EUPHRATES” Genesis 2:8-15. Refer your world map for the location of river TIGRIS and EUPHRATES . It is in Iraq, isn’t it? I lately requested it’s time we equally pray for Israel, and rightly you are seeing her enemies throwing away their differences to be one against her. Listen brethren, more tougher times are ahead to precede the rapture! You will find living on earth as if living amongst scorpions. The state of life here on earth will be that of making one think it was better not to have existed anywhere. Let no one deceive you that this present world situation will change for the good. The powers of darkness in space have been driven off their course by the approaching power of Christ for Rapture, and they are inflicting difficult times in multiple ways. The Lord Jesus warned us to be on alert and watch and pray because our deliverance is near, when we start seeing these things(Luke 21:25-26). Not to obey, will be acting foolishly like our early brethren did, and denied Jesus when the difficult moment came. To this the bible says: ‘ The bible say: ‘ Then he returned to the three disciples and found them asleep; and he said to Peter, How is it that you three were not able to keep watch with me even for one hour? Keep watch and pray that you will not fall into temptation”Matth.26:40-41. Christ was talking to his followers who had abandoned everything and were following him. They even promised to die with him. But did they obey his command to pray with him for only one hour? No! And what was the consequence of this disobedience? They denied Jesus when the difficult time of trial came, as He was arrested. To this the bible says: -“ Then all the disciples left him and ran away. A certain young man, dressed only in a linen cloth, was following Jesus. They tried to arrest him, but he ran away naked, leaving the cloth behind” Mark 14:50-51. -“ Then Peter said: “I swear that I am telling the truth! May God punish me if I am not! I do not know the man (Jesus) you are talking about. Just then a clock crowed second time……” Mark 14:71. If we don’t heed to this voice to watch and pray now more than ever before, soon, face with more and more difficult times, we will denial Jesus by compromising his holy standard, just for the need of survival as many are already doing now. If our Lord Jesus could keep watching and praying as not to fall into temptation, then what more of you and me? To this the bible says: -“In his life on earth Jesus made his prayers and requests with loud cries and tears to God, who could save him from death. Because he was humble and devoted, God heard him. But even though he was God’s son, he learnt through his suffering to be obedient.” Hebrew 5:7. -“ Then he went off from them about the distance of a stone’s throw and knelt down and prayed…..An angel from heaven appeared to him and strengthened him. In great anguish he prayed even more fervently; his sweat was like drops of blood falling to the ground” Luke 22:41-45. Angels don’t come to strengthen people who are sleeping. Yes, they did not do that to peter and the other apostle who didn’t join Jesus to pray even for one hour, equally they will not do that for you and me, if we don’t join Jesus now who is interceding before the thrown of God for us, to daily pray even for one hour. The result will be the denial of Jesus in our daily temptations to sin, and so qualify us for the lake of fire. Jesus was praying not to fall into temptation and for his disciples and for it to be effective on the side of his disciples, they were to join him in praying but they didn’t and so denial Jesus. So if the devil deceives us to sleep and snore on the pretext that we are saved by grace in Jesus, and not joining him to pray only for one hour daily, then we will be shocked to what we happened to us at the end. My advise now to all those whose source of livelihood is solely dependant, to try as much as possible to begin devising an independent source of livelihood by associating some creativity or otherwise. Just imagine difficult times resulting from you being throne out of job because your firm closed up or you refused compromising godly standards. If you are where there is the possibilities of farming, please I advise you to throw your office coats and ties away and start farming which is the best security for livelihood from God. When live becomes so difficult that food which is the basic for subsistence is lacking, we can easily compromise godly standards. More difficult times are coming and have already come, when pay package will not be able to meet up bills, and not to talk of buying good foodstuff. Malnourishment which is already the order of the day with chemical foods that diseased the body and precipitate death, will be on apex. The science man is claiming superiority on, will turn against him just as you can see what is going on in Japan. Many natural catastrophes are still in the making. The world is rushing into more trouble before the end. Just be watching, and you will see! But, again, to be wise now, you begin joining Jesus Christ in watching and praying now for an hour daily, before it becomes too late for you to do anything! Make sure you have two principal periods of daily intense praying: Early morning before going out, and in the evening before you go to bed.

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From Br Ezra Orando C. A. Brethren, STAND UP NOW FOR JESUS MORE THAN EVER BEFORE, IF YOU SINCERELY BELIEVE YOU ARE ON HIS SIDE, OR NEVER ! If you know that you are a real follow of Jesus Christ and so should care for his interest worldwide, then He is obliging you now to join this prayer below, for the gospel of salvation to mightily sweep through NORTH AFRICA and the MIDDLE EAST. Don’t sit back and fold your arms for any raisons whatsoever. Why is it interesting that the pro-democratic movements in the Middle East & North Africa, are mostly having the Mosques as gathering bases for their movements in Friday prayers? Brethren, the Totalitarian Principalities of Islam , are having their strongholds over the people of North Africa and the Middle East crumbling as Christ return approaches with power, so that they will be free to listen to the gospel of salvation in Christ, before the imminent Rapture:(…..Whole countries will be in DESPAIR, AFRAID of the ROAR of the sea and the RAGING TIDES. People will FAINT from FEAR as they wait, for THE POWERS IN SPACE WILL BE DRIVEN FROM THEIR COURSES. Then the Son of Man will appear, coming in a cloud with GREAT POWER and GLORY. When these things begin to happen, stand up and raise your head, because your salvation is near” Luke 21:25-28). PRAYERS: Let’s pray that: 1) With the crumbling of these fortresses of darkness that closes people’s eyes, and blinds their minds, that the people will have their minds open to the divine truth of salvation by grace in Jesus Christ through repentance from sins, and not works. 2) God will grant a rebirth of living churches in the Moslem lands. 3) God will move mightily and greatly sweep millions of Moslems into his kingdom. 4) God will grant the many Arabs in North Africa and Middle east as well as outside, to come in touch with the gospel of salvation in Christ and believe. 5) Churches will be established in many towns of North Africa and the Middle East. 6) Doors will be open for the gospel through men, literature, Bibles, radio, correspondence courses, cassettes, and tracts etc.. 7) The women will be released from seclusion imposed by the men and be free to turn to the gospel of salvation through Christ. 8) The God of harvest will raise apostles, evangelists, pastors and teachers and many laborers from within and without, for the conquest of North Africa and middle East for Christ. 9) God will open doors for churches to be established in countries with no churches such as : Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, North Yemen etc. 10)God will strengthen the faith of all those who turn to Christ, by visiting them mightily with his spirit, and give them boldness to preach Christ. May his spirit of revival also visit those who already are confessing Christ in counties like Afghanistan, Bahrain, Oman, Turkey, South Yemen, Pakistan, etc, and give them courage and boldness to preach Christ. 11) God will raise up state authorities in these countries now, who will be instruments of his hands, to greatly favor in a deep and special way, the preaching of the gospel of salvation in Christ through repentance from sins. 12) Satan will not use the negative role of counterfeit “Christianity”, that promote Homosexuality, Pedophilia, sexual immorality, drunkenness, smoking etc.., to block the people from the true authentic born again Christianity through sincere repentance from sins, and forgiveness through Christ, for salvation of their souls. We all know that it is the so called Christian” Countries that are legalizing and openly practicing all these sins. 13) God should crumble ‘Babylon’ and it’s counterfeit “Christianity’ as he promised in Revelation 18, so that authentic Christianity will have a mighty way through, for the salvation of souls. 14) Pray that by the grace of God, he will protects the people, so that the crumbling fortresses of darkness , don’t destroy many and precipitate them to hell, before they ever repent. 15) The Lord in his mercy will comfort and meet the needs of all those affected in one way or the other by events characterizing the crumbling of these forces of darkness. You can continue to pray as the spirit leads you…….. For world massive participation, mail this to many others, and get your Church, friends, family involved. Print copies, and as you pray, water your prayers with some fasting.

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Picture my son Gavin’s first birthday party. Friends and family gather in our backyard, and on the patio table sit dozens of birthday gifts and a big chocolate cake. To kick off the even with a bang, I feel I should start with a speech. I hold Gavin high atop my shoulders and begin to share what a joy he is to me and his mother. I tell cute and funny stories about things he has done, how he is growing so fast, and all the things we have to look forward to with him. While I am sharing about Gavin, a friend at the back of the crowd shouts, ‘I’ve got a drinking problem.’ On the heels of that comment, someone else mutters, ‘I’ve got a critical spirit.’ Yet another confesses, ‘I struggle with lust.’ Soon chatter gives way to more chatter, and the whole focus of the event shifts. No longer is anyone concerned with Gavin and what I have to say about him. Instead, everyone seems to be consumed with their own issues. How ridiculous! How inappropriate! Of course, this event never really occurred. But I tell the tale to illustrate a point. God has lifted his Son high, seating him at his right hand. God has declared that his Son’s works are awesome and that we should marvel at them. The central purpose of our lives is to focus on the Son. In so doing, we please the Father… If the ridiculous circumstances at Gavin’s party were actually to occur, my only response to those who interrupted would be, “Join the club! We all struggle. But we’re not here to focus on your issues. We’re here to focus on my son.” Similarly, we’re invited to fix our eyes on Jesus, since He’s worthy of our celebration. Are you consumed with your sins when God says he remembers them no more? Are you willing to agree that the focus is no longer on your failures? Will you please the Father through obsession with the Son? The Son of God has finished his work. He is risen and is now seated in heavenly places. There’s only one appropriate response. All eyes on Him! Lord we declare with whole Cross family that ....our all focus on You Lord amen

Ezra Apr 04, 2011

From Br Ezra Orando Chea Dear brethren, let’s pray that the Lord will open our minds to understand that the birth of Jesus who is the king of kings- creator and owner of all the gold and silver, in a very lowly place (stable for cattle and laid in a manger), spiritually translate the message of our necessity to be lowly and meek like Jesus, in a fierce materialistic world, on the eve of destruction. What did you bring into this world, and what will you take along? So, are you really serious and honest before God that you want to celebrate Christmas –the birth day of our Lord and savoir Jesus Christ on earth ? If yes, then this is the right period when Jesus Christ was born, for you to do it, though the exact date not known. Yes, we have been saying logically till date that, it was in this same period of the first month of the year(This MONTH IS TO BE THE FIRST MONTH OF THE YEAR FOR YOU” Exodus 12:1-2.(read ahead to verse 20): - That Christ was born on earth to save humanity! - It was in this same period that Christ died on the cross, to give us life! - It was in this same period that Christ resurrected from death and ascended up to heaven where he is sited at the right side hand of God interceding for us! - It was in this same period that the Holy Spirit was poured on earth! - It is in this same new year period that, he commands us to celebrate in thanks giving, praises and feasting before Him( Deuteronomy 14:22-26). - It may probably be in this same period that Jesus Christ is soon coming for the Rapture. The period of our entering into our eternal Canaan with rapture. Who knows? HOW BIBLICALLY SURE ARE WE, THAT THIS IS THE RIGHT PERIOD WHEN CHRIST WAS BORN ON EARTH, AND NOT ON 25TH DECEMBER? Very simple to understand brethren. The scriptures say: “In the 6th month of Elizebeth’s pregnancy, God sent the angel Gaberial to a town in Galilee named Nazareth. He had a message for a girl promised in marriage to a man named Joseph, .....The Angel came to her and said, “ Peace be with you! The Lord is with you and has greatly bless you ...... The holy Spirit will come upon you" Luke 1:26-38 If you go to the calendar on our blog and start counting from the biblical sixth month which corresponds to Roman 8th month(always count 2months backward from Roman months to be at right biblical months), it will give us exactly 9months which we are in April, for the maturity of her pregnancy to put to birth. This is the month when we have pasture in the fields, for shepherds to be out in the field with their cattle(Luke 2:15-17). The first month before God, is last PART OF MARCH AND BEGINNING PART OF APRIL therefore Jesus was born in April –Roman calendar. Therefore Jesus Christ was born in this first month period of the year, but the exact date is not known. All we know as a fundamental spiritual message is that, the king of kings who created everything, and to whom all the gold and silver on earth belongs to, was born in a very lowly place: A stable for cattle. For those lost in the materialism of this rotten world on the eve of destruction: Does this ring a bell in your head? As we see on the calendar in our blog page, by this time the Saints were not yet obeying the changed Roman Satanic system of monthly counting, therefore, from the sixth month, which is Elul to the 2nd month Iyyar, gives nine months for normal pregnancy and birth. This is Biblically well justified, because this falls on the Roman April the 4th month when there is rain and as such, pastures for the cattle as the Bible puts it: She gave birth to her first son, wrapped him in strips of cloth and laid him in a manger-there was no room for them to stay in the inn. There were some shepherds in that part of the fields, taking care of their flocks (Luke 2:1-8). If we have to follow the Roman Satanic monthly counting for the 6th month being August that the angel appeared to Mary, and she conceived and gave birth in December 25th, just six months later, it will be a sacrilege. Which then is this birth of “Christ” celebrated in December, 25th. Certainly the day for the glorification of Satan! The events that take place on this wicked day are a good confirmation. The celebration of 25th December was a normal practice of Roman paganism in honour of the sun god Mithras(Queen of heaven -Jeremiah7:18).Therefore, it is a pagan feast that long existed before the birth of Christ. When the pagan Roman religion metamorphosed under the disguise of Satan as a false “Christian” religion as will be illustrated in chapters ahead, this feast was then disguised to that of the birth of “Christ”. We advise believers to broadly read world religious history, so as not to be carelessly manipulated because of ignorance. For more details, go back to the biblical calendar on our blog page No 18 and see clarifications.

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From Br Ezra Orando Chea PRE-NOTES: SPIRITUAL RAISONS FOR THE EARTH QUAKES AND TSUNAMI IN JAPAN! Brethren, let’s pray that the Lord will stir up our hearts to more than ever before, watch and pray always, as he has commanded. It’s time we be more psychologically armed against more world chaos to come( socio-economic hard times, earth quakes, floods, tides, wars etc..) The great and Mighty power of the LORD approaching the Earth for the rapture, is driving the powers of darkness in spaces(wicked spiritual forces in the heavenly world, the rulers, authorities, and cosmic powers of this dark age Ephesians 6:12), from their courses and so they set the whole world into total chaos : -Earth quakes - Tsunami -Wars - Diseases -Difficult socio-economic times etc…. To this the bible says: “ …..Whole countries will be in DESPAIR, AFRAID of the ROAR of the sea and the RAGING TIDES. People will FAINT from FEAR as they wait, for THE POWERS IN SPACE WILL BE DRIVEN FROM THEIR COURSES. Then the Son of Man will appear, coming in a cloud with GREAT POWER and GLORY. When these things begin to happen, stand up and raise your head, because your salvation is near” Luke 21:25-28. It is not therefore God who is killing people, because he desires them to repent from their sins and save their lives even though he may permits, but the POWERS OF DARKNESS IN SPACE , which are being driven from their courses, by the mighty powers preceding the Return of Christ for the Rapture, and so provoking all of these just as the Lord had long warned. Therefore, the so called, earth quakes and Tsunami in Japan and now threatening other areas like Burmia, tides and floods, etc, European Zone austerity measures to bring more hardship on the people, shouldn’t surprise you, because these things had already started sometimes ago, but just intensifying as the rapture power of Christ, approaches more and more. You will agree with us that chaos only came after the fall of man. God had created everything from the beginning , good and perfect. Brethren, the times are very, very hard! The pressure of these forces of darkness now on the human race, is extremely very strong ! Every Saint(believer) in Christ now who is not careful to watch on his way of life and pray always, will be forced by the pressure of these forces of darkness, to compromise God’s standards of Holiness, and so perish. Those who just died in Japan never in some few minute before, knew death could be so soon. I and you are not exempted from the divine role of physical death, which may be our way sooner than we had expected. But the fundamental question is: Are you sure to escape going to hell, if it was to come your way? Prayers: - Heavenly father, we confess the we have already being experiencing the critical chaotic days preceding the imminent return of Christ, as written in your word! - May you stir up our spirits to be more than ever before, alert in watching and praying, so that we are not distracted by the difficult hard times, and compromise your standards of holiness ! This, so that we can be ready for eternity with you, in case of any sudden physical death that may come our way. - May all these happenings be an eye opener to the vanity of life here on earth so that , we may be contempt with food and clothing as you command, so as not to fall in the devil’s trap of worries over the vanities of life here, and miss eternity! - We pray that you use the incident that occurred in Japan, to transform the harden hearts of the people into fertile soils, for repentance from sins and salvation through Christ. - May it bring fear upon the hearts of the people of the world, on the uselessness of science without God, so that the human race will clearly see it’s limits, and surrender to your sovereignty. - We pray that you through this incident, race up Instruments of your work in Japan, and use mightily to preach the gospel of salvation as to ready them for the rapture. - That in your mercy, you will comfort and meet the needs of all those affected in one way or the other. Let’s continue to pray as the Spirit of the Lord inspires us.

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Praise the Lord my dear Cross tv family~~ Lord was really preparing me last few months,, to know Him more. To know people who are so called by Lord….to know more about Grace…and above all, being in a spiritual family who cares me just like my own family ….., . This time ,Father calls me to Germany for doing masters in Medical system engineering in Magdeburg University …i am so sure~~~ its for preaching Christ.. its for Heaven’s glory …..all glory to Lord Jesus Christ…….. amen So I need your strong prayer support~~~~ We are like a drop of water and His love is like an ocean ~~~~so when a drop of water fell in to an ocean ,then it became a part of that ocean……..no one can’t distinguish or separate that drop of water after being in that ocean…………………………I believe ,in Father’s eyes we are in Christ………..just like a drop of water in ocean………….so we can say like Paul apostle””~~~who can separate me from Christ’s love~~~~~~ Surely no one can .. Because we already fell in love with him……. God chose us~~~~~~~praise God~~~~”””””””Rom 11:6 says” His choice is based on his Grace….” Amazing grace~~~~~~~~~~

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From Br Ezra Orando Chea A. PRE-NOTES My dear brethren and members of the body of Christ! Are you a real and honest born again child of God , who wants to be wise and honest to know the exact day in this first month of the year, that our Lord Jesus Christ was ARRESTED, DIED and RESURRECTED, as not to be Satan’s fool under “Babylon” –Rome’s manipulations as the LORD warns us in Revelation 14: 8-12? Let’s pray then that the Lord will open our minds to understand what the scripture says as to move in perfection of biblical truth. Since we are in the first month of the year as commanded by God in Exodus 12:1-28(departure of the people of Israel from Egypt to Canaan- the feast of Passover, which we celebrate today as March –Easter ), let’s logically see what the bible says as we have been doing till now without any contradictions: “The LORD spoke to Moses and Aaron in Egypt: “This MONTH IS TO BE THE FIRST MONTH OF THE YEAR FOR YOU, On the evening of the 14th day of this month, the whole community of Israel will KILL THE ANIMALS . The people are to take some of the BLOOD and put it on the DOOR-POSTS and above the doors of the houses in which the animals are to be eaten. .....You are to eat it quickly , for you are to be dressed for travel......It is the PASSOVER FESTIVALS to honour me the LORD. “ On that night, I will go through the land of Egypt, killing every first-born male....The BLOOD on the DOOR POST WILL BE A SIGN to mark the house in which you live. When I see the BLOOD, I will PASSOVER you and will not harm you when I punish the Egyptians. You must CELEBRATE THIS DAY AS A RELIGIOUS FESTIVAL to remind you of what I, the LORD, have done......when your children ask you. “ What does this ritual mean? You will answer, ‘ It is the sacrifice of PASSOVER to honour the LORD because He passed over the houses of the ISRAELITES in Egypt ...” Exodus 12:1-27. The animals killed and blood put on door posts, was pointing to what was to come which was our Lord Jesus Christ, replacing the animals, to die for his blood to be our cover from spiritual death. The bible clearly say: “ For our PASSOVER FESTIVAL is ready, now that Christ, our PASSOVER LAMB, has been sacrificed,....” 1st Corinthians 5:7-8. WHEN THEN WAS OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST ARRESTED, DIED AN RESURRECTED ? The bible says: “The day came during the FESTIVAL of the unleavened Bread when the LAMBS for the PASSOVER meals were to be killed. Jesus sent Peter and John with these instructions: “ Go and get the PASSOVER meals ready for us to eat”........When the hour came, Jesus took his place at the table with the apostles. ......Then Jesus took a cup, gave thanks to God, and said “ Take this and share it among yourselves.....This is my body, which is given for you. Do this in memory of me. In the same way, he gave them the cup; after the supper, saying “ This cup is God’s new covenant sealed with my blood. Which is poured out for you” ......Jesus left the City and went. As he usually did, to the Mount of Olives;....he went off from them and .about a distance of a stone’s throw and knelt down and prayed: Father, he said if you will take this cup of suffering away from me... Jesus was still speaking when a crowd arrived , led by Judas, ... he came up to Jesus and kiss him...They arrested Jesus and took him away...” Luke 22: 7-54. The arrest of Jesus took place on the 14th day of the first month of the year. Since according to God’s word, a day begins from sunset and ends at sun set(Evening passed and morning came-that was the first day Genesis 1:5), and not from midnight, they where in the evening period making the beginning first part of the 14th day which was Friday! Before the Lord, evening means the whole night period from setting sun and morning the whole light period from rising period. The combination of the two which is 12hours each, makes a full day of 24hrs. SO, HOW DO WE GET TO KNOW THIS 14TH DAY OF THE FIRST MONTH, THE BEGINNING PASSOVER WHEN JESUS CHRIST WAS ARRESTED ? Very simple! The Lord says “ I made the moon to mark the end of the months” Psalms 104:19. So, since we are now in the first month of the year, you count from when the new moon appeared, that was on Saturday March-Roman 3rd Month 2011, to Thursday 17 March at setting sun.! Therefore, Friday 18th March which is 3rd month on Roman calendar, is the 14th day of the first Month on God’s Calendar beginning from setting sun on Thursday! ! The bible says: - "And they kept the PASSOVER IN THE FIRST MONTH, ON THE 14TH DAY OF THE FIRST MONTH, IN THE EVENING .." Numbers 9:5 - "The PASSOVER celebrated to honour the Lord, begins at SUNSET on the 14th day of the first month..." Leviticus 23:5-6 Refer back to our blog page to see the monthly Calendar. " Therefore, the day Jesus Christ was arrested, will always fall on a Thursday, which is the 14th day in the first month of the year, on the biblical calendar. We are today Tuesday the 15th day of Roman 3rd month , the 11th day of the first month of the year before the Lord. The PASSOVER - 14th day when Jesus was arrested, is therefore to be on Friday evening from setting sun ending the day of Thursday. The New moon marking the beginning of a new month, comes out in a 'C' shape and keeps enlarging day after day and is round(full) on the 14th day. It shines brightly , then grdually begins losing it's brightness and finally dies in the next 14th days to re-appear again in a 'C' shape. Brethren , we are really foolish tools in the hands of Satan and his demons in pagan Roman rites disguised under Rome's "Counterfeit" Christianity. According to the word of God as we see clearly, the fesast of passover we celebrate today as EASTER, was supposed to be celebrated in the first month of the year! But they take us to celebrate a false End of year called the feast of Saint Sylvester in December 31st -January 1st , as first month of the year. Let's ask them this question: If this was the right first month of the year, why then not celebrate the feast of Passover you called today EASTER in this month as it is written, but come to celebrate it in your 3rd month of the year? Brethren, this only goes to confirm our right biblical explanations till date, that we had celebrated a false new year before God, and we are today March, in the right first month of the year, during which PASSOVER was celebrated! Yes, Satan in his opposition and challenge to God, he has changed the Times and Laws of God and we God's Saints, are obeying him-Daniel 7:25. WHEN THEN DID HE DIED AND RESURRECTED? -He died on the cross on Friday noon, therefore the 18th of this Roman 3rd month, which is the 14th day of the 1st month before the Lord. - And was in the world of the death(1st peter 3:18-20) the whole of Saturday (Sabbath day which is the 7th day of the week before God), that will be the 19th March 2011 on Roman calendar , and 15th Day of the first month-Biblical calendar! - Resurrected on Sunday (the 1st day of the week before the Lord), that will be this 20th March 2011-Roman Calendar, 16th day of the first month –Biblical calendar. To this the bible says plainly: “ It was about the 6th hour(biblical time) of the day ( which is 12noon) when the sun stopped shinning and darkness covered ...until the 9th hour(3 o’clock), and the curtain handing in the Temple was torn in two. Jesus cried in a loud voice....... Then he took the body down, wrapped it in It was Friday, and the Sabbath was about to begin. The women who had followed Jesus from Galilee went with Joseph and saw the tomb and how Jesus body was placed in it. Then, they went back home and prepared the spices and perfumes for the body. On the SABBATH day, they rested according to the commandment.......Very early on Sunday morning the women went to the tomb, carrying the spices .....They found the stone rolled....He is not here, he has risen ....” Luke 23:44-56, 24: 1-7. So if you are honest before God that you want to commemorate the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, do it the right way as the bible says: “ For our PASSOVER FESTIVAL is ready, now that Christ, our PASSOVER LAMB, has been sacrificed. Let us celebrate our PASSOVER, then not with bread having the OLD YEAST OF SIN and WICKEDNESS, but with the BREAD that has no YEAST, the BREAD OF PURITY AND TRUTH ” 1st Corinthians 5:7-8. That is, you check your life if you are living in SINS, than going to be shading crocodile tears on a day that it was the day Jesus died for your sins, and on the other day, you go eating and drinking that it was the day Jesus resurrected from death. Therefore, if there was something to be commemorated on this day in the light of this scripture , it will be to: - Humble on Friday the day he died on the cross, to say :Thank you Lord for your sacrificial death on the cross this same period and same day some thousands years ago, that I may be saved from SINS and death. I keep promising you not to crucify you again in sinning, because everyone who keeps sinning after knowing you, crucify you the second time on the cross. - Humble on Sunday to say: Lord, it was this same day , you resurrected from death, that I may die with you, in water baptism to SIN, and resurrect with you to live a newness of holy Life(Roman 6:1-4). May I continue to live a newness of holy life in you, until I leave this terrestrial body to be with you for eternity. As simple as this! So please, don’t go and be celebrating a pagan feast of EASTER to Roman gods disguised by Satan as Passover, that you don’t even know it’s origin. To know all the details on this Pagan Roman Feast to demons you are deceived by Satan to celebrate as the dead and resurrection of Jesus Christ, read our blog page No 20: “....Easter celebration is not a Christian appellation. .... is Babylonian in origin which is the name Astarte, representing one of the titles of Beltis, the queen of heaven(Jeremiah 7:18). ... the name Astarte, as found on the Assyrian monuments by the noted archeologist Layard, was the name Ishtar. Historically, the worship of Bel and Astarte was introduced very early into Britain, along with the Druids, “the priests of the groves,” which is the high places where the pagans worshipped the idols of Baal.....”.. .......After the death and resurrection of Christ, the Apostles no longer celebrated the festival of Pasch, or the Passover, since spiritually, it had been transformed to the Lord’s supper (breaking bread) as earlier mentioned in previous chapters. In addition, the festival of Ishtar (Easter celebration) now observed in churches is far different from the original festival of Pasch. It is historically revealed that: “The hot cross buns of Good Friday, and the dyed eggs of Easter Sunday figured in the Chaldean rites just as they do today........” Remember the Lord warns that Satan in his disguise tricks, will deceive even the ELECTS(Saints) Matth 24: 24. So what is Christ business in something that really has nothing to do with him, even though his name is disguisedly used ? Be always wise, intelligent and open minded like the people of Bera to verify word by word with the scripture, what ever thing you are taught , rather than walk in religiosity ! All these explanations are biblical truth that you can’t dispute since they are very clear to you and me. But you will allow them to follow things that you don’t know their beginning and their end! Things you can’t justify with a single scriptural word! Then why are we carrying the bible for, and doing things contrary to what is written in it ? It is said : “ The people there were more open minded than the people in Thessalonica. They listened to the message with great eagerness, and every day they studied the Scriptures to see if what Paul said was really true. Many of them believed...”Act 17:11. The teaching here is that, before we believe in any teachings and practices, me must verify with the scripture to see if they are in conformity with the scriptures. So, we can’t put aside what the bible says, and obey teachings and practices of demon in the name of “ being saved by grace in Christ”. Religiosity of the Jews in Thessalonica had blocked their ears, blinded their eyes and closed their minds from understanding , and so they rejected what God was doing at that moment with the coming of Christ and so perished: “ But when the Jews in Thessalonica heard that Paul had preached the word of God in Bera also, they came there and started exiting and stirring up the mob....” Verse 13. Are you like these Jews, seriously buried in religiosity, that instead of verifying side by side what you hear of God doing now, but instead you rise in bitterness against God’s instrument of work? The bible says: -“ Intelligent people want to learn, but stupid people are satisfied with ignorance” Proverb 15:14. -“Stupid people are happy with their foolishness but the WISE will do what is right” Proverb 15:21. - “ Anyone who loves knowledge wants to be told when he is wrong. It is stupid to hate being corrected.” Proverb 12:1. PRAYERS: -Father, we pray that you may open our minds to the understanding of these your divine truths so that we may not walk in ignorance to please Satan, and displease you. - Bless us with your wise spirit, so that we can be wise to discover Satan’s disguises to trick us bow to him, because it is true as you had warn us in Daniel 7:25, that Satan will change your times and your Laws, and we your Saints will obey him. - May we be quicken at heart to collaborate with your Holy Spirit Lord, so that we may be led to walk on the path you have laid before us to walk on and please your heart. - Continue to pray as the spirit leads you .......... Go over to our blog page No 20 for detailed continuation on this subject matter!

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We have until november to pray for a brother suffering from cancer.Medically,there is no hope but our hope is in the Lord.We believe only Jesus can touch him and restore His immage. We are praying with Matthew 9:27-29. Let us be persistent with this prayer. It should not be limited to only one place. In the office,bathroom,kitchen etc. The next prayer is for all marriages.We are praying for every marriage in difficulties.

Ezra Mar 04, 2011 2 تعليقات

From Br Ezra Orlando A. My Dear brothers and sisters in Christ! Will you kindly join me in this prayer retreat in any way as the Spirit inspires you? I’m withdrawing into the presence of the Lord to climb up his mountain(complete fast) for three days in preparation of this transitional period from the Old year 2010 into the New year 2011 before him!I began from setting Sun yesterday-Thursday, to end setting Sun-Sunday. It’s fundamental that: - Our stock taking before the Lord be appropriate. - We assure before the Lord that, no negativity in our lives for the past year 2010, have their spillovers into the New year 2011. That all their open doors be blocked and they be totally buried with the old year. - We come out with very clear cut DESIRES OF OUR HEARTS that are according to the WILL of God, and prophesy for Him to bless into materialization in our lives from the invisible to the visible in this new year 2011. As you have been following up the previous exhortations on this topic, I exhort we team up in one communion for the best before the Lord. May you then equally raise me in your prayers as I do for you, so that we be one in spirit for a mighty move of the LORD in our lives this New year 2011. The Lord says: “ I made the moon to mark the End of Months” Psalms 104:19. The moon of this last month(12th) marking the end of this year 2010, has died ; and the New one marking the beginning of the first month of the New year 2011, will be out any day from today(Look up in the sky and you will see no moon neither in the day or night). And this will be the Month the Lord spoke said: ““ This MONTH IS TO BE THE FIRST MONTH OF THE YEAR FOR YOU” Exodus 12:1-2.(read ahead to verse 20). This was in the pass over period we call today “Easter” in the Roman month of March, marking the departure of the people of Israel from Slavery in Egypt, to Canaan. - It was in this same period that Christ was born on earth to save humanity? - It was in this same period that Christ died on the cross, to give us life? - It was in this same period that Christ resurrected from death and ascended up to heaven where he is sited at the right side hand of God interceding for us! - It was in this same period that the Holy Spirit was poured on earth? - It is in this same new year period that, he commands us to celebrate in thanks giving, praises and feasting before Him( Deuteronomy 14:22-26). - It may probably be in this same period that Jesus Christ is soon coming for the Rapture. Who knows? But how advantageous will it be if in reality he comes at this period and meet you and me on the mountain in his presence preparing in stock taking and ironing out our lives to enter a new year of prosperous blessing! We may escape from certain distractions that might have moved us away to miss the rapture! It will just be a coincidence, but we must be ready daily and not wait for end of year for stock taking! Let us watch in spiritual preparations for our next wonderful prophetic prayer of blessing in next topic!!!!!!! Keep being blessed, that you be a continuous blessing to multitudes.

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My dear cross tv family~~we can pray in our spirit with this message~~~~~~ I want My Children to stop saying what THEY SEE and start saying what I SEE “I want My Children to stop saying what THEY SEE and start saying what I SEE. I want them to say what I SEE about their relationships, their ministries, their lives. If they will seek My Face and learn what I see about those things, and only say what I see, and not what they see with their physical eyes, their lives will become Heaven on earth, because that is My Will for each of My Children” ‘This is the secret of success in ministry and in every other area” We are to no longer say what we see, but what He sees. Heaven is Heaven because they only say there what He wants them to say.” He wants us to start speaking the end from the beginning, whether it be in our ministries, families, or personal lives. If we will repeat what He shows us, His Perfect will in each of those areas will become visible. “That is why I changed Abraham’s name, so He would start saying WHAT I SEE. That is how I gave Him his dream of a son. And that is how I will give you your dreams as well” http://jkstexas.wordpress.com/recent-messages/

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My Dear Cross Tv Family~~~~ My Aunt;s brother had an sever accident..He had an injury in Kidney and some internal injuries~~.He is in Operation theater now... Pray and declare in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ that He may be healed now~~~~~~

Ezra Feb 15, 2011

From Br Ezra Chea Orando A. PRE-NOTE ( How to PREPARE to enter your new year BLESSINGS, is a continuation of the previous topics. Read previous topics if you are new). Dear brethren in Christ, are you a born again child of God in Christ? Then it is the right time for you to begin preparations to enter your New year wishes of blessings. May we pray that the Lord will lead us in a thorough stock taking of our life before him, as we follow the guiding steps below, so as to enable us better enter His airs of New Year blessings in our lives, for the year 2011 that is at the corner. Yes, the first Month of the year that the bible says: “ The LORD spoke to Moses and Aaron in Egypt: “ This MONTH IS TO BE THE FIRST MONTH OF THE YEAR FOR YOU” Exodus 12:1-2(read ahead to verse 20), is soon. This is the pass over period we call today “Easter” in the Roman month of March, marking the departure of the people of Israel from Slavery in Egypt, to Canaan, which is already at the corner. If we believe as the bible says : “ God controls the Times and the seasons ” Daniel 2: 21, then we are today in the 12 Month of the year 2010. I follow the rising and setting of the Moon just as my unlearned parents do in the village, to know the beginning and end of a new month. They don’t follow the Roman Calendar, but are led by God’s spirit that says in the bible: “ You created the MOON to mark the END OF MONTHS” Psalms 104:19. We just celebrated a month ago, the death memorial of Saint Sylvester as new year and calling for God to bless. Knowing that God is an orderly God, and not that of disorder; and equally the God of the living and not that of the death, I don’t see how possible he would have blessed something which is opposing to his commands. You will all agree with us that, you can’t justify the feast of Saint Sylvester as new year with any word of God. If you can, then I beg you to quote only one!. If you can’t, then you better submit to the word of God. We don’t do what we think is good for God in the name of salvation by grace in Christ, but what God commands us to do. PREPARATIONS IN STOCK TAKING 1st STEP: A) STOCK TAKING OF OUR LIVES FOR THE PAST YEAR AT INDIVIDUAL OR PERSONAL LEVEL. 1) Look at your SPIRITUAL LIFE with the Lord in terms of: -Spiritual growth since you believed: Is it progressing or regressing? -Has your love of the world and the things of the world been growing more violent, or more compromising? -Have you noticed an attitude in your life of more violence towards sin, or you have turned back to committing the very sins you had long confessed and abandoned just like a dog will turn back to it’s vomit? -Have you known your specific assignment from the Lord and you are busy doing it, or you are just there like that after 1,2, 3, 4, 5...years wasting time doing nothing? ( Why are you wasting the whole day here doing nothing? He asked them... Matthew 20:6). -Are you bearing fruits, or you are still spiritually sterile as you were in the world? ( Then Jesus told them this parable: There was once a man who had a fig-tree growing in his vineyard. He went looking for figs on it but found none. So he said to the gardener, “Look for three years I have been coming here looking for figs on this fig-tree, and I haven’t found any. Cut it down.... ” Luke 13:6-9. Every believer born again in Christ, is a fig-tree in his vineyard. Etc, etc.... -What of your spiritual investment before the Lord for the salvation of the souls of your family members! Have you been tarrying before the Lord in their favor for God to convict their hearts of sins and provoke repentance in their hearts? Or you have been look warm and cold, and instead prefer to be accusing and insulting them? You are God’s representative in your family and will render account of their souls before God on the judgment day. 2) Look at your SOCIO-ECONOMIC LIFE: -Is your socio-economic life ( Marital , financial, health etc..) moving on the trend of the Lord as you collaborate with Him, consciously assured that He is leading you from one step to the other, or you are just confused, desperate and frustrated in a standstill, not knowing what is happening, and counting on good luck? -Are you in spiritual rest in your socio-economic life before the Lord, or in spiritual unrest? B) STOCK TAKING AT GENERAL LEVEL OF THE BODY OF CHRIST: -Are you growing in harmony into maturity with the general body of Christ, which is universally one and indivisible guided by the Holy Scriptures under the teaching of the Holy Spirit, or you are yoked to your denominational doctrines? -Has your spirit been raised beyond denominational barriers so that your mind is broadly opened to share with exhortations of other members of the body of Christ scattered world wide, or you believe and swear only by your denominational doctrines? The bible says: “ It was He who gave gifts.....for the work of Christian service in order to build up the body of Christ...And so we shall all come together to that ONENESS in our faith...we shall become MATURE people, reaching to the very height of Christ’s full stature” Ephesians 4:11-13. -If you are a leader over God’s people, how can you clearly present before God your stewardship to him in your tending of his flock? Is it negative or positive? May these words of the Lord be your mirror to look through: “ You take care of yourself but never tend the sheep. .You drink the milk, wear clothes made from the wool, and kill and eat the finest sheep. But you never tend the sheep. .You have not taken care of the weak ones, healed those that are sick, bandaged those that are hurt, brought back those that wandered off, or looked for those that were lost. Instead you treated them cruelly. Because the sheep had no Shepard, they were scattered and wild animals killed and ate them...” Ezekiel 34: 2-5. Etc.... Yes, we must yearly take stock of our life before God to enable a better continuation. Else what are you wishing God to bless for the new year? The drama is that, in our business enterprises, we know very well how to yearly take stock of our business activities, but when it comes to God, we think that we can just do anything in the name of being saved by grace in Christ. 2nd STEP: BUILD UP HEART’S DESIRES IN COLLABORATION WITH THE LORD, AS WISHES FOR A PROSPEROUS WAY FORWARD TO BE BLESSED BY HIM FOR THE NEW YEAR. Therefore, after all these stock taking of our life for the past year, we can now in collaboration with the Lord put things right where they went wrong, then place before Him what we aspire for the new year as wishes for Him to bless for our lives( spiritual, socio-economic): That of the church -Family -Friends -Country and the world. So, we don’t just jump up one morning and start shouting: Happy new year!!!!!, in Eating, drinking, dancing, sexual immorality, drunkenness, etc. Look brethren, our God is a mighty God! He is not a child that we just come to clown before Him. Such are the works of the devil, and I don’t see how saints of the Lord that we are, can be part-takers. 3rd STEP: THIS IS THAT OF CELEBRATION BEFOR GOD IN THANKS GIVING AND PRAISES IN THE FIRST MONTH OF THE YEAR AS WE PROCLAIM AND ENTER OUR NEW YEAR AIRS OF BLESSINGS. After the first and second step of stock taking and building of new vision for a better way forward, we then proclaim it into the new year new for God’s blessings to prosper. We do this in feasting, rejoicing, praises and thanks giving to the Lord as commanded in Deuteronomy 14:22-26 in the first month of the year, irrespective of the day. It can therefore be on the 1st, 2nd , 3rd, 4th, 6, 10th, 15 th etc, there will be no problem. Unless the born again children of God generally agree on a particular day to generally do it world wide which preferably can be at the rising of the new moon, they can individually choose any day and will not be sinning before God. The fundamental is that, it should be in the first month of the year. When the present moon now which is up representing the 12 month of the year 2010 dies before the Lord, it next rising will be the first month of the year that the Lord spoke of in exodus 12:1-20. This will be around March. I will let you inform. Visit debate blog Number 19, for details on this, as to be well clarified. As I equally withdraw to take stock, I will then come out with my prayers of wishes of new year blessings to my brethren, the church and the world. If there is any brethren who has any specific thing to wish me handle specifically, then you write me spelling them out clearly: wwmissionar@yahoo.com ezrachea@yahoo.com But you must be sure to have followed the teachings on this topic carefully from the previous topics, and let your spirit be buried into it as God’s truth. Therefore, you must have been enlightened to spiritually denounce the false new year wishes of blessings you claim from saint Sylvester by celebrating his death memorial as new year, because they were curses. You can not be blessed by the death spirit of saint Sylvester, and the Spirit of the living God. You must chose one. Either you choose the LORD, or the Roman Catholic Saint Sylvester. Equally, don’t say “ Let me just try and see if it will work”. The bible says you shall not put the Lord your God to test”. So you must read and pray as to be spiritually well convicted of the truth, before you get into it. PRAYERS: -Heavenly father, thank you that we are before you in the 12 month of the year 2010, coming to an end in few weeks for us to enter into the first month of the year which you spoke of in Exodus 12: 1. -You are our heavenly father before whom we must yearly render an account of our lives! It is true that Satan changed your Times and Laws and we your saints have been obeying him till date, just as you had said in Daniel 7:25 and therefore disobeying you in obedience to him. We pray that you forgive us. -We humble before you now to beg that you teach and lead us in stock taking of our lives for this year which is ending, so as to better enter into your blessings of the new year that is at the corner. -We pray that you release the light of your Holy spirit upon our hearts, as to better confront it in a sincere stock taking void of deceits and falsehood, as to squally face the truth that your know about us, in our walk with you. Do it Lord, so that we may correct ourselves and better enter a new year of spiritual and socio-economic prosperity before you. -May you open our minds into the understanding of this teachings so that we will be led by the holy Spirit to obey for our blessings, rather than carnally trying to test you for our own disfavor. Continue to pray as the Holy Spirit may lead you. Check blog No 19 for what divine scriptural inspiration says on open debate topic: “This MONTH IS TO BE THE FIRST MONTH OF THE YEAR FOR YOU.... Exodus12:1-2..

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From Br Ezra Orlando Chea A PRE-NOTE: Dear brethren ! Let us pray that we will continue to walk on God's path of abundant blessings in our life! Do you want to enter God’s abundant blessings in your life? Look brethren, God’s Times and Laws are fundamental for our blessings in Christ! We must never ignore them, especially when He has open our eyes to see them! If something is not important to God for His children, He will not border to warn them that Satan will change them, and his Saints will be led astray to obey him: The wicked one shall speak words against the most High God, and shall wear out the SAINTS of the most High, and shall think to CHANGE THE TIMES AND LAWS AND THEY SHALL BE GIVEN INTO HIS HANDS........( Daniel 7: 25- 28). -Are you a wise child of God, and wants to be more wiser? -Are you a righteous child of God and wants to be more righteous? To this the bile says of the end Times for the Rapture to take place: “ Many people will be purified . Those who are wicked will not understand but will go on being wicked; only those who are wise will understand” Daniel 12:10. Do we have fertile and infertile seasons for crops, fertile and infertile reproductive period for the human beings etc etc? If yes, then equally we have fertility Times of blessings before the Lord.. The first month of the year as God commanded: “ The LORD spoke to Moses and Aaron in Egypt : “ This MONTH IS TO BE THE FIRST MONTH OF THE YEAR FOR YOU” Exodus 12:1-2.(read ahead to verse 20). In which period was he commanding this as the first month of the year? This was in the pass over period we call today “Easter” in the Roman month of March, marking the departure of the people of Israel from Slavery in Egypt , to Canaan . SAINT SYLVESTER CAN NEVER BLESS! Satan is not a fool to have change it, and move it to be celebrated as the feast of Saint Sylvester 1st January . Do you know that: - It was in this period that He set his people the Israelite free from slavery in Egypt . - It was in this same period that Christ was born on earth to save humanity? - It was in this same period that Christ died on the cross, to give us life? - It was in this same period that the Holy Spirit was poured on earth? - It is in this same new year period that, he commands us to celebrate in thanks giving, praises and feasting before Him( Deuteronomy 14:22-26). So when we go into the wrong period and cry for blessings from God for a new year , the spirit of Saint Sylvester whom we celebrate will only curse than bless. The good of Satan is poisonous because : “The thief comes only in order to steal, kill, and destroy” John 10:10. The Lord rightly says: “ My people are perishing for lack of knowledge . Are we to arise now and seek for knowledge from him in the understanding of these things? Salvation by grace in Christ, is placing us on a divine platform where we are spiritually lead by the Holy Spirit to obey God’s Times and Laws, for our God, and not that we disobey them for our detriment. To this the bible says: “ Does it mean that by this faith we do away with the Law? No, not at all; instead we uphold the Law” Romans 3:31. We must make sure we better understand : 1) What is the meaning of the word Law ? 2) What is the meaning of the word “ Works of the Law” ? 3) What is the meaning of the word “ Law of the Spirit” ? 4) What is the differences between the obedience of the Law in the Old and New Testament? The entire Universe is sustained by the word of God(Hebrew 1:3). This simply implies that, it is sustained by governing rules and regulations called Laws. One very great misunderstanding in the Church of today is over the issue of the word “Law”! And this is leading to the practice of lawlessness amongst the Saints of today as it is written: So also our beloved brother wrote to you according to the wisdom given him, speaking of this as he does in all his letters. There are some things in them hard to understand, which the ignorant and unstable twist to their own destruction, as they do the other scriptures. You therefore, beloved, knowing this beforehand, beware lest you be carried away with the error of Lawless men and lost your own stability(2nd Peter 3:15-17). Any honest child of God will agree with us that some of those things amongst many others in Paul’s letters, hard to understand that are misinterpreted to cause lawlessness include: Galatians 2:15, 3:10-12, Roman 14:5, Galatians 4:10, 1st Timothy 4:3- 4, Colossians 10: 25, 1st Corinthians 16:2., Act 20:7. They have all been analyzed in this book: Imminent End of the World in this 3 rd Millennium. As instruments chosen by God for His work, we think that we must be able to come out with a clear−cut understanding on the issue of Law in the New Testament, so that we may not teach others wrongly, and be responsible for their disobedience to God. It is better not to teach some one at all than teach him the wrong things for we shall be responsible for this before God (James 3:1-2). If with the Laws of men, the one who teaches another into wrong doing can never be set free, what more with the Laws of God? We must never be responsible for the promotion of Lawlessness. If we are operating in the situation of Lawlessness, how do we think to victoriously punish demons since the Bible says, “ Being ready to punish every disobedience, when your obedience is complete”( 2nd Corinth. 10:3-6)? Prayers: - Heavenly Father, we pray that you open our minds to understand the fact that, all that you prescribe for us to obey, is for our good ! - May you open our mind to understand that, the first month of the year is your fertility blessed period to get into the new year, and that this new year period has been changed by the devil to institute a wrong one as to deprive us from getting into these blessings! - Heavenly king, we know that you are an orderly God, and not that of disorder, and therefore beg that you teach and lead us in your orderliness in terms of your Times and Laws! - As the right Time of your end of year approaches in the pass over period which we call today Ester, may you begin to teach us on how to get into it’s spiritual preparation before you, so as to better take stock of our life for the past year before you, and enable us better enter in the airs of your new year blessings. Debate topic Number 19: “This MONTH IS TO BE THE FIRST MONTH OF THE YEAR FOR YOU” Exodus12:1-2.(continue to 20).Which was this period He was talking of, and of what spiritual significance is this to us? Check blog after a week for what the bible says

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My dear Cross Tv Family~~~~~~~~ I have an interview in German Consulate of India(Chennai) on 3rd February.I am leaving from my Home on 1st February.It is a long journey.Please pray for me to attend the Interview in an awesome manner and for safe journey. ... More than all please pray for me to do his will~~~~~~~I Trust in him with whole heart~~ cling to the cross and everything it means I know it's the only hope there is for saving me For without Your great mercy I would be forever lost With a thankful heart I come And cling to the cross Standing at the empty tomb Promises I have in You arise I was made alive in You Everything You said was true You suffered, died, and rose to bring us life I cling to the cross and everything it means I know it's the only hope there is for saving me For without Your great mercy I would be forever lost With a thankful heart I come (Jesus I come) With a thankful heart I come With a thankful heart I come and cling to the cross The world behind me, the cross before me The world behind me, the cross before me The world behind me, the cross before me No turning back, no turning back http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M0f-6t79zSg

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From Br Ezra Orlando Chea A. PRE-NOTE Dear Brethren, let us pray that the Lord will open our minds to the understanding of this His word that says : The wicked one shall speak words against the most High God, and shall wear out the SAINTS of the most High, and shall think to CHANGE THE TIMES AND LAWS AND THEY SHALL BE GIVEN INTO HIS HANDS( Daniel 7: 25- 28). Important to note is the fact that, this text is appealing essentially to the Saints of the Most High, who are authentic members of the body of Christ. Therefore, true and sincere “born again” children of God worshipping Him in spirit and truth (John 4: 23). Before we continue, we will want to emphasize that, as an End Time Ministry for the perfecting of Saints in ready for the Rapture, these teaching are directed to believers in particular. According to the bible, the LORD considers as SAINTS, all those who have sincerely repented from their sins, baptized in the name of Jesus for the forgiveness of their sins, and receive the gift of the Holy Spirit (Act 2:38), and are climbing the ladder of spiritual maturity. So if you read and can’t identify yourself to it , just stay you quite. “THE SAINTS SHALL BE GIVEN INTO HIS HANDS” This means that he will successfully carry out the changes and the saints will obey him. The Lord says, “How can you say that you are wise, and that you know my Laws? Look, dishonest scribes have changed the Laws. Your wise men are put to shame…. . They have rejected my words’ what wisdom have they got now?”(Jeremiah 8:8-9). The question now is, are you a saint? If yes, then this message is addressed to you: Which are the Times and Laws (norms) in the heart and mind of the Most High, that the wicked one has changed and you are obeying him? WHEN A FATHER SPEAKS AND REPEATEDLY WARNS HIS CHILD ON SOMETHING, WHAT MUST THAT CHILD DO? Yes, God had spoken and said: -“The wicked one shall speak words against the Most High God, and shall wear out the saints of the most High, and shall think to change the Times and Laws; And they shall be given into his hands”. Yes, He said this through Daniel and repeated the warning through His son Jesus Christ saying of the coming End of the World: -“ So when you see the desolating sacrilege spoken of by the prophet Daniel, standing in the Holy place (let the ready understand), then let those who are in Judea flee to the mountain; let him who is on the house top not go down to take what is in his house(Matthew 24:15). WHICH ARE THE TIMES AND LAWS OF GOD THAT SATAN HAS CHANGED AND WE THE SAINTS OF GOD( believers in Christ) ARE OBEYING HIM? The questions the Lord is asking all His Saints including you and me are: 1) Which are those my Times and Laws, I said in Daniel 7:25 that Satan will change, and you will obey him? 2) When I said “ So When you see the desolating sacrilege spoken of by the prophet Daniel, standing in the holy place (let the reader understand) then let those who are in Judea flee (Matthew 24:14)! What was prophet Daniel saying? I suggest that we biblically and clearly try to answer these questions, turning to God and asking Him, and waiting. All servants of the Lord are obliged to take note of whatever thing He says, find out and conform to it. AN INTELLIGENT CHILD OF GOD WILL ASK THE QUESTION: -Which are these Times and Laws of my Father, that He is warning me that Satan will change and I will obey him? Has Satan already changed them, and I am obeying him? Since it is only something that exists that can be changed, he will then seek from the word and collaborate with the father in order to know them. After knowing them, he compares them with what exists, to see if any has been changed. If yes, then he takes note, because his father has already warned him. And knowing that the wicked one is an enemy to his father, and if his father had warned him before time, it means this is very important to him. He now rejects what the enemy has changed which he is obeying, and goes back to submit to his father’s legislation. Is this not simple and very normal? Instead of we the saints doing this we prefer to go around philosophising, and joining the enemy to castigate those who want to get into the restoration of God’s Times and Laws that Satan has changed. Remember in continuation of the text after Satan gas changed the Times and laws of God and his saints are obeying him, it continues saying: “ But the heavenly court shall sit in judgment, and his dominion shall be taken away to be consumed and destroyed to the end. And the kingdom and the dominion and the greatness of all the kingdoms under the whole heaven shall be given to the people of the saints of the most High God; their kingdom shall be an everlasting, and all the dominion shall serve and obey them; ‘‘Here is the end of the matter” (Daniel 7: 25-28). There are three very important things, which are very clear from this Text, and follow a sequence: FIRSTLY : “The wicked one shall speak words against the most High God, and Shall wear out the saints of the most High, and shall think to change the times and the laws; and the saints shall be given into his hands for a time, two times and a half a time(Daniel Verse 25). Satan has already changed the Times and Laws of God as we read in our previous blog page teachings. SECONDLY: : “But the heavenly court shall sit in judgment and his dominion shall be taken away and consumed and destroyed to the end”( Daniel verse. 26). Satan’s dominion over the saints of the most high has already been taken away, and is been destroyed to the end with as God restores his Times and Laws that Satan has changed. Today God is raising instruments to remind His Saints on what prophet Daniel said, bringing to light the Times and Laws that Satan has changed for his saints to get into his right Times and Laws, then the end will come. Therefore: THIRDLY: “And the kingdom and the dominion and the greatness of all the kingdoms under the whole heaven shall be given to the people of the saints of the most High God; their kingdom shall be an everlasting,..”( 7 Vs 27). Our prayer topic Number 30, 31 and blog page Number 18, are all in the light of this text of Daniel 7:25. So when we talk of celebration of the feast of Saint Sylvester as end of year instituted by the Roman Catholics , and the right end of year as commanded by God: - “ The LORD spoke to Moses and Aaron in Egypt: “ This MONTH IS TO BE THE FIRST MONTH OF THE YEAR FOR YOU” Exodus 12:1-2.(read ahead to verse 20). This sounds a command to obey his Time as he has set in place! In which period was he commanding this as the first month of the year? This was in the pass over period we call today “Easter” in the Roman month of March, marking the departure of the people of Israel from Slavery in Egypt, to Canaan. The book : Imminent End of the World, carries very detail teachings on this subject matter PRAYERS: - Heavenly Father, we thank you for the high value you attached to your Times and Laws that you had to warned us long in time that Satan will changed them, and we your Saints will obey him. - We thank you that even after these changes and our obeying him, you have not abandoned us, but instead taken away his dominion over us just as you had promised, and are destroying it to the end, to give us the righteous kingdom with the imminent rapture. - Father, we pray that you open our minds on the understanding of these your Times and Laws that Satan changed, and we your Saints are obeying him. - Grant us your divine knowledge, intelligence and wisdom to know them as you teach us, for their restoration that we may get into perfection and be ready for the rapture. - We pray that you grant us the grace to obey , and lead us not into temptation of kicking against, instead of turning to you for more clarification. Continue as the holy Spirit leads you......;

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1. Why should I say I can't, when the Bible says I CAN DO ALL THINGS THROUGH CHRIST WHO GIVES ME STRENGTH. (Philippians Ch : 4 verse 13) 2. Why should I say I lack, when the Bible says I KNOW THAT GOD SHALL SUPPLY ALL MY NEEDS ACCORDING TO HIS RICHES IN GLORY IN CHRIST JESUS. (Philippinas Ch : 4 verase 19). 3. Why should I say I fear, when the Bible says GOD HAS NOT GIVEN ME A SPIRIT OF FEAR, BUT A SPIRIT OF POWER, OF LOVE AND SOUND MIND. (2 Timothy Ch: 1 verse 7). 4. Why should I lack faith to fulfill my calling, when the Bible says, GOD HAS ALLOTED TO ME A MEASURE OF FAITH. (Romans Ch: 12 verse 3). 5. Why should I be weak, when the Bible says that, THE LORD IS THE STRENGTH OF MY LIFE AND I WILL DISPLAY STRENGTH AND TAKE ACTION BECAUSE I KNOW GOD. (Psalm Ch: 27 verse 1), (Daniel Ch: 11 verse 32). 6. Why should I allow satan supremacy over my life, when the Bible says, HE WHO IS IN ME IS GREATER THAN he THAT IS IN THIS WORLD. (1John Ch : 4 verse 4). 7. Why should I lack wisdom, WHEN CHRIST BECAME WISDOM TO ME FROM GOD AND GOD GIVES WISDOM TO ME GENEROUSLY WHEN I ASK HIM FOR IT.(1 Corinthians Ch : 1 verse 30), (James Ch : 1 verse 5). 8. Why should I be depressed, WHEN I CAN RECALL TO MIND GOD'S LOVING KINDNESS, COMPASSION AND FAITHFULNESS, AND I CAN ALWAYS HAVE HOPE (Lamentations Ch : 3 verses 21 - 23) 9. Why should I worry and fret WHEN I CAN CAST ALL MY ANXIETY ON CHRIST WHO CARES FOR ME. (1 Peter Ch : 5 verse 7). 10. Why should I ever be in bondage, KNOWING THAT THERE IS LIBERTY WHERE THE SPIRIT OF THE LORD IS. (Galatians Ch : 5 verse 1). 11. Why should I accept defeat, when the Bible says that, GOD ALWAYS LEADS ME IN TRIUMPH. (2 Corinthians Ch : 2 verse 14). 12. Why should I feel condemned, when the Bible says that, I AM NOT CONDEMNED BECAUSE I AM IN CHRIST. (Romas Ch : 8 verse 1). 13. Why should I feel alone, WHEN JESUS SAID HE IS WITH ME ALWAYS AND HE WILL NEVER LEAVE ME NOR FORSAKE ME. (Matthew Ch : 28 verse 20), (Hebrew Ch : 13 verse 5). 14. Why should I feel accursed or that I am a victim of bad luck, when the Bible says, CHRIST HAS REDEEMED ME FROM THE CURSE OF THE LAW, THAT I MIGHT RECIEVE HI SPIRIT. (Galatians Ch : 3 verses 13, 14). 15. Why should I be discontented, when I LIKE PAUL, CAN LEARN TO BE CONTEND IN ALL MY CIRCUMSTANCES. (Philippians Ch : 4 verse 11). 16. Why should I feel worthless, WHEN CHRIST BECAME SIN ON MY BEHALF, THAT I MIGHT BECOME THE RIGHTEOUSNESS OF GOD IN HIM. (2 Corinthians Ch : 5 verse 21). 17. Why should I have a persecution complex, KNOWING THAT NOBODY CAN BE AGAINST ME WHEN GOD IS FOR ME. (Romans Ch: 8 verse 31) 18. Why should I be confused, WHEN GOS IS THE AUTHOR OF PEACE AND HE GIVES ME KNOWLEDGE THROUGH HIS INDWELLING SPIRIT. (1 Corinthians Ch : 14 verse 33, Ch: 2 verse 12). 19. Why should I feel like a failure, WHEN I AM A CONQUEROR IN ALL THINGS THROUGH CHRIST. (Romans Ch : 8 verse 37). 20. Why should I let the pressures of life bother me, WHEN I CAN TAKE COURAGE KNOWING THAT JESUS HAS OVERCOME THE WORLD AND ITS TRIBULATIONS. (John Ch : 16 verse 33). click on link below : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n8K4b2GN5KM ~GOD BLESS YOU ALL DEAR BROTHERS AND SISTERS IN JESUS CHRIST~

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From Br Ezra Orlando Chea A PRE-NOTES: Dear brethren in Christ! Let’s pray that the Lord will open our minds to understand the broader meaning of the word LIES! The bible says: “ But what if our doing wrong serves to show up more clearly God’s doing right?.....But what if my UNTRUTH SERVES God’s glory by making his truth stand out more clearly? Why should I still be condemned as a sinner? Why not say, then “ Let us do evil so that good may come ?” Romans 3: 5-7. -“ Never say anything that is not true, have nothing to do with LIES and MISLEADING words” Proverb 4:23-27. Yes, I didn’t wish anyone happy ‘Christmas’, nor ‘new year’! But I will be prophesizing you a wonderful new year in spirit and truth(John 4:23-24) backed by the Lord, at His right appointed timing for it , so that it will be effective, rather than playing hypocrisy in professing lies from my lips that I know God won’t listen to ! He is an orderly God who has his norms that we must follow, and not a God of disorder. It is God who created man for himself, and not man who created God for him self. There are two forces in action, in the world of which man is the major target: -God’s Holy Spirit of TRUTH, and -Satan’s Evil Spirit of LIES. For God’s Holy Spirit of TRUTH to succeed over Satan’s spirit of lieS, man who is the major play ground, must collaborate in TRUTH with the Holy Spirit of TRUTH for his own good. But when we collaborate in Lies, with the devil’s lying spirit, we bloc God’s Holy Spirit of TRUTH, and give victory to Satan over lives, for our own detriment. And for Satan to seduce and get us, he disguises by clothing his lies with some apparent good! And what is a lie? It is everything that originates from Satan the chief liar, no matter how good it may seem to be. The bible says: “ But cowards ....ALL LIARS the place for them is the lake burning with fire and sulphur , which is the second death ” Revelation 21:8. This therefore means that, it will be self seduction to think that we can use LIES and MANIPULATIONS to win souls for the God, or to glorify His name, and please Him in the name of grace in Jesus. Quite often because of our ignorance by associating with Satan’s lies in the name of giving glory to God, we bloc the Holy Spirit from operating and cause a lot of damage to the kingdom of God, in favor of the kingdom of darkness! No lies can ever serve the purpose of God as He clearly says it. I DON’T CELEBRATE THE FEAST OF “SAINT SYLVESTER” -Disguised as new year! As we go busy celebrating the feast of “Saint Sylvester” disguised by Satan’s LIES as new year, let us remember that the RIGHT END OF YEAR commanded and known by God, is still to come. So we should be ready to get into it, and celebrate in thanks giving and praises, if we really want to enjoy the divine blessings set for this by the Lord, that Satan has wisely and intelligently been keeping us away from. We all know that in every obedience to the word of God, there is a blessing ; and in every disobedience there is a curse. WHICH IS THIS RIGHT TIMING OF THE REAL END OF YEAR FIXED BY GOD FOR OUR BLESSINGS ? The bible says: “ The LORD spoke to Moses and Aaron in Egypt: “ This MONTH IS TO BE THE FIRST MONTH OF THE YEAR FOR YOU” Exodus 12:1-2.(read ahead to verse 20). This sounds a command to obey his Time as he has set in place! In which period was he commanding this as the first month of the year? This was in the pass over period we call today “Easter” in the Roman month of March, marking the departure of the people of Israel from Slavery in Egypt, to Canaan( please if you are serious with the Lord to know this, carefully study the Biblical Calendar on our blog page- number 18 and read the details). Why was it important for the Lord to give this command of specification , if we think times and periods do not matter to him? Let’s equally ask this fundamental question : Why did God chose only the End of Year, and the Beginning of a New year to set his people free from the bondage of slavery in Egypt? Certainly because He is the sovereign creator, and master of Time and seasons( Daniel 2:21), and always want his people to begin another airs or yearly period of 12 months( 2nd Kings 25:27) , in a special blessed way. They take stock of their lives for the past year with the father, give praises and thanks to him, then entrust the new beginning year for him to richly bless in all dimensions as inspired. Remember God had created man for a blessing before the fall, and not for a curse. It is to be a wonderful feasting celebration for his children as the spirit of Deuteronomy reveals : “ Set aside a tithe- a tenth of all that your fields produce YEAR by YEAR ..... Spend it on whatever you want-beef, lamb, wine..... in the presence of the Lord your God, you and your families are to EAT and ENJOY YOURSELVES” Deut 14: Verse 22-26. The thing is that Satan has displaced it to his own time, and cloth it as the feast of Saint Sylvester. This is in accomplishment of God’s warning in Daniel 7:25, that Satan will change his Times and Laws, and we his saints(believers) will obey him. And this is exactly what we are experiencing. I don’t know if you understand what we are trying to say ! So it was not only to be celebrated as the day they were set free from slavery in Egypt, but year after year in praises and thanks giving unto God for their own blessings. It was not therefore something just limited to their deliverance from slavery in Egypt. Today, our own day of deliverance from slavery in Egypt(world of sins) is that day we repent from our sins and move from the kingdom of darkness to that of light(Canaan), through Jesus Christ whose death became our Passover lamb. Therefore today, we are led by the Holy Spirit in our yearly celebrations of End of year and New year as commanded in Deuteronomy 14:22-26, at the right appointed timing which is the pass over period we call Easter today-in March.! This is the first month of the year before God, and we can chose any day within this first month for our festivities, and there will be no problem, since he hasn’t lay emphasis on the day. God made the moons to mark the end of the months, if we can equally use the appearing rising moon which is sign of the beginning new month(Psalms 104:19) as most of our illiterate village parent do, and even the Moslems , there will be no problem. Let me turn this question to you my dear brethren: Will it be right for me to get into the presence of God and say: Father, this is the first month of which you commanded Moses and Aaron and said......! Or, this is the feast of saint Sylvester which the Roman Catholics instituted as new year in memorial celebration of the death of Saint Sylvester....? If you are honest and love me with the love of Christ, write and tell me which I should say! As I wait to hear from you, I promise to wish you a wonderful new year at the right timing comes, between March-April ! HOW THEN DID WE COME TO BE CELEBRATING THE “FEAST OF SAINT SYLVESTER” AS NEW YEAR? After the death of the Roman Emperor Constantine who was the founder of Roman Catholicism, pope Sylvester who succeeded him as, died on 31st December 335 AD, and the so called “new year” celebration was decided as honor in memorial of his death. That is why it is called the FEAST OF SAINT SYLVESTER. Satan in many crafty ways, has changed the Times and Laws of God, and we the Saints(believer) are obeying Him just as the Lord had long warned in Daniel 7:25. Certainly there are many knowing this for their very first time, but this shouldn’t be a surprise because God had told Daniel: You must go now, Daniel, because these words are to be kept secret and hidden until the End comes. Many people will be purified. Those who are wicked will not understand but will go on being wicked; only those who are wise will understand.” Daniel 12:9-10. We are today in the end times which God spoke of, and that is why He has raised this Ministry to use in reveling these things which may look so strange and opposite to the old trend or standards of the world. To take side with LIES in the name of glorifying the God of truth and Holiness is to be deceived. Satan will hurry many who are reading this, to quote some texts of Paul’s letters out of context as defense, not paying attention to the warning : “ ..Paul wrote to you, using the wisdom that God gave him. ...There are some difficult things in his letters which ignorant and unstable people explain falsely, as they do with other passages of the scriptures...But you my friends, already know this. Be on your guard, then so that you will not be led away by errors of lawless people..” 2nd Peter 3:15-17. Did Apostle Paul we always hurry to quote, followed all these Satan’s LIES that we are following today? Certainly not! The scriptures can never be contradictory! If I say no to memorial death celebrations of my long death ones because God says no, I should equally say no to the memorial death celebration of Saint Sylvester disguised as new year! Satan and man thinks that God is so confused and stupid that He created an imperfect work for them to restructure the way they want. When God says this, they say the opposite! Yes, God and his rebellious challengers! Many who don’t yet know God, may belittle this! But it means much to him, and that is why he expresses it in Daniel 7:25 (Satan will change the Times and laws of God, and the Saints will obey him). For those who have been really ignorant of this, God understands! But for me whom He knows convectively knows , I will be the greatest rebel and fool before him, to consciously abandon his TRUTHS and turn to obey SATAN’S LIES. If you want to know more, search about the FEAST OF SAINT SYLVESTER in the net. Equally imagine me saying: Thank you Father for the birth of Jesus Christ on this 25th December ! It will be horrible! SO, I EQUALLY NEVER SAY “ HAPPY CHRISTMAS” TO ANYONE! We all know that Jesus Christ was not born on the 25th of December and that this is a pagan feast instituted by Satan and celebrated long ago even before the birth of Christ as a feast to the queen of Heaven-Jeremiah 17-20, then later disguised as Christmas-birth day of Christ. For me therefore to pretend it as the birth day of Christ for God’s glory and be wishing people “happy Christmas”, is lying and pure hypocrisy before God, no matter my good intentions. God can never be glorified in lies! He can never dirty his holiness with what is of evil origin! The thing is that, we don’t really know the holiness of God, and think that we can just do anything for his glory. God lived in his glory before he ever created man, and will still live in his glory even in the absence of man. If the children of God sat down to decide on a day to celebrate in thanking God for sending Christ on earth to save their souls and which they have repented to be born again(John 3:3), and not the day Jesus was born unless the exact day is known, there will be no problem. Unfortunately it is an evil feast celebrated in evil activities by those who don’t even know Christ, and the saints go and join them in t\he name of giving glory to God. In the bible, Levi celebrated the birth of Christ in his life, with a great feast, as he repented from his sins: “ After this, Jesus went out and saw a tax collector named Levi, ..... “Follow me” Levi got up, left everything, and followed him. Then Levi had a BIG FEAST in his house for Jesus ....” Luke 5:27-29. This feast goes in line with that celebrated in Heaven as it is written: “ In the same way I tell you, there will be more joy in heaven over ONE SINNER WHO REPENTS ....” Luke 15:7. So it is in this line that we can celebrate the birth of Jesus for the glory of God. If the Lord has warned me that the whole world is under the power of the wicked one, I should be very careful to verify the source or author of everything I see the whole world doing! If the Lord open my eyes to see that it is the devil in challenge to Him, I radically refrain from it even if I will be the only one on earth not to adhere! After all, He will judge us individually rather than as a group. The fundamental problem of believers today is that, we walk with God not by hearing him, but with our sentiments, emotions, feelings, and philosophical reasoning. To me, when I have carefully taken time to seek for the will of God on a matter, known it, I must obey and defend it without forcing it on people, even if it means death! God will never want any one to obey him through force, but out of love for Him. So, whom should I fear ? God or man? PRAYERS: - Father, we pray that you open our minds to understand what you are trying to tell us in these last days! - Quicken our hearts to always bring to you in a humble spirit to find out from you, your truths on matters that we don’t really understand, than just hanging on mere assumptions, or misunderstanding of the scriptures, and believing in Satan’s lies. - Open our minds to understand as you speak to us, so that we may be faithful in obeying you! - Father, you said: Enoch walked and pleased you! May you equally lead us to walk in your truth and please you! Continue to pray as the holy Spirit leads you.......

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John 15:1 says” I am the REAL vine, and my Father is the gardener. He breaks off every branch in me that doesn’t bear fruit, and he PRUNES every branch that does bear fruit, so that it will be CLEAN AND BEAR MORE FRUIT. ~~To My dear Cross tv family~~~ I am so much thankful to our Lord for giving some months to spent with a spiritual family members in Cross tv ....Everyone influenced me directly or indirectly.......by messages and thoughts...some spent with me even though in busy work....Thank you so much for everything....... Now this is the time I am going to back to my studies again......But everything for Lords glory~~~ Now I got an offer letter from German University (Otto-von-Guericke-Universität Magdeburg) for doing masters in Medical system engineering..........Hope every visa procedures and other documents will be ready soon.....For that I am leaving to my state capital for learning German language with in two days.....I miss everyone in cross tv............. Pray for me, compares to my India, Germany is an absolutely different place...I don’t know how to start, continue and finish my education there.....as my mom told sometimes in life we have to “walk on water” as Peter did....By looking Jesus alone.......... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Being under the Cross~~ I hear “IT IS FINISHED”...IT IS FINISHED~~~~~~ Entirely a different life~~~~~ My dear Cross tv family, pray for me ~~even though we miss so much ~~ Just pray for me as Apostle Paul says “be in clear conscience of Holy Spirit” ~~~~~~A rosebush must be pruned to bear perfect roses~~~~~~~

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From Br Ezra Orlando A. PRE-NOTES: (Begin from here and continue on our blog page N° 18) Brethren, join me in prayers that the lord will open our minds to understand some vital spiritual issues, still blind to our understanding. A real occult mocks us saying “ You people claim to be born again children of God living by the word of God and only the word of God, and call us demons! You refuse to offer customary sacrifices saying that they are to demons, but again do offer them! Asking how? He says on Christmas day, all that you offer saying it is celebrating the birth day of ‘Jesus’, and the feast of Saint Sylvester, are sacrifices to our high spirits in the astral world”. Then adds “ You people claim the feast to be for your Jesus, and your new year! Can you show me where it is written in the bible you call the book of your master? Where in that your book call bible, did that your master- Jesus, and his disciples, celebrate it? They are all our feast, and you bow down to us ! Come and join us and you will see our goddess-ROSE, that you celebrate in what you call the birth day of your Jesus and our god saint Sylvester in the astral world. We are your masters, you don’t even know the God you claim to be saving, and disturb places saying : In the name of Jesus, I cast you demons, come out demons! You are just wasting your time in that your thing you call “ born again”. Come let’s teach you the real mysteries of the world. You people know nothing! You are just empty bible readers”. Brethren, this is shocking, embarrassing and very challenging, but the reality. I came with this to understand that, we have only two masters in the world: God and Satan! Either we are fully serving one or the other, and anything which God is not the author no matter how good it may be, or the religious names given to it, Satan is the author! There is no middle position. With this in mind, one is challenged to question the author of Christmas and the feast of Saint Sylvester. Are the occults just usurpers, or are their claims authentic? Let us exploit the Bible our only divine reference, and probably get into history to be assured of the authors of these feast. Is it God, or the devil as the occults claim? Therefore, this topic calls to the divine spiritual intellectualism of each and everyone of us participating, to seek to restitute divine biblical truths the way they should be, rather than assumptions or presumptions based on religious dogmatism, or overzealous ‘Christian’ ignorance because we do not read broadly, or just being cowards. Brethren, the bible says that the Lord reward those who diligently seek him. A coward is that one who knows the truth, but will say since the whole world is doing it, I shouldn’t be the only one left out. He thus toe the line behind the majority for fear of persecution. And to these the bible says: “ But cowards......and all liars, the place for them is the lake of fire and sulphur, which is the second death!” Revelation 21:8. Here there is no exemption of believers in Christ. A coward is a coward, and a liar a liar irrespective of what we may claim to be. God is not exemptant of persons. His word judges all equally. Brethren, no matter our sincerity in what ever we are doing, we can never turn evil to good before God. Brethren, from biblical discernment, it is very clear that, what we are celebrating today as the birth day of Jesus-Christmas, existed even before the birth of Jesus Christ. When the Lord rightly says Satan disguise as an angel of light, it is spiritually very deep, that we must walk close to the Lord as to be well illuminated on Satan disguises! But unfortunately, the believers walk so far away from the Lord that, Satan disguises and put them in his pocket. As to the longevity of this celebration today disguised by the devil as birth day of ‘Jesus’-Christmas, the LORD say: “ Jeremiah, do not pray for these people. Do not cry or pray on their behalf; do not plead with me, for I will not listen to you. Don’t you see what they are doing in the cities of Judah and in the streets of Jerusalem? The children gather firewood, the men build fires, and the women mix dough to BAKE CAKES for the goddess they call the QUEEN OF HEAVEN. They also pour out wine offerings to other gods.” Jeremiah 7:16-18. So, this feast to the Queen of Heaven , this goddess(principality ) reigning in the airs or astral world, better known in occultism as ROSE, and commonly disguised as “holly Mary”, has been long celebrated even before the birth of Christ, with Satan disguising it , in name changing. The bible talks well of this saying: “ Put on all the amour that God gives you, so that you will be able to stand up against the wicked spiritual forces in the HEAVENLY WORLD, the rulers, authorities and COSMIC POWERS of this dark age” Ephesians 6:11-12. These teachings are not for unbelievers, because this is not what we preach to them! To them, we first preach the gospel of salvation, and lead them to Christ, then as believers born again in Christ(saints), we then begin to teach them the letters so that the holy Spirit can give them understanding and lead them to obey. So these are teachings limited only to born again children of God(John 3:3). They are teachings to perfect the saints in ready for the rapture! Teaching this to unbelievers, will just be like letting them into practising the works of law that can't save! Therefore brethren, we really lack discernment as the Lord rightly says! The bible says:” “ Hypocrites, you can look at the earth and the sky and predict the weather; why, then, don’t you know the meaning of this PRESENT TIME? “ WHY DO YOU NOT JUDGE FOR YOURSELVES THE RIGHT THING TO DO? Luke 12:56-57. In our WATCHING and PRAYING as the Lord commanded us to, with regards Satan’s disguises, we will in this topic be x-raying the following through the scriptures under the light of the Holy Spirit: 1) How then have we all come to the celebration of this feast to the queen of heaven called today as the BIRTH DAY OF JESUS CHRIST-“CHRISTMAS”? (.....hence in 274 AD, the Roman emperor Aurelia declared December 25th as the birthday of the unconquered sun (“natAlis solis invicti”....). 2) Is EASTER CELEBRATION not a Christian appellation but believed to be Chaldean, that is Babylonian in origin which is the name Astarte, representing one of the titles of Beltis, the queen of heaven? 3) Did VALENTINE’S DAY, begin as a pagan fertility rite celebrated with drunkenness and sexual licentiousness during which time sweets and spring flowers were given as sacrifices to the gods in the temple? 4) when does a new year begin? what then of the feast of saint SYLVESTER OBSERVED AS NEW YEAR? 5) what therefore did Paul mean in Galatians 4:10-11, when he said: “ …you observe days, and months, and seasons and years”? - You cannot drink the cup of the Lord and the cup of demons.....” 1st Corinthians 10:19-23, 27 etc.....? 6) Conclusion. ( Everyone worshipped the dragon........ Rev. 13:4) How then have we all come to the celebration of this feast to the queen of heaven called today as the birth day of Christ-“Christmas”? Go to our blog page N0 18 for continuation......

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From Br. Ezra Orlando Chea PRE-NOTES (In normal human schools, there is order, and no one takes a child who is supposed to be in class one to class 2, or 4 or 6. The child normally will start from class one and climbs gradually! As a called TEACHER, assigned to teach believers(saints) I must have to discern and situate in which class a student should be, and the appropriate lessons for each! I am not an Evangelist, prophet etc, but a TEACHER.I will exhort you to excuse me for the fact that, the teachings below are not destined to all even though all may read! They are lessons not for those who haven’t fulfilled the conditions in prayer lessons N° 19. And not even for very young believers who haven’t yet the knowledge of the LORD and have to be prayed for to have-Ephesians 1:16-19, but you are encouraged! So readers to whom the message is destined to, will identify themselves as they read. Be blessed reading). The bible says:”And they heard the sound of the LORD GOD walking in the garden in the cool of the day, and the man and his wife HID THEMSELVES FROM THE PRESENCE OF GOD among the trees of the garden” Genesis 3:8. As Adam and Eve walked in obedience to God, there was hot love relationship between them, manifested by romantic communication in his presence! But now, SIN has sap their conscience and they now have to run away and hide from the presence of God. They no longer want to see God or hear his voice, so no need for communication, and so the running away from his presence. Brethren, have you ever loved anyone? If yes, then what are the major characteristics of lovers? Most of us who have ever loved anyone will acknowledge the truth that, it is PERMANENT COMMUNICATION backed by the desire to be in the presence of that one. And the major indications that a love relationship is dying down is the coldness and absence of communication backed by the desire not even to see the other! When we don’t longer want to communicate with someone, we do everything possible not to see him! Let us just take the case of a husband and wife who are in hot love for one another! There is always the great anxiety to communicate and feel the presence of the and hardly support long absence from one another. They do everything as to be careful not to hurt the other. When they are together in bed, they will want to sleep in the arms of one another! And at times, they talk sweet lovely words to one another, until sleep takes them unaware! Children with hot love towards their parents, will always want to be with them and talk with them! This is quite often manifested when the parents go out and are coming back, they run shouting welcome and falling on their legs. Even the creeping one who quite often knows the mother best because of the breast milk enjoyed, will creep at times with cries of joy towards the mother! while the one still yet to creep, will just be sending cries of welcome where ever he/she might have been laying , immediately she hears her voice. At times to manifested their love, the little ones will sit on the parents leg’s, put their heads on their chest(heart), and just be quite, or talking calmly and gently rubbing their hands on their body. But when the love is cooling or dying down between two couples, communication too begins to cool, and finally to a complete stop, if nothing is done to rescue. They now start behaving in the house like robots in a factory. The man removes food money and put on the head bed or table and leaves, while the woman just collects, go and buy what ever she may like to prepare, come and cook, dish and put on the table, and the man comes back sit on the table eat! Then if he is going to bed, he goes and sleeps facing front , the wife too come, climbs behind, sleeps facing the other way. At times they reverse position with the woman’s head down and the man’s own up. Their legs may be those to communicate with their heads in the night. In the morning on fortunate days, one may just say morning, and the other says yes, and that is all! When there is something they must say to the other, they begin to use the children as their mouth piece, or papers and pens. Outside home, the wife may begin to tell her friends or whoever wants to hear, that I and my husband no longer COMMUNICATE . When this SITUATION continues for sometimes without a solution to re-establish dialogue and solve the problem that dislocated communication, soon they may just no longer want to see one another, and the best way of doing this will be to park out of the house. With children whose love affairs is dying down with parents because of their disobedience to them, instead of them running and shouting welcome daddy! Or welcome mummy! They instead run to hide behind the house or enter their rooms. Love is cooling down and so no communication is necessary, therefore the presence of the other is not needed! When Adam and Eve sinned and heard the voice of God, they ran and hide themselves from God! Brethren, the general tendency of sins is making one to run away from the other! When you wrong someone, you run away from his presence, for fear that he may bring the topic up. -When you see that one coming, you try to change direction, or if the distance is so closed and no way of changing direction, you turn your face and pretend as if you have not seen him. -If you happen to suddenly came into his presence and there is no way of escape, you hurriedly cut conversation shot, pretending that you have an appointment somewhere and you are already late. - If you happen to be working in the same office, or staying in the same house, you do everything possible to avoid his presence and long conversations. You make sure to cut every conversion very shot! We do everything to escape communication, and spiritually, this is the same thing we do with the Lord in the nature of our prayers when we are wronging him somewhere! Thus: -OBEDIENCE=HOT LOVE RELATIONSHIP=COMMUNICATION=PRESENCE! -DISOBEDIENCE(SINS)=COOL LOVE RELATIONSHIP=NO COMMUNICATION=RUN FROM PRESENCE! Brethren how is your love relationship with the LORD like? Is it HOT or COLD? How is your PERSONAL prayer life? A hot love relationship with the LORD is always manifested by the constant anxiety to talk to him and therefore the need to always withdraw and be in his presence for communication! You always give all of yourself to him, and be lost in his presence, to be caressing his feet in a father- child communion! For those of us who have personally known God-that is have a personal revelation of God to know him and obey Him, and be walking in his ways, we have always have special fixed time that we withdraw into his presence and fall into his arms for special love Romance, caressing his feet in communication(prayers) for hours. Yes, two lovers will always want to be lost in the arms of one another communicating sweet gentle words. Yes, you used to get lost into the presence of God and spend hours in this hot love romantic relationship with him. But now, things have changed, you are compromising with sins, and no doubt, the lack of your desire to withdraw into his presence and be caressing his feet in communication(prayer) as you used to do. Your sin is causing you to run away and hide your self from the Lord! You may be very well involved in some church activities, but these are just external works! You are not in communion with God! Deep in your heart, you know there is something wrong, but you are just trying to calm your conscience! Yes, hurts will always sap a romantic relationship! Now: -You no longer have specific time of withdrawal into his presence to be lost into his arms, caressing his feet in communication(prayers-dialogue) for hours. The time has been shorter and shorter, and finally to zero. -You now start throwing some scanty casual words in the name of prayers and running away! -Fire no longer burns in your heart when you are praying! -Your prayers now lack orientation! They are not focused! -You can now make more noise on salvation by grace, than seeking the presence of God. -You now love more the presence of men than that p of God. -You are now a lover of tittles than a lover of the LORD ! Brethren, you know all of these and clearly know when the problem started! It could be : - The love of the world and the things of the world that you hated before, you have turn back to them. Yes, a dog turns back to it’s vomit! - You have turn back to anger, bitterness, hatred, un forgiveness, etc.. -You bribed to get into a job either though money, sex etc! - You bribed to pass and examination through money, sex, etc! - You want to get married at all cost to some one who is an unbeliever just because you must get married to that person! - You want at all cost to get married to a believer, that you clearly know God has said no! - You want at all cost to do a job that you know God doesn’t want you do it! - You want at all cost to travel abroad or go some where that you know God has said no! - You lied to save yourself from an embarrassing situation, that you merited punishment for it, and so someone else may be innocently paying that punishment in your place! - The bank mistakenly overpaid you and you consciously took the money away! -There is something God has ask you to do, may be share the much that you have (money, cloths, food, cars, etc), with others who don’t have, or give for God’s work, but you don’t want to do it! - God has reveal something in his word to you through conviction of the Holy Spirit, but you consciously refuse not to obey! - Somebody bought something from you at a given price but mistakenly gave you surpluse, or you buy and he give you surpluse change, and you illegally put it in your pocket! - Love of food and committing Gluttony that give you over weight, provoking laziness and sluggishness. - You Love your job more that God, so that you always hurry for it and more buried in worshiping and caressing it, while you just turn to God to throw him some words in the air, or wait for Sundays! - You bought something you know God did not want you to buy! - You did something wrong to your husband or wife and instead of saying sorry, you defended yourself and crate a mark of hurt in the heart of the other! - You lied to your parents to get some money from them to use for another thing other than that you said it was for! Etc, etc.. Brethren, the list of this is very long! Sins rupture a persons hot love for God! It saps a person's conscience and distance him away from God! There cannot really be any deep hot relationship with God manifested by a withdrawal in his presence to communion with him, without his light of holiness shinning on our sins. His fingers must point at our sins, and therefore making it difficult to stay in his presence without putting things right with him. Someone therefore, compromising with sin in any domain of his life, can not withdraw in the presence of the Lord, for a deep communion. Therefore the easiest thing quite often to do, is to hurriedly throw some words in the name of prayers, and say we are saved by grave in Christ. If you are someone who can’t withdraw to be in the presence of God for the expression of you love relationship, but is used to just throwing some few words at God and saying Amen, then check your life well, there must be something wrong somewhere. If you want to know the degree of your love and obedience to the LORD, check the nature of your personal prayer life! The nature of your personal prayer life, is the ONLY parameter to measure the degree of your love for the Lord! Every believer who is living a disobedient life to the Lord, runs away from his presence, and so no desire for communication(prayers)! When you see a man not in a hot love affair with God which is manifested by his desires to always withdraw and be in his presence alone, caressing his feet in lovely communication, then check that man’s spiritual life! He must be compromising with sins somewhere! Sin is the only thing that separates a man from God, and cause him to run and hide from God! Brethren, we are not talking here of : -The fulfillment of religious rite through recitation of some monologues called prayers! -Or just hurrying to throw some empty words in the air called prayers to God to satisfy our conscience ! -Or taking the name of God hostage when we find ourselves in some problems, or in need of something, then we starts crying and throwing some words to God and at times launch some fasting, and immediately we have our problems solved in any way what so ever even by magicians, we stop! No this is not the type of communicative love we are talking of! This is just an attempt to see if we can exploit God. -Or believers who will only turn and start praying to God, when they find themselves in a problems, and immediately that problem is solved, they stop praying, and can compromise the life of holiness without any fears! Prayer is communicating with God or talking with God, from the position of HOT LOVE FOR Him as we walk in obedience to him ! No one who loves can refrain from the other. When we truly love, we give ourselves to the other because love is giving. Since God created us in his nature, we will automatically behave like him giving. The bible says:” God so LOVE THE WORLD THAT HE GAVE HIS ONLY BEGOTTEN SON(John 3:16). God manifested his love towards us not by empty words, but by giving all of Himself to save us. So when we really love, we will always love to be in the arms of the other. When a man loves, he gives his all. And therefore, no one who truly loves, will want to hurt his companion. He will do everything as not to hurt the heart of the one he Love! Such love is disinterested. Interested love never last! What we mean here is interaction with God from the position of hot love base on obedience, and not prayer of authority because this one is dealing with the devil. Anyone can make some noise in the name of Jesus that he is exercising authority over the devil, without having any communion with the Lord! After all, demons will submit to one another, if it will help to foster the kingdom of darkness! And this is exactly what goes on in exorcism. Equally the bible says plainly that it is not the casting of demons, working miracles and wonders that is proof of us belonging to him(Matthew 7:21-23). A real authentic child of God doesn’t follow miracles, but miracles follow him. To this the bible says plainly: “The disciples went and PREACHED everywhere, and the LORD WORKED with them and proved that that their preaching was true by the miracles that FOLLOWED” Mark 16:20. PREACHING obviously will mean handling the SIN issue! Today there are many who are following miracles and wonders, and Satan now raises his own priest, who have no communication with God, to hold souls captive in spiritual blindness under the banner of miracles and wonders! They keep their sins, and follow miracles and wonders. These miracles and wonders makers may Theologically relate some written word very well, because Satan masters the word, but are not CHILDREN of God, to bring souls unto sincere repentance for the forgiveness of their sins, and living a new life of holiness in Christ. That said, we are talking here of every child of God, personally in a vertical relationship with God, in a HOT LOVE affair and not a cold distant love characterized by self interest! A hot love that is manifested by his desire to always be in his presence for communication. Equally we don’t mean, going to church every Sunday, or being very active in some church activities in the name of serving God, because we can very well do all these things without any communion with God! That is, a cold distant love because we want something from him, it can be eternal life or any other thing, since the normal carnal man normally loves enjoyment and not suffering. The bible of Israel left Egypt for Canaan not because they loved God and wanted to obey him, but because they where told it was a land flowing with milk and honey! On the way when they where not seeing the land flowing with milk and honey, they began cursing God, and prefered going back to Egypt. So there are many of us following Christ for our own interest and not that of God. That is why we can compromise his holiness for what ever if need be. Some of us may even be frequent in organized church prayer meetings, but having no personal love affair with God, manifested by the ardent desire to always withdraw alone into his presence and be caressing his feet in prayer -communication. No matter what external religious activities one may be doing, if that one has no personal relationship with God, he is just wasting his time. The bible tells us that our Lord Jesus Christ will always withdraw very early in the morning or late evening in a lonely a place to pray(communicate with God), and will spend the whole night with God! Is this your own experience brethren? Do you have specific times that you have fixed to always withdraw and caress the feet of the Lords in prayers? How many minutes or hours do you always spend in the arms of the LORD your beloved? Or we can only better spend hours in the arms of our beloved in flesh and not in those of the LORD! Brethren the life with God is very practically. All these things we really practiced them amongst our selves, but when it comes to God, we get into imaginations. We can’t say Christ is living in us and our lover, then not be able to communicate with him. Certainly, we are not true lovers, because true lovers communicate! There is something wrong somewhere! Either he is not at all in us, or our sins have made us to run away and hide from him. Brethren, the bible says plainly we are the dwelling place of God through the Holy Spirit(1st Peter 2:4-6). If you are staying with someone that you cannot communicate with, then there is a divorce between the two of you! If we are the temple of God and God is living in us, then we must communicate with him! You can’t refuse to talk with him and expect him to keep staying in the cold, in you! If he has come with his hot love to dwell and communicate with us, but we decide to be cold, and prefer but to be talking outside with other things, he may leave! Has God struggled in you to beckon you for communication, but you keep lusting and searching for an unknown God outside ! Please he is in you and calling as he called Adam and Eve: Where are you John! or Mary! or Peter! or James! or James or Andrew! Put your own name, and answer! And begin the hot love affair afresh! The lord told me once that “Satan steals away Christ from the hearts of people, and possess them with denominational doctrines”. This in another sense simply means that, we turn to believe that Christ dwells but outside either in our four walls church, or else where, but not in us to control our lives, and so turn to believing in outwards things! If we are true believers, then God is living in us and not out of us! There are many who will get up from their house and hurry to their church to take part in a prayer meeting, without having prayed at home! Brethren, is this not frightful? But that is what is happening! Brethren, have you been cold in your love affair with the Lord and he is threatening to vomit you, but instead you are very busy in doing some religious activities in the name of serving God, and being saved by grace in Christ? The bible says: “I know that you are neither COLD nor HOT. How I wish you were either one or the other! But because you are lukewarm, neither hot nor cold, I am going to spite you out from my mouth!” Revelations 3:14. It is in our communication with the Lord that we are more illuminated as to be able to share horizontally. Any horizontal relationship without a vertical relation, is just the works of the flesh! Every teachings that originates from man to man without it’s roots from a vertical relationship with the Lord, is useless! So as we earlier said in our former prayer topic, two people who sit to agree to intercede for their beloved ones, must first as individual, establish a personal vertical relationship with the LORD! For a group of believers to be meeting to pray together, each as an individual, must have a personal vertical relationship with the LORD. If a group of cold believers meet in a group to pray, as we mentioned in one of our topics, who will enflame the other? All of them will be cool, and therefore just making nose! We know that this is what is happening in death religious systems. But we are talking here of real born again children of God! The healthy ones in the lord, are those who are in a hot love affair of prayers-communication with God . Prayer is the respiration of a believer! We must pray to live spiritually! Prayer is the taproot of every believer in Christ. When you disconnect a plant from it’s roots yoking it to the soil for nutrition, that plant dies. So when you run away from personal communication with the Lord, you die spiritually. Brethren, turn back to the Lord, for hot love and begin to communicate with the Lord(prayers), and he will welcome you in his arms that are always waiting. He is calling like he went calling for Adam and Eve! Where are you!!!!!! Answer and Start talking with him brethren! He will broaden your eyes to see your sins well and it’s consequences, then as you sincerely repent, he will forgive and restore you in his presence for perfect communication may be as before! Yes, because SINS is quite often that which causes us to be cold towards the Lord, and therefore, run away from his presence for communication, just like Adam and Eve did. In marriage, we know that there are things that we may do that hurts another, which is always the root source of cold love that finally leads us to run away from the presence of one another! As we earlier said in our prayer N° 15 of July 2010 choose two basic periods for your love affair with the Lord, that you get into his presence and be lost in him, caressing his feet with deep sweet communications(prayers). I think we already explain in prayer N° 15 of July 2010 what this side of prayer may be! It is dialoguing which may be: -Adoring, worshiping, praising and thanking him! -Supplications for forgiveness! -Supplications presenting to him our personal needs! -Talking to him about the work he has assigned us to do -Talking to him about our beloved ones etc..... The list is long! Brethren, there is one major thing that influence our level and nature of COMMUNICATION or dialoguing(Prayers) with God: OUR KNOWLEDGE OF THE LORD. Apostle Paul said: “ I have not stopped giving thanks to God for you I remember you in my prayers and ask the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the glorious Father , to GIVE YOU THE SPIRIT WHO WILL MAKE YOU WISE AND REVEAL GOD TO YOU, SO THAT YOU WILL KNOW HIM” Ephesians 1:16-19. So there can be a true knowledge of God, and a false Knowledge. And if so then, we can have a true worship of a known God, and false worship of an unknown Go! I think this should move us to our next debate topic. PRAYERS: -Father, we want to confess the truth that, we are no longer in the deep romantic love affair, that we had with you before! Every thing has grown cold! -We have abandoned those specific times we fixed to always run into your presence for romantic love affair with you! -Our compromises with sins have made us run away from your presence to hide just like our ancestors Adam and Eve did! -We can no longer bear your presence for long as we used to do! -We are now throwing scanty and casual words now to you in the name of prayers! -Father, we are conscious of where we went wrong, and so humble before your feet for sincere confession and repentance! -I know I committed the sin(s) of ………………………….(you enumerate those things that you know sap this relationship). -Father, we beg for forgiveness and plead that the blood of Christ blot away all these evil before your face, so that you may no longer remember them! -Restore us to that place of hot romantic love we knew with you, before our evil came in to sap it! -We beg that you do it not by any merit on our side, but your mercy through grace in the blood of Jesus! -Release anew upon our hearts that burning desire to whole heartedly turn back, and stir up our spirit to enflame , so that we may quickly catch up like fire lighted on fuel! -Father we beg you to do this for the glory of your name, in the name of Jesus! Continue to pray as the Spirit leads you! Open debate topic: What is the fundamental differences between worshipping a known and an unknown God?

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From Br. Ezra Orlando Chea PRE-NOTES: Brethren, a fervent servant of the Lord was so clear when he made us to understand that, nothing is more pleasing to our Father in heaven than direct, IMPORTUNATE, and PERSEVERING prayers! He related that, there were two Christian ladies, whose husbands were unconverted, feeling their great danger, agreed to spend one hour each day in united prayer for their salvation. This was continued for seven years when they debated whether they should pray longer, so useless did their prayers appear. They decided to persevere till death, and if their husbands went to destruction, it should be laden with prayers. In renewed strength, they prayed three years longer, when one of them was awakened in the night by her husband, who was in great distress from sin. As soon as the day dawned, she hastened, with joy, to tell her praying companion that God was about to answer their prayers. What was her surprise to meet her friend coming to her house on the same errand! Thus, ten years of united and persevering prayer was crowned with the conversion of both husbands on the same day. In our previous prayer topic, we clearly spelled out the Lord’s command that says: “ And so I tell you: what you prohibit on earth will be prohibited in heaven, and what you permit on earth will be permitted in heaven. And I tell you more : whenever TWO OF YOU ON EARTH AGREE ABOUT ANYTHING YOU PRAY FOR, IT WILL BE DONE FOR YOU BY MY FATHER IN HEAVEN. For where two or three come together in my name, I am there with them” Matthew 18:18-20. These two sisters put into practice this command of God in persistent prayers for ten years, and save the souls of their beloved ones. Brethren, we will all agree that in each home, we may have at least two believers, and even if we do not, we should know a believer in Christ around us! Have we in two, agreed to pray and pray until our beloved ones are saved? And if we have, for how long have we been investing in continues prayers watered with fasting for the souls of our beloved ones, that we decided to stop or are thinking to stop? This is a very challenging question God is asking us today! Can we clearly answer that, we are obeying this His command? We are going to be accountable before God, for the soul of each of our family members that perished because we failed to do something about, for has the bible not said plainly: “Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved –you and your family” Act 16:31. What have we done to this promise with regards the salvation of our beloved ones? Brethren, God is speaking and warning us but only the wise and intelligent ones who can see beyond the mean mortal instrument He is using, and discern the voice of God, will heed to it and put themselves right, but the dull and foolish ones will despise and end up perishing ! Has he not clearly said he will use but mean things to confront those who think that they are wise? It must be made very clear that , the perfect will of God is that, everyone be saved on planet earth. To this, the bible says: -“ God so loved the world that He gave his only begotten son, that whosoever believe in him shall not perish but have everlasting life” John 3: 16. -“ There is the lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world “ John 1:29. Brethren, Satan has wisely seduced us to believe that predestination means that there are people God has already chosen to be saved, while others to perish! Therefore they say, no matter how we may pray and fast for that one, he will not believe, and so no need praying! If God were to behave like this, then he would be a very wicked God, and therefore no place for the word: “ God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son”. No, brethren, predestination for salvation means that God has established in his sovereignty that, everyone who wills to repent from his sins and turn to him through Christ, to obey him till the end, will be saved. And for someone to WILL to turn to the Lord for the salvation of his soul, the Holy Spirit must woo or convict him. And for the Holy Spirit to do this work, we must pray. Therefore, without prayers, from the church-believer(s), it is impossible. A believer is the temple of (church) God where he dwells through the Holy Spirit(2nd Peter 2nd 4-6. Therefore, what ever two or three believers decides on earth that is in God’s perfect will, He will answer. It is therefore very important to note that, except we discern with the Lord that someone has cross the mysterious deadline boundary(sins unto death 1 John 16, Hebrew 6:4-6) , we must pray persistently for the salvation of his soul. The Lord said to us: “If you forgive people’s sins, they are forgiven; if you do not forgive them, they are not forgiven” John 20:2. Yes, “No man can come to me except the Father who sent me draws him; and I will raise him up at the last day” John 6:44. And we will all believe that the father will always draw everyone by the means of the Holy Spirit, since He is not respecters of persons(John 1:9). Therefore, although it is God’s will that all be saved , and although he has made provision for the salvation of the whole world, this salvation is limited wholly and entirely by lack of prayers from the Church(believers). Therefore if we the believers do not work hard in prayers, the Holy Spirit will not woo or convict, because the Holy Spirit has the power to enlighten the mind, awaken the spirit, and move the emotions of a man that he will find it difficult to continue to resist. We will acknowledge the truth that, all of us were from the beginning rebels before yielding to the wooing voice of the Holy Spirit. Quite often, we resist the moving voice until it becomes so persuasive that we can no longer resist, and so give in. And although our hearts yielded, we could have well continue to resist, which all a normal general pattern of the journey from rebellion to surrender. In normal cases, every rebel will bow down to surrender, if he realizes that the one on the offensive is bent at not giving up! Who is therefore that one who will not finally bow down to the continuous persuasive voice of the Holy Spirit? And how can this persuasive voice of the Holy Spirit continue it’s work of persuasion if there is no one enflaming it with prayers ? Conclusively therefore brethren, you and me believers in Christ and not the devil, holds the balance of power over the destinations of the souls of our beloved ones, and we shall render an account before God on this. By our prayers, or lack of it , we hold the power of life or death over the souls of our beloved ones, and the world as a whole. Brethren, God has wielded the powers and authority over the earth into the hands of the believers(church). Here, we don’t mean counterfeit “Christians”, but the authentic as understood in our prayer N° 19. If you are not sure of yourself as an authentic Christian, just verify to put yourself right. But unfortunately, we are blind to this realities, and are allowing Satan and his demons to do with us and souls of men what they like. Has the Lord not said: “Let the saints be joyful in glory; let them sing aloud upon their beds. Let the high praises of God be in their mouths, and a two-edged sword in their hands, to execute the vengeance upon the heathen, and punishment upon the people to bind their kings with chains, and their nobles with fetters of iron; to execute upon the judgment written. This honour have all the saints. Praise the Lord” Psalms 149:5-9. O God!!!! May you open the minds of your children to understand this spiritual realities, so that we may begin to make use of the immense powers you have entrusted upon us through Christ, for the salvation of souls from Satan’s trap of destruction! Has the LORD not said in Job 33:19-30: “ He will not let man be destroyed, he saves him from death itself. God corrects a man by sending sickness and filling his body with pain. The sick man loses his appetite, and even the finest food looks revolting. His body waste away to nothing; he is about to go to the world of the dead. Perhaps an angel may come to his aid-one of God’s thousand of angels, who REMIND men of their DUTY. In mercy the angel will say, “ Release him! He is not to go down to the world of the dead. Here is the ramsom to set him free”. His body will grow young and strong again. When he prays, God will answer him, he will worship God with joy; God will set things right for him again. He will say in PUBLIC(testimony); “ I have sinned . I have not done right, but God spared me. He kept me from going to the world of the dead., and I am still alive”. God does all this again and again: he saves a person’s life, and gives him the joy of living” Good news. As we can see from the text above, because of God’s love for man, he will use every means possible to save his life. The believers are the angles, to pray for man and announce him the way of the LORD(duty). Brethren, as a medical personnel, many have been led to the Lord, through their sickness. There are many of us, who knew the lord through sickness. So, when there are prayers for the salvation of souls, God can use any means possible to turn that soul back to him for salvation. I know many people who ended up thanking the Lord for having permitted a sickness through which they ended up being believers. They will say: “If not of this sickness that took down my pride and I saw dead with my eyes, I don’t think I would have given my life to Christ. May be an accident would have carried me to hell, before I could have gotten time to repent”. The consequences of sins is dead as the bible says, and it may come through any means possible including sickness. So when sickness is eating us gradually to our graves, the Lord may step in and use it to humble us into repentance for the salvation of our souls. I advice that when we are already a believer waxing strong in the LORD, but then soon starts becoming sickly, we should not just be praying that God should heal us, but humble before him to find out what was going wrong in our walk with him. Our Lord Jesus Christ said somewhere: “ Listen , you are well now; so stop sinning or something worse may happen to you” John 5:14. Also read James 5:13-16. Good health goes with the prosperity of our soul(3rd John 2). That said, when we settle to continuously pray until the souls of our beloved ones are saved, we must first do well to identify Satan’s strongholds in their lives. That is in terms of the god(s) of the world which may vary from one person to another: -Love of money -Pride of the world -Love of power -Love of women for sex -Love of men for sex -Professional prostitution -Homosexuality -Lesbianism -Pedophile -Love of cigarettes -Love of drinking or drunkenness. -Religious morality( doing some good works in any religious system whatsoever) -Stealing -Drug addiction -Love of customs and traditions. -The love of worldly attire etc.. When we must have identify these satanic strongholds over a persons life, we can then in prayer of authority, go against Satan and his demons, and overthrow their reign over his life, take him captive for Christ, and transfer him spiritually from the kingdom of darkness to that of light. Read our prayer N° 6 of June 14, 2010 for added materials on how to go about this. Ask the Lord to identify the strong satanic chains of blindness that may harden the hearts of our beloved ones from radical repentance and turning to Christ. You then get into prayer of authority to uproot and overthrow them, then plant and build Christ in their hearts spiritually just by your words. To this the bible says: “To day I give you the authority over nations and kingdoms to uproot and to pull down, to destroy and to overthrow, to build and plant” Jeremiah 1:10. To win a soul for Christ, we first do it spiritually in the invisible with the Lord, before it materializes to the visible with time . So we need a lot of patience in importune praying. When we want to plant a farm what do we do? Firstly we clear it from thorns and cultivate the harden soil to soft and fertile one, good to plant the seeds. In this spiritual battle, at times the person’s situation may instead seem to be worsening. Don’t go by sight. It may just be the last kicks of a dying horse, or Satan’s attempts to discourage and stop your move from saving his soul. The final victory may just be at the horizon. A women in war against the strongholds of drunkenness in the husband’s life, may even start dragging him out from the gutter, or from urine or excrement in a bar, back home. Or will see him urinating or pouring out vomit on her on the bed. Don’t say it is too much, you are tired and will no longer continue. No!!! it is right time for you to Intensify the spiritual battle in prayers! I’m used to deliverance, and at times when a demon wants to escape being cast out, it causes the person to vomit or pass out excrements that will have a terrible smell. Or when they are about to leave, they slain the person on the ground as if he was death, as they are living, as we may see in many cases in the bible. So, never try to transfer the battle from the spiritual to the physical! If you do, you will be defeated. Ask for the spirit of patients from the Lord, and keep your peace and calm. The victory is at hand, and soon you will see him over into the Lord’s kingdom of life. The bible says: “ You need to be PATIENT in order to do the will of God and receive what he promises” Hebrew 10:36. -It may be your son or daughter who is growing wild in rough life! Don’t give up when you see the situation in the physical instead worsening! -It may be your wife or husband buried in the worship of status or scarecrows of “Jesus” and “Mary”, and instead you see him bringing many of these wooden scarecrows to line them round your bed, and covert the walls with it’s pictures, don’t be frighten give up that the situation has worsen! Soon you will just discover that he has gathered and pilled them out and is setting fire on them, before you even have time to beg for some to use as firewood. -It may be your wife of husband indulged in adultery, and you don’t seem to see the situation changing, don’t give up so long as he or she still loves staying with you(1st Corinthians 7:13-14)! Don’t see him or her, but see the devil and keep battling against him. The bible says we are not fighting against blood and flesh, but Satan and his demons(Ephesians6:11-13). I know this is the most difficult because of emotional sentiments involved, but this is really where we can talk of grace from God to endure! To quickly defeat us, Satan will bring us text like : “Divorce is permitted in the case of adultery” (Matthew 5:32) so as to keep the soul permanently for hell, while closing our eyes to another scripture that requires forgiveness 490times(Matthew18:22). We are not saying that people should go around committing adultery, since they will be forgiven by their mate, because it may lead you to immediate physical death before your mate ever thinks of forgiving you! We are just emphasizing that, we have to keep asking and asking in prayers, even it has to be for 10, 15, 20 25, 30…years, for has the Lord not said:” ..I tell you, though he will not get up and give him anything because he is his friend, yet because of his IMPORTUNITY he will rise and give him whatever he needs”. And I tell you, Ask and it will be given you; seek, and you will find, knock and it will be opened to you” Luke 11:7-10. But quite often unfortunately, we want to pray and see things happen as soon as possible. And when they seem to delay, we turn to carnality and starts using insults and hands, to solve the situation which cannot work. Then when we have failed, we start using the bible wrongly to back our failures saying: he was predestined to perish, God will act when his own time comes, he has chosen to go him to hell, he signed a pact with Satan, etc… That is why we emphasize in our blog message N°……..on the need of circumcision of our hearts from idols, because a believer not circumcised in heart from the idol of anger, impatience, bitterness, pride, intolerance etc, is himself bound and we don’t see how someone bound, can be struggling to un bound another. It will be impossible for such to persevere in prayers until his beloved ones are saved. PRAYERS: -Father we thank you for reminding us that we will be responsible before you for the souls of our beloved ones! - Open our minds to understand that your predestination for salvation is open to everyone and not for some privileged ones since you are not respecter of persons, but send your son that all be saved! -We confess that we have been very negligent with regards persistent prayers for the salvation of our beloved ones! Or we confess that we have never thought of praying for the salvation of their souls from the dept of our hearts! - We repent for having neglected your command to pray and importune for the salvation of their souls! - Father, we regret and repent before you for all those who have already perished because we failed to pray and importune for the salvation of their souls! - May the light of your Holy spirit dawn upon our hearts afresh and our minds be open to understand this deep spiritual realities that, the balance of power over the life or death of souls depends on our persistent prayers or lack of it, and not the devil! - May you stir up our spirit to begin to put your word into practice, agreeing in two to pray and keep praying until we see the souls of our beloved ones saved from the eternal lake of fire - We pray that you open our minds to understand that the Holy Spirit will continue to woo a soul for repentance, so long as we continue to pray for that soul, and will stop when we stop enflaming him in prayers! -Father may you open our minds to understand that we are fighting against satan and his demons and not blood and flesh, so that we will not be tempted to move the battle from the spiritual to the physical and so lost the battle! -May you open our eyes to see the spiritual truth that someone who is himself bound, cannot unbound another! This, so that we can humble and collaborate with the holy Spirit for the circumcision of our hearts from idols, as to be better placed to unbound the souls of our beloved ones! - By your grace , grant us yous gift of patients, so that we will be able to persist tirelessly until the victory is worn! Let’s continue to pray as the Spirit leads us.... ATTENTION OF READERS( Visit our blog N° 16 on Open debate N°7: How did the operational force of SIN began in LUCIFER , then to MAN, and what is the spiritual significance of WATER IMMERSION(Baptism) in man’s REDEMPTION process from operational force called SIN). NB: Please, the Open debate N° 5: How do we proceed in the choice of a life partner as to assure a successful Christian marriage?, seems preoccupying to many, and there are one or two things to learn that may help prevent future marital squabbles, or solve some present ones because we failed some where from the beginning. So you can visit our blog for it.

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From Br. Ezra Orlando chea ATTENTION OF READERS( Visit our blog N° 16 on Open debate N°7: How did the operational force of SIN began in LUCIFER , then to MAN, and what is the spiritual significance of WATER IMMERSION(Baptism) in man’s REDEMPTION process from operational force called SIN). PRE-NOTES: The bible says: “ Lord, Teach us how to pray….” Brethren, by the light of the holy Spirit, let us exploit this statement in another direction which is that of praying (audibly) in groups! For some of us who have been using fire wood to cook food, we will agree to the truth that the DRY WOOD that quickly catches fire and enflames, will always heat the WET WOOD, and equally causes it to catch fire and enflames. Equally in the Lord, the dry wood which represent those who are hot in the Lord and quickly catches the praying direction of the holy Spirit in the perfect will of God, and the cold wood referring to believers who are cold in the Lord and dull to the praying direction of the holy Spirit. It is very fundamental that the Lord says the strong in faith must carry the weak, as to enable growth in wholeness to maturity in Christ. Brethren, prayers is so fundamental in the life of a believer that, we must team up and help one another to be caught up in the flames of prayers. “All that God has, and all that God dispose is at the disposal of Prayer. But we must use the KEY. Prayer can do anything that God can do, and as God can do anything, prayer is omnipotent. No one can stand against the MAN who KNOWS how to PRAY and who meets ALL the conditions of PREVAILING PRAYER and who REALLY PRAYS. ‘The Lord God Omnipotent’ works for him and works through him” (R.A Torrey, The power of prayer). Prayer is the locomotive through which God’s power moves, my dear brethren! So none should afford the luxury of not praying nor teach others how to pray. Any preacher who does not set aside two hours every day for INTENSE VIOLENT PRAYING for: -himself -his family -and the people of God under his leadership is a politician, religious organizer, deceiver of himself, and ultimately a traitor of the people of God The kingdom of God will do better if all such men disappear from position of responsibility in the Church of the ONE(Christ) who lives to intercede for us, Says a man of God! He added that : “Elders who have lost spiritual direction, hold their meetings and spend countless hours in discussion and then BRIEFLY PRAY for fifteen minutes at the end to ease their consciences. They are not frightened about meetings in which God has no central position. Although they know that God can only be brought in by VIOLENT PRAYING and RIGHTEOUS LIVING, they prefer to discuss, scheme, and act instead of praying. They are unaware that their meetings are assemblies if SIN”(Prof. Zacharias T.F). Brethren, a church that doesn’t always meet to pray violently, is always full of entertaining mental sermons in the name of preaching, to incite carnal emotions and better comfort the sinful lives of it audience. It is exactly a reflection of what the bible says: “The time will come when people will not listen to sound doctrines, but will follow their own desires and will collect for themselves more teachers who will tell them what they are itching to hear. They will turn away from listening to the truth and give their attention to legends” 2nd Timothy 4:3-4. It must be well noted that, no amount of prayer today, will exempt us of the need to pray tomorrow. No intention of praying tomorrow will meet our need of today. Believers always make the mistake to think that because they prayed very well yesterday, so today, there will be no problem if they don’t pray. No brethren!!!! Prayer is just like the oxygen we breath to life. If we stop regular praying we will die spiritually! We may still be living physically, but spiritually death. The healthy ones in the lord, are those who are praying! Prayer is the respiration of a believer! We must pray to live spiritually! If Peter was praying regularly as the Lord request, he would have withstood the temptation and not denial Jesus. We remember when the Lord was on the mountain praying, Peter was sleeping: “ Then he return to the three disciples and found them asleep; and he said to Peter,’ How is it that you three were not able to keep WATCH with me even for one hour? Keep WATCH and PRAY that you will not FALL in TEMPTATION” Matthew 26:40-41. So how many of us are denying Jesus in many ways everyday because of our failure to WATCH and PRAY? Brethren, prayer is the taproot of every believer to Christ. When you disconnect a plant from it’s roots yoking it to the soil for nutrition , that plant dies. It is therefore , very fundamental for us to always meet in groups to pray, that the others may learn how to pray, and in general PRODUCE A UNIVERSALLY PRAYING CHURCH, that the kingdom of Satan and it’s demons will not have a place to lay it’s head. Therefore, meeting regularly to pray in groups(from 2-10,50,100 etc), produce some advantages among many: -Those who don’t know how to pray, are thought how to pray. -Those who are cold to prayer, are enflamed to pray. -The weak ones in prayers, have their needs supernaturally raised up to God, through the prayers of the other members of the body of Christ. -Our hip of violent prayers going up to God’s throne like high fire under a pot to quicken the readiness of food, quickly pull down God’s answers. Equally, I will profit here to say something on the advantage of someone carrying his hands on the head while praying. When I place my hands on my head no matter where ever I may be on planet earth for my needs, irrespective of skin colour, language, race etc, either in a cave, or locked up in a jail, automatically sister Mary or Brother John etcetera, in what ever part of the world are included. In this way, the entire body is always mutually supported in spiritual well being. I may be weak in a given situation and circumstance, but as soon as I carry my hands on my head, the entire members of the body step in, and so I am assisted. This is the rich legitimate Divine possession of every authentic member of the body of Christ. (If you are not yet a member of the body of Christ, this will not work. So read our prayer N°19 of Aug 30, 2010 to see the right process of becoming a member of the body of Christ(John3:3). Our Book " Imminent End of the World", elaborates more on this( check at: http://productsearch.barnesandnoble.com/search/results.aspx?WRD= imminent+end+of+the+world). The members of the body of Christ therefore, have nothing to do with the worldly so called “Christianity,” or the denominational and racial factions we are having today, which is very distant from the foundational New Testament church. That said, In our prayer N°17 ….of Aug 9, 2010, we saw how it was necessary to stand as a hedge for our family members, nation, continent and world as a large ! But to be effective, we must know how to pray. I exhort that we should begin practicing this group praying at home, by dialing uniting the family at your choosing general praying period! There should be a rotational leading where the one in charge, brings out topic one after another to pray on, and each must be short and precise. As we all open our moths to audibly pray, we should equally be precise and limited only to the subject raised to pray for! For example: The one leading may say: - Let us pray for the forgiveness of any sins we might have committed in thought, words, and actions till moment, either consciously or unconsciously, and employ the blood of Christ to cleans us and request that our names be maintain in the book of life! The prayer must then, only be limited to theme elaborated! We don’t jump and start asking God to solve our problems, or praying for some body etc. We pray just that briefly and precisely then stop. The one leading, then brings up other topic to pray for and so forth! We he finishes as the holy spirit might have been leading, then he ask the others whether they have any subject that they want prayed for. In this way brethren, we pray orderly since our father is an orderly, and not only permit the request to reach him clearly, but also enable us to pray broadly covering so many aspect in a clear precise manner. When we turn to the prayer of authority against Satan and his demons, we equally pray in the same orderly and precise manner for our bullets to precisely reach it’s target. We again exhort that, our prayer life should always be watered by an alliance of permanent fasting once a week. Choose at least one day every week that you fast! Family prayers at home must be our top priority for has the Lord God not said: “ And so I tell you: what you prohibit on earth will be prohibited in heaven, and what you permit on earth on earth will be permitted in heaven. And I tell you more : whenever two of you on earth agree about anything you pray for, it will be done for you by my Father in heaven. For where two or three come together in my name, I am there with them” Matthew 18:18-20. Brethren, this implies that just a husband and wife in one accord, or mother and child, two brother, two sisters, etc fully have the key to open the gates of heaven and bring God to act in their family turning things to good, through prayers! But instead we prefer to jump from one angle to the other in search of supermen of God to pray for our family situation to change. I think this is a special trick of Satan and his demons, to keep us down. Do we see how we have been limiting God? There is no house where you will not find two people! Our father, mother, son daughter, wife husband, friend etc, is two or three people. Brethren, may the holy Spirit open our eyes to this biblical spiritual realities. Today we only think that is when we go to somewhere in a specially built four walls building called “church”, and be in a crowd of people with a supper pastor, that God is there to hear us! We then neglect the foundation which is the home church, forgetting even to know that the New testament church was meeting but in houses. Does the bible not say: -” Greetings also to the church that meets in their house” Romans16:5 -“My host Gaius in whose house the church meets” Romans 16:23 -“Aquilla and Priscilla and the church that meets in their house..” 1st Corinth16:19 In reality, the foundation of every church of locality, is the house church. So the family house church must be take very, very serious. Brethren, I have noticed that we seem to be more interesting in making a lot of noise of being saved by grace in Jesus, than obeying the command of the Lord to WATCH and PRAY? Prayer meetings of prayerless believers lasts one hour. Of that hour, fifteen minutes are spent on putting the believers into the right mood. The next fifteen minutes are spent in joyous singing of lighthearted songs and choruses. The next thirty minutes are spent on a “mini” sermon from the leader and the last fifteen minutes are shared between throwing a few empty phrases at God and then the announcement. When you want to comment Satan and his demons tells them to quote the scripture “ God already knows what you want to say”. They say this closing their eyes to those scriptures that talk on the one the believe to be their Lord, spending the whole nights on praying. If Jesus Christ the son of God could take prayer as priority until spending sleepless nights praying, what then of us? We say we have been saved by grace in Jesus and so prayers and fasting haven’t got their place in “modern Christianity”. We don’t know how really modern it is! PRAYERS: -Father we thank you for these lessons on praying! -We want to confess our negligence of prayers! May forgive us, we pray, in Jesus name! - May open our minds on the understanding that prayers is the priority of life, and the rail on which your powers move! - Father, we pray that you teach us how to pray, and that we really begin to pray! - May you open our minds and convicts our hearts to the truth that prayer life must be watered by fasting! - May you convict us to the truth that long entertaining meetings without prayers is not only useless but turns the assembly into a burial ground for souls! - Teach us the arts of always meeting together to prayer as a group, so that the weak may learn how to pray, and the general body of Christ benefit in spiritual harmonious growth! - May our hearts be open to the truth that, we must begin real active group praying life at home, which is normally the foundation of the Church of Christ! -We pray that you convict our heart to the truth that salvation never finds it way in a prayerless heart! -May we come to the knowledge of the truth that the Holy Spirit never really will abide in a prayerless heart! Let’s continue to pray as the Spirit lead us

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From Br. Ezra Orlando Chea PRE-NOTES: THE DEVIL’S COUNTERFEIT “CHRISTIANITY”, AND THE PROMOTION OF HOMOSEXUALITY! Brethren, do you know that if not of counterfeit “Christianity”, Satan will not have a single soul on planet earth to dominate? When this reality dawned upon me as I obeyed the command of the Lord to WATCH on the devil disguising as an angel of the light , my heart bleed in pains! The Devil’s counterfeit “Christianity” is causing a lot of destruction to the world’s population! May you join me in prayers to cry out to God, to open the eyes of his people to see the differences between counterfeit and authentic Christianity, so that they may flee for their dear souls? Brethren, what is the Holy Spirit doing on earth today? Certainly to convict the world of Sin! SIN is the only problem in the world today. If we take away the SIN problem, all the other problems of the WORLD like: Disasters and catastrophes Poverty Diseases Crime waves Accidents Violence Prostitution. Murders Wars Suicide bombers Precipitated deaths Bribery and corruption etc, will automatically be solved. Jesus Christ came on earth for only one purpose: To TAKE AWAY SIN( i.e to solve the sin problem). The Bible says: “ Behold , the Lamb of God , WHO TAKES AWAY THE SIN OF THE WORLD” John 1:29. So the responsibility of any one who calls himself a Christian on the face of the earth, should be to solve the SIN problem. Yes, because the word Christian means Christ-likeness people. Therefore who is a Christian? The bible says: “ It was at Antioch that the believers were first called Christians” Act 11:26 Therefore, a called Christian is  one, who has listened to the gospel of repentance from sin and turned to God for forgiveness through the blood of Jesus Christ(the lamb) that was shed on the cross in Golgotha, as it is written: “ Indeed, under the law of God, almost everything is purified  with blood, and without the shedding of blood there is no forgiveness of sins” Hebrew 9:21-22. And Leviticus 17:11 says: “Blood which is life, takes away sins”. How can the LORD Jesus Christ come and take away sins OVER 2010 years ago, but still yet we are consciously living in sins and up to the point of legalizing it? This is a tragedy! The devil has turn us into his fools! When I think of this, my heart bleeds with pains! So, the responsibility before God of every human being on the face of the earth who calls himself a Christian, is to see that the SIN problem the Lord had taken away with his death on the cross, is solved in his life, and the life of others. Therefore, I am just doing my own legitimate responsibility before God, to see that the SIN problem is solved in my life, and the life of others. I’m therefore in my numerous writings not fighting against human beings who are my likes, but against the SIN problem and it’s author the devil. To this the bible says: “For we are not contending against blood , but against the principalities, against the powers, against the world rulers of this present darkness, against the spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places” Ephesians 6:12. The fundamental question to ask here is: are our eyes fixed on solving the SIN problem in our life and those of others, or on our religious system? Before we really begin reading, I want to emphasize that, I AM NOT OF ANY RELIGIOUS SYSTEM, BUT A “BORN AGAIN CHILD OF GOD”. Therefore, I am non-denominational, and a MESSENGER OF GOD, SEND BY HIM TO HIS PEOPLE IN PREPARATION FOR THE RAPTURE. Thus, I’m a member of the body of Christ and by consequence, one with any born again child of God on planet earth, irrespective of race. We may have an assembly where we fellowship with other brethren, and not a religious system that we adore. Pentecostal, was normally use to refer to born again children of God, led by the holy Spirit. But unfortunately today, it is fast becoming a religious system with some counterfeit “Christianity” overwhelming it . So, my voice is that of a MESSENGER, and not a religious somebody, just demonstrating some religious knowledge, to please people. A MESSENGER is the mouth piece of his MASTER, and so can’t say anything other than that put his mouth by his master, and will be prepared to say it even unto death. Those who have read Prophet Jeremiah, knew he was a faithful messenger even unto death. He didn’t compromise what was put into his mouth to be said, because he was afraid to be killed by the king. He accepted to be put in a muddy well, than compromise what his master had put in his mouth to say. As for me, I have heard God, and so must speak! Are you a messenger of God in what he has ask you to tell His people, or are you a messenger of a religious system? When a man has heard God, and his eyes have been opened to see the glory of the coming age, he will be prepared to die for it, than compromise to miss it. The thing is that, many of us lack the authority of word because we have not really heard God, nor have really behold the glory of the coming age, and so doubt what we say. As we read, let our minds be opened to check our life, accept the realities of things as God open our eyes to see them, and try to put ourselves right with God and His word, than be angry and stop reading because we think our religious system has been attacked. Satan will instigate us with anger and say “stop reading what this idiot is writing, and attacking your precious religious system”. This will only be one of his strategies to keep us away from the truth, which may set us free from his chains of spiritual blindness. And will equally be a prove of the manifestation of an uncircumcised heart from the idol of anger, the love of our religious system than God, and pride. And we don’t think any of such will inherit the kingdom of righteousness, no matter his sincerity. To stop raeding and get angry because someone seems to have spoken negatively against our religious system, means that we are a convert of that religious system and not of Christ. Authentic Christ followers seek for the truth, and not defending religious systems. So, let us WATCH against Satan’s disguises to look as an angel of light and seduce us! We will be judged before God by His word(John 12:48), and not what our religious system says. So lets strive to be in conformity with the word of God, rather than with our religious systems. THE GOSPEL OF ENTERTAINMENT WILL TAKE US TO HELL! If we are under any preacher, who doesn’t emphasize on the SIN problem , but busy on other things that incite human carnal emotions, then be careful! We must surely be in counterfeit “Christianity. THE GOSPEL OF ENTERTAINMENT WILL TAKE US TO HELL! The Lords says: - “ Go in through the narrow gate because the gate to hell is wide and the road that leads to it is easy, and there are many who travel it. But the gate to life is narrow and the way that leads to it is hard, and there are few people who find it” Matthew 7:13-14. - Jesus answered them” Do your best to go in through the narrow door, because many people will surely try to go in but will not be able” Luke 13:24. Today’s church is full of entertainers as the bible puts it: -“ Your prophets had nothing to tell you but lies; their preaching deceive you by never exposing your sin. They made think you did not need to repent” Lamentation 1:14. -“The time will come when people will not listen to sound doctrine, but will collect for themselves more and more teachers who will tell them what they are itching to hear. They will turn away from listening to the truth and give their attention to legends” 2nd Timothy 4:3-4. You will agree with us that, many today preach a gospel of “ be careful not to hurt”. SEEK WHERE THE SWORD WORD IS PREACHED, THAT YOU MAY ESCAPE FROM THE LAKE OF FIRE! The Lord says: -” What good is straw compared with wheat? My message is like a fire, and like a hammer that breaks rocks in pieces. I am against those prophets who take each others words and proclaim them as my message. I am also against those prophets who speak their own words and claim they came from me. Listen to what I say! I am against the prophets who tell dreams that are full of lies. They tell these dreams and lead my people astray with their lies and their boasting. I did not send them to go, and they are of NO HELP TO ALL THE PEOPLE” Jeremiah 23:29-32. - “ The word of God is alive and active sharper than any double-edge sword. It piece all the way through, to where the joints and marrow come together. It judges the desires and thoughts of man’s heart. Hebrew 4:12. Are you where your ears are entertained with exciting words, so that you jump, shout, clap then send your hands in your pockets to remove money and give to your entertainer? “ …Counterfeit Christianity and HOMOSEXUALITY ….” What is the devil now doing through the so called “Christian” countries? The wicked one-Satan, is busy through HOMOSEXUALITY, imposing the SIN problem on it’s people , and therefore CURSING them and the world at large, unto quick destruction. Look brethren! Education cannot solve the SIN problem, but on the contrary, it produces sophisticated sinners! Are they not the most educated counterfeit “Christians” in authority, legalizing homosexuality? They are educated sophisticated sinners that the devil is using to twist the word of God, and turn what is wrong to be right , and what is right to be wrong. An educated sinners under the power of the devil, will struggle to explain how homosexuality is natural and in born. They will use words like human rights to come out with legal words like “ hate speech”, to defend the evil practices of homosexuality. When an educated man hates you, because he is cultured by education, he will smile with you while looking for a way to knife you in the back. Whereas with an uneducated man, you immediately see it on his face, and take disposition. They will steal and intelligently build up documents to justify the theft, that will look very truthful. I’m not saying that education is bad! NO!!! Education is good, but it produces sophisticated sinners. I overheard a servant of the Lord saying that, a Dr. in a renowned University was one day called Mr! He said no!!!! Call me Dr! Then he was made supervisor of Student’s nutrition, and he began to intelligently steal money for student’s food! So they said he had PhD in stealing and started calling him Dr thief! In fact his doctorate didn’t change him. He was an educated thief. So we have Professors and doctors of sexual immorality, homosexuality, pedophiles, thieves, lairs, drunkards, etc.. Education doesn’t change a man, but the power of God by the Holy Spirit, through repentance from sins in the born again process(John 3:3, Act 2:38). Brethren, the skies above the earth are dark with God’s ANGER that will soon pour at any moment from now. Please I exhort that we believe the Spirit of the LORD using the mortal instrument (durst) that I am, and many others he is now raising to warn the world into readiness, so that no one may claim before the judgment throne of God, that he didn’t know. Please, we exhort you to try as much as you can, to lay hands on this book: IMMINENT END OF THE WOPRLD, by Br. Ezra Orlando Chea. Just go to google and type this name to see where it is sold all over the world. Or you can contact me directly to get a copy for you. It will help us to be ready for the rapture at any moment from now. So if we are honest that we love God, and think that we should as individuals take side with Him through Christ, to solve the SIN problem in our life and that of others, and so save the world from the numerous ravages that SINS brings, then we should join the Lord to come out from every sterile religious system that has been unable up till now, to solve the SIN problem in our life, and the lives of others. Then become a sincere child of God born again through Christ(john 3:3), to impact the world for God’s glory. Yes, for the bible say: “ Then I heard another voice from heaven, saying “ COME OUT, my people! Come out from her! You must not take part in her sins; you must not share in her punishment! For her Sins are piled up as high as heaven, and God remember her wicked ways” Revelation 18: 4-5. If in reality we think that we love God, and not just playing the game of hypocrisy, it is but normal that we should heed to the voice of this God we say we love, and come out ! Yes, because real authentic love for God, means obedience. If we obey this his command and come out, this system of counterfeit “Christianity” will crumble. A counterfeit “Christianity” that presents a counterfeit Jesus who save sinners WITH THEIR sins, and not FROM THEIR sins. A counterfeit Jesus who cajole sinners on theirs backs to take them to heaven with their sins, so that we have those who call themselves: “Christian” liars, thieves, crooks, Charmers, prostitutes, homosexuals, lesbians, pedophiles, fornicators, magicians, adulterers, witches, drunkards, arm robbers etc. This is really Satan’s counterfeit Jesus. The real authentic Christianity is that one that presents the true Jesus who saves sinners FROM THEIR sins, because we can be save FROM OUR sins, and not WITH OUR Sins, and take them pure to heaven. Which Jesus are you following: the counterfeit or authentic? Please be carful to WATCH, so that you don't remain the devil's fool untill hell! If this counterfeit “Christianity” is still surviving till date, is because we have refused to obey God’s command to come out of it. We are the ones therefore, responsible for keeping this false system alive, and God knows this! Some will say, I will stay and change things from inside as if God was a fool to command us to come out of it. Acting as such is to say, we are praying for Satan to change. Eternal life cannot be found in a religious system, but by becoming a child of God born again, through sincere repentance from sins(John3:3, Acts 2:38). COUNTERFEIT “ChRISTIANITY" IS VERY DANGEROUS Yes, counterfeit “ Christianity”, is Satan’s extreme violence against the salvation of souls. The bible says: From the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven has suffered violence, and men of violence take it by force” Matthew 11:12. Be a man of violence against the devil, and snatch by force your soul from Satan’s net of counterfeit “Christianity”. The counterfeits, are some manipulative tools put in place by the devil, to maintain souls in spiritual blindness twice fit to be thrown in the lake of fire. They may in disguise, struggle to carry out some outwards works of morality, but very sterile as to redeem a soul from death to life. Adherents may struggle to put on some form of outward religious piety, but rotten inside, with very sick and desperate hearts. To this the Lord Jesus Christ: “ Woe to you , scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For you are like whitewashed tombs, which outwardly appear beautiful but within they are full of dead men’s bones and all uncleanness. So you also outwardly appear righteous to men, but within you are full of hypocrisy and iniquity” Matthew 23:27-28. We can never be saved by our morality of trying to keep some commandments of God, without the power of inward transformation by the Holy Spirit. Listen brethren, for a man to just simply believe that Jesus Christ is the savoir, does not solve the SIN problem and give eternal life. ETERNAL LIFE, IS THE LIFE OF GOD, IMPARTED UPON A REPENTANT SINNER BY THE HOLY SPIRIT THROUGH AN INWARD TRANSFORMATION FROM THE OLD SINFUL NATURE, TO THE NEW ONE. IT BEGINS WITH OUR CONTACT WITH THE LORD JESUS, AND GROWS WITH OUR INCREASING ROMANCE OF HOLINESS WITH HIM. Reasons why it is written:” When a man is in Christ, he is a new creation, the old has past, and the new has come” 2nd Corinthians 5:16-18. It is therefore not a modification of life, but transformation. The rich young man of Matthew 19: 16-25, was rich in the morality of keeping the commandments of God, but in his conscience, knew that he lacked eternal life. So he went to Jesus and asked “ Teacher, what good must I do, to have eternal life”? This man despite his morality of keeping the commandments , was rotten in the heart with selfishness and greed. When the Lord told him: “ If you would be perfect, go sell what you possess and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven; and come follow me”, the young rich man was very sorrowful and left(verse 21-22). Equally we can never be saved by practicing some form of morality in making charity gifts etc. We need the indwelling transformation power of God by the Holy Spirit, through the born again process. A system put in place by Satan, can never be changed, and that is why God is asking us to come out of it. So we must not pretend to be wiser than Him. Did God not ask Joseph to flee with Jesus from Satan’s reach, to Egypt? If Joseph disobeyed, saying that he will stay and change Satan’s heart through prayers, the savior would have been killed. So if we have been ignoring this command, today, God is reminding us of it through His WATCHMEN! The Spirit of the Lord is speaking and warning! The wind blows and we do not know where it is coming from, or is going! Are we to do something about this command to ‘COME OUT’ now before it becomes too late for us to do anything about it? The Lord says: “ Stand by the roads, and look, and ask for the ancient paths, where the GOOD WAY IS; and WALK in it, and find REST for your SOULS. But they said ‘we will not walk in it’ I set WATCHMEN over you, saying ‘Give heed to the sound of the trumpet’! But they said, ‘We will not give heed’. Therefore hear, O congregation, what will happened to them. Hear, or earth; behold, I am bringing evil upon this people, the fruit of their devices, because they have not given heed to my words; and as for my Law, they have rejected it..” Jeremiah 6:16-21. A well renown Pastor of the major Presbyterian religious system in the capital of my country, where mostly the top brass of administration and the society in general attend, had his eyes open to the “GOOD WAY” to walk on with God and find rest for souls! He began preaching repentance from sins and baptism(immersion) for the forgiveness of sins(Act2:38), therefore putting to question the sprinkling of water on the heads of babies as baptism. This raised an uproar in the church, with accusations against him of bringing the doctrines of “born again sects”, contrary to Presbyterian tradition. The system then threw him out, through the window. The greatest successful trick of the devil, was to have initiated and established the system of counterfeit “Christianity” through the Roman Emperor Constantine, from 313AD, to divert the right way of the Lord. (see details in the book : IMMINENT END OF THE WORLD). I strongly believe that if not of this counterfeit “ Christianity”, or you take away counterfeit “Christianity”, SATAN will not have a single soul in the world to dominate! Since I came out of counterfeit “ Christianity” to be a true child of God born again through Christ in the right way( John 3:3), I have not stop crying why Satan ever succeeded in establishing this manipulative system. I just imagine that if I had died while still in Satan’s deceitful manipulations in counterfeit “Christianity”, that would have been all about me, to spend eternity in the lake of fire, just as many today. Brethren, from when our Lord Jesus Christ defeated Satan by nailing the SIN problem on the cross through his blood, Satan lost power over every single soul on earth. This is proved by the very short time the New Testament believers used to ravage souls from his hands, after the resurrection and ascension of Christ up to heaven. The devil after struggling to no avail in persecuting and killing the first new testament believers as means of stopping souls being snatched from him, came up with the counterfeit “ Christianity “, strategy, which unfortunately for humanity, worked. It was with the use of this counterfeit “Christianity”, that Satan succeeded in stopping the massive process of soul winning from hell, that the first New Testament believers had engaged. The bible says: “ And he testified with many other words and exhorted them, saying “Save yourselves from this crooked generation” So those who received his word were, baptized, and there were added that day THREE THOUSAND SOULS” Acts 2: 40-42. “If not of counterfeit “Christianity”, the whole world would be saved” So as we earlier said, if counterfeit “Christianity” goes off the scene, nearly the whole world will be saved from sins, and therefore from curses that sins brings and eternal lake of fire. Islam, Buddhism, and all the others, are nothing before the convicting and transformation power of the Lord Jesus. Yes, because, before, during, and after the Lord Jesus Christ, there were death religious system serving an unknown God, without Christ. And any worship rendered to an unknown God, is to Satan and his demons (gods). There was only Judaism which was a shadow pointing to Christ, that was connected to the true God. And when Christ came, Judaism ended! Any Judaism now, is a worship to Satan and his demons. The truth is seen in the many who are turning away from these death religious systems, through authentic born again Christianity, to be new creatures in Christ. My self, and many others all over the world, are good testimonies. Souls therefore, were being rapidly snatched by the New Testament believers from the devil’s hands, in the face of these other death religions which where his hand work. Therefore, they were not a problem, and still are not a problem today. If they were strong and could withstand the convicting and transformation power of Christ, Satan would not have boarder to go on rampage roaring like a wild loin to persecute them , and sought for another better solution which was counterfeit “ Christianity”. And it was only after he had succeeded to install this fake “Christianity”, that he found rest. Yes, we can see him easily using counterfeit “Christianity”, to promote evil practices like Homosexuality etc… The greatest success of the devil in the world today, is the use of this counterfeit “Christianity”, to disused the others he is yoking in other death religious systems that, Christianity is a very serious evil. Know one ignores his use of Islam, to block the gospel of salvation in Christ through repentance from sins, in the Arab world. Through counterfeit “Christianity”, Christianity is considered as the worst evil that ever existed on earth. To them, the so called “ Christians” that are legalizing homosexuality and their priest who are wonderful pedophiles, is the worst evil to tolerate. In this tactics of divide and rule, satan better maintains souls in darkness twice fit to be thrown into the lake of fire. He has vowed before God, to take as many as he can, if possible the whole world with him, into the lake of fire. The bible says: “ Then the devil who deceived them, was thrown into the lake of fire and sulphur, where the beast and the false prophets had already been thrown; they will be tormented day and night for ever and ever” Revelations 20: 10. Let us face facts, there are things like homosexuality that every human being on earth created by God, naturally knows that it is evil. It is not a thing that we need to teach some one on , because even animals and birds, naturally know this. Have you ever seen a male dog running after another male dog, or a female dog running after another for copulation? They say, No! No! No! this is below the dignity of dogs. Or have you ever seen a cock running after another, or a hen after another for copulation? They say, No! No! No!, This is below the dignity of fouls. But today, under the wicked powers of Satan, men run after men, and women after women for copulation, fully promoted by mostly nations of counterfeit “Christianity”. From the day Satan sinned against God and was thrown out of heaven onto the earth, he vowed to destroy mankind before the watchful eyes of God, through every possible means among which is Homosexuality and lesbianism. The bible says, “ Be sober, be WATCHFUL. Your adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking some one to devour.” 1st Peter 5:8-9 Satan being thrown out of his natural habitation is reduced below the dignity of animals and insects. And that is why, his children bears his nature, and are lower than animals. No doubt, they are able to do things that animals can’t do. Animals are still living in their natural God established domain, and so live as God wants, but Satan is not. How then will we want a moral Moslem, to want to be contaminated by homosexual – Christianity? So there is no grounds on which we can hate them. We must love them and pray for the LORD to open their minds to understand the difference between counterfeit and authentic Christianity, so that they can turn to it for the salvation of their souls. Statistics are showing that, Islamism has greatly gain grounds in this later centuries especially in the so called “Christian” countries. While Christianity even the fake, has been unable to make an inch in their territories. Look at the present war in Afghanistan! The Taliban are prepared to give up their lives just because they ignorantly think that, it is their responsibility before God, to fight against evil-Christianity coming from so called “Christian” nations, that may over take the land, an institute evils like homosexuality etc, which they are legalizing in their own countries. In this spirit, they are prepared to kill any one talking about Christ, out of ignorance. Just of recent, they killed some ten humanitarians including doctors, who have been struggling to help Afghans, because they were believed to be Christians. So we see the evil, counterfeit “Christianity” is causing. They are very careful not to be contaminated by sinful-Christianity, and go out to moralize them through Islam, and are succeeding before a counterfeit “Christianity”. Islam is just a very recent phenomenon initiated by Mohammed it’s founder 570-632 AD. Are you in something called ”Christian religion”, but still the old sinful creature , actively living in sins and going to your “church” every Sunday, and doing some “works” you call serving the Lord? Please, you are in counterfeit “Christianity” as I was! And if death happens to snatch you today, be sure to spend eternity in the lake of fire. You may quote the famous quotation of : ”Thou shall not judge”, it won’t change anything to this truth. There is nothing before God like Christian-sinners, who will not be thrown in the lake of fire. If in broad day light, a man covers his eyes and say sun does not exist, it won’t cancel the truth that there is sun. If in reality, the so called “Christianity” of today was not in the pocket of Satan, and his good instrument to manipulate people in spiritual darkness, this world would have in a greater dimension changed in resemblance to Christ as we have earlier mentioned. Man is in a terrible religious mess! Yes, looking at the impact of the first New Testament believers to the world at their short time of operation, and comparing with ours in present day, after over two thousand years, there is great demarcation. Ours has been a lot of noise, in the name of a counterfeit “Christianity”, breading homosexuals, lesbians, paedophiles, thieves, liars, fornicators, adulterers, etc. We see the devil today, using our Governing authorities to endorse, legalized and impose homosexuality on it’s people(yes, because legalizing evil is telling the people , that it is a good thing to do, and so you can do it freely ). The bible says: “ Everyone must obey the state authorities……He is God servant and carries out God’s punishment on those who do EVIL” Romans 13:1-5. But unfortunately, they have instead turn to be the promoters of EVIL. I wonder who of those parents, even though may be practicing this evil as Satan’s conditions to be in the position of authority, will open into their children’s room, and see one of his boys bent like a dog, while the other is behind with penis in his anus, or the females in inverse position, busy with their tongues in the vaginal of one another, and support the scene, without getting into a shock. But unfortunately they will prefer to encourage and promote the destruction of others. This is really the devil’s wickedness. And to these our governing authorities legalizing this evil, the Lord says: “Now therefore, O kings, be wise; be warned, O rulers of the earth. Serve the LORD with FEAR, with TREMBLING kiss his feet” Psalms 1:10-11. Because you have turn to be the evildoer, instead of the Law doer according to God your creator, we exhort you now to repent and turn to the true Jesus Christ for the salvation of your souls. PRAYERS: -Father, we thank you for this enlightening exhortations on counterfeit “Christianity” and it’s evil consequences! -We pray that you spiritually open our minds to understanding of the realities, on the existence of counterfeit and authentic Christianity! -Open our eyes and show us the clear differences between counterfeit and authentic Christianity! -Father, we pray that you turn our hearts away from counterfeit “ Christianity” unto authentic Christianity. -May our eyes be open to this divine biblical truth that, unless a man is born again as you say in John 3:3, he cannot see the kingdom of righteousness! And may you teach us the right biblical steps of becoming one. -May it forever dawn upon our spirit that, we are born creatures of God, and only become children of God through the born again process as written in John 1:12-13. -That to be a child of God, is not family religious hereditary by birth, but we become one through conscious engagement in the born again process. -Father, we confess that by collaborating with counterfeit “Christianity”, we have been helping to sustain the system, and so give the devil victory over souls. -May our hearts be convicted that we are saved from sins and not with our sins, as counterfeit “Christianity” seems to present. -Open our minds to the understanding that, the doctrine of counterfeit “Christianity”, on purgatory where Christian –sinners will be purified after death and taken to heaven, is a terrible lie of the devil! -Father, we pray that you open the minds of those yoked by Satan under other death religious systems, but deterred by the conduct of counterfeit “ Christianity” from turning to Christ for the salvation of their souls, to understand that there is counterfeit and authentic Christianity. -Father, as the Moslems go praying and fasting this 30days of what they call Ramadan, we pray that, instead of the release of spiritual sacrificial power to strengthen the spirit of Islam, let it instead turn in their favor by creating a desire in their heart. A desire that will go to make them interested in knowing Jesus Christ, and turning in repentance to him for the salvation of their souls.. -We pray that you open up a way for them to come in contact with authentic Christianity than the counterfeit, as to be convicted of the reality of a true and sinless Christ, whose followers hate sins. We can continue to pray as the spirit leads us. Continue this topic on our blog page.

paula garcia Aug 13, 2010 5 تعليقات

Gracias Senor por la vida por todo lo que me has regalado sin merecerlo, recuerdo mi pasado Amado Senor y recuerdo que aveces no tenia ni para comer con mis muchachos pequenos y mi esposo sumergido en el alcohol, haciendolo totalmente irresponsable me toco hacer de padre y de madre al mismo tiempo, trabajando bastante para sobrevivir y siempre anorrando compatir mas tiempo con mis muchachos y todas las cosas de su nines. Ahora el tiempo ha pasado, tengo mi hija mas grande que trabaja para una aerolinea, aqui en los U.S.A y por la misericordia del Senor hoy puedo viajar casi a cualquier pate del mundo,mi esposo despues de 17 anos ha dejado de beber y todo se lo debo a la gran miseicordia de mi Senor, mis hijo son buenos joveness, les he tratado de inculcar el gran amor de mi Senor, reconosco que sin la ayuda del Senor no lo hubiese logrado pero el ha estado en cada momento de mi vida renovando mis fuerzas el camino no ha sido facil pero aqui estoy Senor, agarrada de tu mano sin quererme soltar, gracias porque las asperezas del camino no han cambiado mi corazon, sigue siendo ese corazon agradecido que te amara hasta la muerte.

Ezra Aug 09, 2010 3 تعليقات

From Br. Ezra Orlando chea PRE-NOTES: How many of us do WATCH to build up a wall and stand in the breach before God, in favor of our family members (extended not just immediate), our village, town, nation, continent and world as a whole? The LORD says: “ And I sought for a MAN AMONG THEM who should BUILD UP THE WALL AND STAND IN THE BREACH BEFORE ME FOR THE LAND, that I should not DESTROY it; but I found NONE. Therefore, I have poured out my indignation upon them; I have consumed them with the fire of my wrath; their way have I required upon their heads, says the Lord God” Ezekiel 22:30-31 He goes further to add “I do not want anyone to die, says the LORD. Turn away from your sins and live” Ezekiel 18: 32. Because of this His love for the life of man, not wanting him to perish, He acted in favor of man to sacrifice the blood of his only begotten son our LORD JESUS CHRIST, to meet the obligation of His own very Law that says : “ Indeed, under the Law almost everything is purified with blood, and without the shedding of blood there is no forgiveness of sins” Hebrew 9:22. Brethren, many of us quite often say that, Christ died for the forgiveness of our sins which is true, but do not understand that God was meeting the obligation of His own Law, because he can’t step over it and act otherwise. God loved us and paid his own very price that we may not pay with our own blood, the wages of our sins which is death (eternal spiritual separation from him in the lake of fire). Christ his son loved us that he accepted his father’s offer to sacrifice him on our behalf (Worthy art thou to take the scroll and to open its seals, for thou was slain and by thy blood didst ransom men for God, from every tribe and tongue and people and nation, and hast made them a kingdom and priests to our God, and they shall reign on earth” Revelation 5:9-11. When a man loves, he gives! What have we given as our own love sacrifice for our neighbors? Every human being on planet earth is our neighbor. Brethren our own love seems to be hypocritical! We are often quick to say the greatest commandment of God is to love. Let us frankly asked ourselves this question: Do we really Love! If we can’t express the simple love of sharing what we have with the needy (see prayer of July 12/2010), is it our lives that we can sacrifice in building a hedge for the others (prayers and fasting)? Today God has freely given us a base which is our Lord Jesus Christ, on which we can stand on before Him, for the seek of ourselves and others, but what are we doing with this free base? Are we effectively using it in our favor and those of others? Brethren, many of us think that because we have been saved, the others can then perish. This is the wickedness of hearts! This is the mark of an uncircumcised heart, possessed by the spirit of self centeredness (refer the subject of circumcision of hearts from idols on my blog). We must not forget that the man who receives the light of God, and is passed from the kingdom of darkness to that of light through authentic born again process, has a greater responsibility before God for every soul that perishes around him, be them in sterile “Christian” religious system or not, because we failed to stand in the breach before God. The Lord has said plainly: “Son of man, I have made you a WATCHMAN …..If I announce that an evil man is going to die but you do not warn him to change his ways so that he can save his life, he will die, still a sinner and I will hold you responsible for his death. If you do warn an evil man and he doesn’t stop sinning, he will die, still a sinner, but your life will be spared.” Ezekiel 2: 17. Every authentic born again child of God through scriptural modalities, and not ordinances of religious systems be it “Christian” or not, is God’s WATCHMAN on earth! Authentic born again children of God reading this, will understand what I mean. The present fallen world, should be considered as that Garden of Eden that God gave us to “till and keep it” Genesis 2:15. Let us just mention by passing that, the real garden of Eden from the beginning was in present day Iraq: “And the name of the river is Tigris, which flows east of Assyria. And the fourth river is the Euphrates” Genesis 2:10-14. Take your world map, and you will trace out these two rivers in Iraq. That is the spot where the garden of Eden was, where God placed the two human beings He created(Adam and Eve). Abraham moved from this area in the East (Ur in Babylonia), to the Land of Canaan Genesis 11:1-32. When we ask many where the garden of Eden is , they say in heaven. Lets come back to our central topic, how many of us authentic born again children of God today, do really humble before the Lord to pay the price of love in prayers, fasting , evangelization in favor of the salvation of the souls of others: -Our Father, -Mother, -Children, -Brothers and sisters, -In-laws etc…? Not then to talk of: -Friends, -Nation, -Continent, and -The world at large? We forget to know that, others conscious of this principle, must have been standing as a breach before the Lord for the salvation of our souls, and that is why we gave in to the gospel of salvation when it reached us! It is very true that the fallen human being is naturally prone to self interest, and that is why circumcision of heart from idols is a priority. When it is something that concerns our own life, we put in all that we can. But when it concerns another, we close our eyes, and say “God helps those who help themselves”. Let us come to a limited level! Brethren, how many of us can truly say that we have been taking time before the Lord in prayers and fasting to stand as a breach before the Lord, on behalf of the soul of our wife, husband, mother, father or children? Our tendency quite often is to accuse them for refusing to give their lives to Christ. We prefer to insult and fight them through many ways on the pretext that, they are refusing to give their lives to Christ. A soul is first worn in private with the Lord, against Satan’s domination over that soul in the invisible, before materializing gradually in the visible (read prayer of June 11 and 14/ 2010) for how to go about this). It can take us years to privately work the salvation of a soul with the Lord in the invisible, without outward pressures, which quite often instead harden the person’s heart against sincere repentance and turning to the Lord. It is not talking or shouting that changes a man’s heart, but a supernatural divine light from above, that dawns upon a person’s mind, bringing divine understanding. We are talking out of some personal experience. Nearly all of my family is turning to Christ in the right way today, not because I shouted at them, but as a result of years of private working with the Lord in their favor. Often, they just surprise me with the news that, they have given their lives to Christ and have been Baptist(immersion). As they continue with the Lord and begin to experience a profound change in their lives than they were in their religious systems, they begin acknowledging the clear difference between being a sinner- “Christian”, and a born again child of God. It is necessary that , we be patient with them as to lead them to Christ. Let us just pay our own price before the Lord in their favor, and he will move them to himself through whom ever He wants. My family which is staunch Protestant, even though with some Catholics, always think that, they are already with Jesus, and so the stuff of being born again, is for some bunch of frustrated people. You know when a people have being led in a wrong way about Jesus, and have a false Jesus in their heads whom they think, cajole sinners on their backs, it then becomes very difficult to remove the false Jesus, for the true one to come in. It is very easy with those in other sterile religious systems not talking about Jesus to turn to the right Jesus, than those already talking about Jesus. My family members in their protestant religion, freely go to soothsayers, practice divination, consult horoscopes, practice ancestral worships in the name of the custom and tradition of the people, have boy friends and girl friends with whom they practice the sin of sexually immorality(fornication), commit adultery, practice monogamy, steal, tell lies, gossip, practice bribery and corruption, bitterness, anger, drunkenness etc, without any problem. I was an adept of some of these evil practices, when I was still a protestant and singing in the choir, until I became a born again child of God. An unbeliever, be that one in a sterile “ Christian” religious system that is incapable of giving it’s followers the power to overcome sins through Christ, or others, have his eyes spiritual blinded by the prince of this world of darkness, to the meaning of being born again. This, just like Nicodemus was, when the Lord was talking to him of being born again. He was a teacher of morality in his religious system (Judaism) that was coming to an end, beginning from the Lord Jesus(John 3:3). The Nicodemus “Christainism” of today is blind to the meaning of being born again. Many don’t even know that the word born again is in the bible and so call it “born again sects”. Brethren, you know that the greatest successfully trick of the devil was to have initiated and established fake "Christianity" through Roman Emperor Constantin, since 313AD. We will handle this in another topic, some days to come. I'm strongly convinced that, if fake "Christianity" didn't exist or is taken away, nearly the whole world will be born again(John 3:3) through Christ, in the right way. We need to understand religious history, so as not to be led foolisly by the devil to abandon the word of God, and begin to follow religious dogmas. Therefore, we must understand their handicap, and be very patient when dealing with them, in favor for the salvation of their souls. We will be insulted, mocked, criticized, and quoted the famous saying “The bible says thou shall not judge”! Please, let this not discourage us, it is all in the package of the price to be paid, that we must pay . Never therefore should we be deterred by this, and abandon them to themselves. If we do, we will be sinning before God! When in darkness, we too behaved negatively likewise. This world is soon coming under God’s wrath of fire! Should we out of indulgence allow our people to perish because we didn’t stand in the breach before God for the salvation of their souls? Certainly not! We must seek to please the Lord and only the Lord, and not man or ourselves. Some may read this and accuse me of criticizing their religion! But am I to listen to them and be annoyed? Certainly not! Because if I do, I will be a fool in God’s eyes, because He knows that they are ignorant! If they insulted Jesus and spat in his face, who are we not to be mocked? If Jesus got annoyed like some of us today, and abandoned the cause he came for, you and I will not be talking of salvation in Jesus Christ today! If the same Jesus was to come today, like in his days, he will still be mocked and spat upon. I believe it will instead be worse because, as we move more closer to the end which is at any time from now, people seem to be more and more wicked. They hold on an outward form of godliness, but rejecting its power of inward transformation to a new creation(2nd Timothy 3:1-6). Although the people of Sodom and Gomorrah practiced homosexuality, their authorities never really endorse, legalize and impose it on the people. The men waited but at night, to come against Lot. But on the contrary today, our governing authorities and it’s homosexual adepts, stand for it in broad day light, and go out matching to insult God in the face. So, it is high time for every authentic born again child of God to be conscious of this fact, and so, WATCH to build up a wall and stand in the breach before God, in favor of our family members(extended not just immediate), our village, town, nation, continent and world as a whole. Presently, there are floods ravaging in Pakistan, and wild fire ravaging in Russia and destroying lives that certainly have not repented and so are going to hell! How many of us have been able to stand before the Lord as breach, to plead for God’s mercy upon these areas ? We must understand that: -The more we pray and fast for others, the more our supernatural charnel for prayers and fasting is deepen and widen, and we can only be the beneficiary. -The more we stand as a breach before God in favor of others no matter whether we thing they are our enemies, the more we are favored before the Lord. Yes, for what we do in favor of others, God will do in our favor. What did David say when he spared the live of Saul?: “Just as I have spared your life today, may the LORD do the same to me and free me from all troubles” 1st Samuel 26:24 So, if we are self centered and selfish Vis a Vis others, it can only be to our own detriment. We see the devil today, using our Governing authorities to endorse, legalized and impose homosexuality on it’s people(yes, because legalizing evil is telling the people , that it is a good thing to do, and so you can do it freely ). The bible says: “ Everyone must obey the state authorities……He is God servant and carries out God’s punishment on those who do EVIL” Romans 13:1-5. But unfortunately, they have instead turn to be the promoters of EVIL. I wonder who of those parents, even though may be practicing this evil as Satan’s conditions to be in the position of authority, will open into their children’s room, and see one of his boys bent like a dog, while the other is behind with penis in his anus, or the females in inverse position, busy with their tongues in the vaginal of one another, and support the scene, without getting into a shock! But unfortunately they will prefer to encourage and promote the destruction of others. This is really the devil’s wickedness. And to these our governing authorities legalizing this evil, the Lord says: -“Now therefore, O kings, be wise; be warned, O rulers of the earth. Serve the LORD with FEAR, with TREMBLING kiss his feet” Psalms 1:10-11. But for us, what should we do? As we see governing authorities of mostly the so called “ Christian” countries acting in this evil way through the power of Satan, we should begin by fighting this evil forces in the invisible with the power of authority God has given us over them in the name of Jesus, rather than allowing them to finally reach our own governments. And when they legalize it, we then begin to meditate over spilled milk, by carrying placards in the streets in the name of protest. We all acknowledge that this carrying of placards is just some funny cinema because it has never stopped it. The Lord recommends that we pray for our governing authorities, certainly so that, they should pass good laws and govern the people well in fear of the Lord. This because, He knows the influential powers of the devil over them. How many of us do pray for good Laws to be initiated and passed by our decision making governing bodies? We fold our arms and allow the devil to initiate and vote them through, then we starts criticizing! No one wins a war while on the defensive. Has the Lord not been re-iterating our supremacy over the earth as he had intended from the beginning saying: -“You are my son, today I have begotten you. Ask of me and I will make the nations your heritage, and the ends of the earth your possession. You shall break them with rod of ion, and dash them in pieces like a potter’s vessel” Psalms 1:7-9 -Jesus answered. “Is it not written in your law, ‘I said you are gods’? If he called them gods to whom the word of God come (and scripture cannot be broken), John 10:34-35. Brethren we are the ones limiting God. Are we to raise up from slumber now and begin to play the role that God is expecting us to play? PRAYERS: Father we pray that you open our minds and teach us in the understanding of what is meant by: “TO BUILD UP THE WALL AND STAND IN THE BREACH BEFORE ME FOR THE LAND”! -May your divine light dawn upon our hearts in a way that, every sincere born again child of yours will understand that, he/she is a WATCHMAN for you on earth! And that every soul that perishes because he failed to do what he knew of you was to be done, but failed to do it! -Father, we pray confessing that we have been failing you in our role as WATCHMEN before you, to build up the wall and stand in the bridge while you look to see just one, but you didn’t, and so souls had to perish in our family, nation and the world! -We confess the guiltiness of our sins of self-centeredness, and pray that our hearts be convicted and urged to seek for circumcision from this wicked idol! -Father, we pray that you pour upon our hearts through the Holy Spirit, your own hatred for this sin, so that we can hate it and collaborate with you to get rid of it from our hearts! -May we begin to love our family members, nation, content and the world at large, and begin to BUILD UP THE WALL AND STAND IN THE BREACH BEFORE YOU on their behalf! Continue to pray as the spirit leads you For now, us advice every reader of this page (single or married), to visit my blog and read what divine inspiration says on the last debate: Open date N° 5: How do we proceed in the choice of a life partner as to assure a successful Christian marriage? This topic seems preoccupying to many, and there are one or two things to learn that may help prevent future marital squabbles, or solve some present ones because we failed some where from the beginning. After some time, we will then come up with debate topic N°6.

Ezra Jun 24, 2010 6 تعليقات

From Br. Ezra Orlando Chea Pre-note: The pleasure of sex outside marriage is the pleasure of death! To begin with, we all acknowledge the point that, SIN is the only fundamental problem existing between God and man. And when this is successfully handled, all the multiple problems we suffer are automatically solved like: sickness, poverty, famine, worries etc.., . and above all, Hell. The bible says: “ In your struggle against SIN you have not yet RESISTED to the point of SHEDDING YOUR BLOOD” Hebrew 12:4. To ignore the SIN problem and go to focalize on the secondary issues, is great seduction from Satan to end us in Hell. Our goal sometimes now in our various prayers, has been directed towards SIN. After laying a good foundation on the SIN issue, we will step into health problems which is something that is greatly plaguing the saints of today. That said, any sexual act outside marriage, brings spiritual death and physical death will just be a matter of time. Today, stoning to death as was in the old testament no longer exist, but we are spiritually death, unless we repent, and physical death can then follow in any manner(accidents, diseases etc... ). Sex outside marriage is a terrible abomination before God, because even as we say every sin is sin, sexual immorality is the number one sin emphasized in the bible: - “Avoid immorality. Any other sin a man commits does not affect his body; but the man who is guilty of sexual immorality….. ”1st Corinthians 6:18. - Can you carry fire against your chest without burning your cloths? Can you walk on hot coals without burning your feet? It is just as dangerous to sleep with another man’s wife. Whoever does it will suffer”?” Proverb 6:27. Any woman not married is another man’s wife. – “…Sexual immorality is the short cut to death” Proverb 7:27. SEXUAL IMMORALITY IS COMMITTED IN THE FOLLOWING WAYS: -I go to bed with some one other than my officially married partner. -I caress some one in the way to cause sexual satisfaction. -I masturbate my self. -I secretly kiss some one whether on the hand, jaw or mouth. - I secretly embrace some one as to cause sexual stimuli. -I caress any part of a person’s body: hand, face, back, etc with pleasure even if it is in the public. -I write a secret love letter to someone which I want to be kept secret. -I call some one with a secret pet name that I hide its existence to who ever proving that the relationship is suspicious. -I pay visit to some one that I will not want any person to know. -I watch immoral films. -I read immoral books. -I love phonographic pictures. -I lustfully look at the picture of a woman with some exposed parts of her body. -I deliberately look at some one's private part, when that person is not noticing or is dressing. -I have an immoral thought towards someone. -I imagine myself in sexual relation with someone. -I advance an immoral word or an immoral suggestion towards others. - I sing immoral songs. -I listen with pleasure to immoral songs. - I always love the company of the opposite sex than those of my own sex group etc.. If any one of us is doing any of these, then we are guilty of sexual immorality before God. Unless we repent now, we are sure candidates for hell:”…..fornicators, adulterers , liars….their lot shall be in the lake that burns with fire and sulphur, which is the second death” Revelation 21:8. PRAYERS: - Heavenly father, may you convict our hearts to the truth that the pleasure of every sexual act outside marriage, is the pleasure of death! - Father, we pray that you open our minds to the understanding on the realities of the various forms in which sexual immorality may be manifesting in us. - May our minds be open to the understanding that, every sexual act with another person other than our legitimate partner, is yoking our selves to become one with him/her, and consequently carry all his curses, that will flow to our descendants 3rd to the 4th generation. -May your holy spirit engrave upon our hearts that, every other sin committed is out of our body, but the one who commits sexual immorality, sins against his on body. -We pray that you grant us your divine revelation on the gravity of sexual immorality that you command us not to resist it, but to flee away from it. - Father, may our hearts be convicted right now, to radically stop every sexual immorality we may be involve in, in any of it’s forms. - May it dawn upon our hearts right now that sex is only for the married. In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen. There is what we called nocturnal night sex. This is very rampant with those practicing sexual immorality in any of the forms above. We may even be a virgin but victim of nocturnal sex. This just goes to confirm the biblical point of sins committed in thoughts through any other form above, and not necessary copulation. The bible says plainly when a man joins himself in sex with another, the two become one( 1st Corinth 6:15-17). Therefore, when we got ourselves yoked to others through our sexual immoral life while we were lost in the world, we equally got yoked to their curses. As we come to Christ, until these things are properly handled, the scares will still be serving as connections and used by dirty spirits to have access to us for nocturnal sex. Quite often, when we come to the Lord, and still keep the things of our former sexual partners( pictures, things that they bought for us etc..), demons use them as connections for nocturnal sex with us. To totally destroy these bridges, we must tear or burn all the pictures, and if possible restitute back to our former sexual partners, things they bought for us. When we will begin handling health issues, we will see that most of these nocturnal sex are responsible for some fibroins, sterility, stomach grumbling etc. Open debate N° 2: If the parable of the Ten virgin girls in Matthew 25, pointing to the rapture is addressed particularly to born again children of God(believers in Christ), does it mean that there are some believers who will end up perishing in hell fire? We conclude with what the bible says after a week, and move to another topic. For responds, always check my “blogs” for what divine inspiration says on the topic.

Ezra Jun 14, 2010

From Br. Ezra Orlando Chea PRE-NOTES: ARE YOU SOMEONE INTERESTED IN SOUL WINNING? Snatching souls from the hands of the devil and transferring into the kingdom of Jesus Christ is fundamental, and every sincere born again child of God must answer this general call. In praying fro the salvation of a soul, the following proposed steps must be taken: Have a book of record in which you take names of those you announce Christ and they are interested. Come out with a praying and fasting program to begin presenting each and everyone of them before the Lord for the salvation of their souls. PRAYERS: For God’s light on sins to reach the sinner’s heart for sincere repentance to be produced, we must pray in this direction: - Lord, opens his spiritual sight to see that sins are a sword pierce in your heart (Genesis 6:5). - Grant him the grace to see sins the way you see them in relation to your holiness. - Grant him divine revelation of sins which is eternal separation from you in HELL. - Stir up and revolt his heart and entire being against sins. - Put in his heart your divine anger, bitterness and hatred for sin. - You can continue as the Holy Spirit inspires you….. You, know, there is a mental knowledge of sin, and a revelational knowledge of sin. A mental knowledge of sin can never produce a sincere repentant heart. The one who has received a divine knowledge of sins will have a godly sorry that will produce sincere repentance from the depth of his heart. Because every sin first is against God, before secondary its consequences to man,. Therefore, repentance of sins is towards God (Act 20:21). If I first see sin as to what evil it may bring to me (eg if I steal, I will be caught and imprisoned). It can’t produce sincere repentance towards God. Ask the Lord to reveal to you their family and personal fortresses (worldly things in their lives-idols), that may stand as obstacles for their radical turning to Christ. If you could get the book: Imminent End of the world, in which is a list of over 210 idols in the human heart and 5 steps on how to overthrow them, you can well be guided. But if you can’t get the book in any of it’s forms, just go ahead , the holy spirit will guide you on how to proceed. Ask the Lord to identify the strong satanic chains of blindness that may harden their hearts against radical repentance and turning to Christ. You then get into prayer of authority to uproot and overthrow them, then plant and build Christ in their hearts spiritually just by your words. To this the bible says: “To day I give you the authority over nations and kingdoms to uproot and to pull down, to destroy and to overthrow, to build and plant” Jeremiah 1:10. To win a soul for Christ, we first do it spiritually in the invisible with the Lord, before it materializes to the visible. After the spiritual work in the invisible when we now move physically to present the gospel to the one concern, it will just be harvesting the favorable fruits of the work already done in the invisible in favor of the soul. When we want to plant a farm what do we do? Firstly we clear it from thorns and cultivate the harden soil to soft and fertile one, good to plant the seeds. You can’t take your maize seeds then go and just be scattering them in a thorny bush. This is the same method we must apply to the human heart. Let’s apply this method to our family members and friends, and see how wonderful it works. If you don’t really know how to go about this in details, please let me know? That I may guide you. By working in this manner, this scripture will be accomplishing in your life ” That those who wept as they sowed their seed, gather the harvest with joy! Those who wept as they went out carrying the seed will come back singing for joy, as they bring in the harvest” Psm 126:5-6. Sarah, will you not be answering in this way the cry of your lord:” The harvest is large, but there are few workers to gather in” Matth: 9:37? You will! What a pleasing thing to him? This is real accountable working through which He is going to evaluate us for a reward. Are you not still convinced of the invisible hands of the Lord, trying to beckon you to settle and mean business with Him? When you settle down with him in this manner, there will be no time for you to waste in unnecessary things that won’t help you in your goal. Open Debate N°1: DOES SOMETHING LIKE A CHRISTIAN- SINNER EXIST? (we conclude with what the bible says after a week, and move to another topic). For responds, always check my “blogs” for what divine inspiration says on the topic.

paula garcia Apr 28, 2010 3 تعليقات

Una vez mas Senor rendida a tus pies, agradecida por tu amor tan infinito, no me alcanzan las palabras para darte gracias, un ano mas de vida mi Senor, gracias porque a lo largo del camino he podido sentirte en cada minuto de mi vida amado Senor, porque cuando he caido he podido sentirte a mi lado tendiendome tu mano para volver a levantarme renovando mis fuerzas, dia a dia. Cuando mis muchachos eran pequenos te rogaba vida para verlos crecer y desemvolverse en su largo caminar y ahora Padre amado ya mayores de edad, sigo rogandote por ellos, por mis padres, por mi familia en Guatemala y por los que estamos en este gran pais U.S.A. Bendice este gran pais Senor, pero sobre todo Senor, trasforma corazones, que podamos amar a nuestros hermanos sin importar color o raza que todos podamos unirnos en fuerte abrazo y un apreton de manos y poder sentir en lo mas profundo de nuestro corazon amor cincero, rogando a Dios nos de la oportunidad de salir adelante, de tener nuestro pan diario en nuestra mesa, ganado con nuestro diario trabajo, un techo donde cobijarnos del frio, tener lo primordial, no necesitamos grandes riquezas, solo lo que tu nos quieras dar. Te ruego por la paz de nuestros hogares , por la paz del mundo entero, te ruego Senor por el fin de toda guerra, para que no mueran personas inocentes, por los enfermos en los hospitales, por los ninos huerfanos, que no han conocido el amor de sus padres, por tantos muchachos metidos en pandillas, que andan matando, rovando y haciendo fechorias en las calles, cambialos Senor, que puedan conocer tu amor tan infinito. Se que tu eres un hacedor de milagros Senor, confio en ti mi amado Senor, porque se nos nos amas y diste tu vida por nosotros una muerte tan dolorosa. TE LO RUEGO SENOR CON TODO MI CORAZON TU INCONDICIONAL DISIPULA. PAULA GARCIA LA CUAL NO VIVE SIN TI!

paula garcia Mar 01, 2010 1 التعليق

Mi amado Senor, gracias por la vida, gracias por tus infinitas bendiciones, en este momento estoy reflexionando y observo las noticias atraves de mi televisor y lo unico que observo es dolor y sufrimiento y no puedo hacer fisicamente, pero en el interior de mi corazon elevo una plegaria con toda la sinceridad de mi corazon y mi corazon sufre oh amado padre por estas personas que estan sufrimiendo tan lamentable terremoto, Senor te lo suplico, dale fuerzas a estas personas para mitigar su dolor, proveelas amado padre de alimento para sus ceres queridos en especial padre yo te imploro por los ninos por los ancianos, enfermos, heridos que en este momen no tienen medicinas, despejas caminos para que ellos puedan recibir ayuda lo mas praonto posible, tu que lo imposible lo haces posible, apiadate de toda la humanidad mi mado Padre, Yo que siempre he contado con tigo y nunca me has fallado de lo suplico porque yo se que tu eres un Dios de Amor y Misericordia, de rodillas te lo pido mi amado.

letter Feb 25, 2010 1 التعليق

LORD, thank you for CHILDLIKE faith it is my heart desire to fullfill my Gods given destiny to make Your name known among the NATION.. LORD, I thank you that I have strenght to do ALL you call me to do.. and all what is in the way must BOW DOWN, because FATHER--not my will BUT YOURS WILL BE DONE,on the earth as it is IN HEAVEN!

letter Feb 03, 2010 8 تعليقات

MY DEAR friends, please agree with me in prayer on ---NO cancer in me belly is present, I'm one year after surgery and chemo therapy and now waiting for result of test.. I have great doctor and his name is JESUS,my wish is serve to him and not to die, thank you for reading my words and thank you so much for your agreement, amen

letter Jan 27, 2010 1 التعليق

dear Father, let the Church be one, no protestants, catholic,methodist,puritans... only one BODY OF CHRIST, only one original CHURCH

letter Jan 15, 2010 4 تعليقات

jesus, please give strenght to people on HAITI, ALL WHO ARE WORKING THERE TO SAVE LIFES thank you LORD for all who donate money, prayer and hope.. save this place Lord, AMEN

letter Jan 04, 2010

DEAR GOD, please give us hunger for righteousness,change your church, change us I want be your friend and not your enemy!!

paula garcia Dec 04, 2009 3 تعليقات

AmadoSenor quiero decirte que te amo, quiero gritar a los cuatro vientos que tu eres mi refugio mi fortaleza mi razon de vivir, se termina este ano amado Senor,y con el se van suenos hechos realidad, cosas que pudimos hacer y no logramos hacerlas. Amado Senor quiero darte infinitas gracias por todas las bendiciones que deja este ano, quiero darte gracias por los problemas que enfrente, porque en ellos pude ver tu gran misericordia y pude comprovar tu gran amor para con nosotros, porque cuando mas descorsertada estaba, tu estupiste a mi lado siempre, guiandome y dandome fuerzas. Quiero darte especialmente gracias por esta gran red de Crosstv. gracias por los amigos, porque nos unes tu, sin importar raza, color o religion hoy te quiero pedir por mis amigos, porque este ano que viene sea colmado de infinitas bendiciones sus hogares, que tu paz se manifieste en cada uno de ellos, que sea lleno de abundancia material pero sobre todo, que encuentren en ti ese alimento espiritual que solo tu puedes dar, son los deceos de esta su humilde servidora que se postra ante ti y te suplica que oigas mi oracion. Desde lo mas profundo de mi corazon aula Garcia.

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letter Oct 01, 2009 1 التعليق

DEAR FATHER, we pray that church will be build from spiritual building bloks and all effort of show God in earthly temples will be expose like a lie..For church are living people and not the earthly temples!

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Tu Arte en Mi Aug 24, 2009 2 تعليقات

Querido Señor, mi corazón está lleno de gratitud por el tiempo que me has concedido para estar aquí, en este mundo que tu creaste con tanto amor. Quizá mi oración no ha sido tan profunda e íntima como yo habría querido. Mi mente se ha preocupado con frecuencia de pequeñas inquietudes y problemas insignificantes. Te doy gracias por este don de un valor incalculable. Te pido que me des la gracia de que mi vida sea merecedora de este maravilloso don que eres TÚ mismo, dame la gracia de que permanezca fiel a tu espíritu de y que sea capaz de compartir la nueva fuerza que ahora experimento con todas las personas que se cruzan en mi camino. Señor manifiesta tus abundantes bendiciones a todos los hermanos, que me han mostrado con tanta claridad, la realidad de tu amor. Amén.

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Tu Arte en Mi Jul 16, 2009 1 التعليق

Señor…gracias por la familia que me has confiado. Gracias por creer en mí. Te ruego que me llenes de sabiduria y de múcho amor. Enséñame a tener claras las prioridades…para estar cuando me necesiten, orar por ellos y servirles…como tu lo háces conmigo. Que puedan ver en mi tu presencia. Y gracias porque has prometido darme la victoria si obedezco a tu palabra. . Gracias por mis amigos y hermanos de Cross.tv. Berndicelos señor te lo pido para gratificarlos por todo lo que han venido haciendo, su apoyo, enseñansa, oraciones y cada una de las cosas que me han brindado en esta hermosa pag.Web. Te pido tambien bendiciones para todas las persona que con el Predicador cybernetico Carlos Andres, trabajan en Creelo.org, y en fin para toda persona que ahora, en este momento se encuentre necesitado de ti, señor amado dales tu bendicion, permiteles un encuentro contigo para que asi tambien puedan establecer una bonita relacion para empesar a conocerte como lo hicistes conmigo Amén

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Señor: Hoy vuelvo aqui para comversar en publico y donde ojo humano pueda leer, Señor quisiera yo, estar segura que esto que a mi me esta pasando hoy, padre amado, si que son cosas que viene de ti Señor, pero tiene razón mi amiga y ha quien considero una guia espiritual, un angel enviado por ti mi Señor Jesucristo, pero entre muchas enseñanza que he tenido de ella hoy, Padre celestial, me hizo ver que no todo viene de ti, mas yo guardo la esperanza que esto si que viene de ti Padre mio, Señor yo puse mi confianza en ti, yo tengo plena seguridad mi amado Señor Jesucristo, que tu cuando un alma te clama le oyes, corres en su socorro, por eso al instante yo pude pensar que todo Señor lo que me llega, asi de pronto viene de ti...Mas yo se que soy humana... Y que como humana tambien tengo que pensar que el enemigo me puede hablar y confundirme Señor, pero yo estoy tranquila, porque confio Señor que tu estas a mi lado, apoyandome cada día para que mi pié no vuelva a tropesar y menos a enredarme el por el ojo, ni siquiera por aquello que compra corazones, Señor yo deposite toda mi cpnfianza en ti, y se que ese día tu me acogistes con gran cariño, y me diste la posibilidad señor de que te demostrara que valgo como tu esperas, aleluya, yo no tengo Señor por ahora nada que ofrecerte, solo pedeirte que me ayudes a seguir firme, y a cumplir señor con esta promesa que te he hecho, y que mañana cuando yo despierte mi Señor Jesucristo, mi alma pueda estar tranquila y confiada que tengo el tiempo suficiente para aprender a escucharte y no andar pensando que todo lo que me llegue asi a la mente, es cosa tuya, y si lo es Señor, entonces dame la oporunidad de hacer diferencias Señor que yo pueda dar testimonio y diga con toda la boca es Jesús quien me habla y no otra fuerza que estoy segura no escucho señor, pero igual lo digo porque yo soy humana y estoy propensa como muchas veces lo he estado al engaño y a la confusion, y no voy a decir que no señor, pero para eso cuento contigo padre amado no me desampares señor, yo confio en ti mi señor Jesucristo, y se que tu no me dajaras sin tu apoyo, y si me he equivocado tu me eseñaras el verdadero camino para llegar a ti sin equivocos señor, porque yo no te busque mi Dios amado para vivir pensando que lo que yo digo que viene de ti, no es asi, porque cuando no estaba dispuesta adorarte Señor yo no tenia que pensar que lo me sucedia era malo y si lo era señor no me da cuenta, ni me enteraba Señor, entonces te pregunto Señor porque yo estoy confiada en que todo lo bueno esta conmigo porque yo estoy contigo, y cuando alguien se te entrega quien contra ese alguien Padre amado, yo se que no estoy exenta y que como todos Señor, corro el riesgo de ser tenteda, porque tu mismo fuistes tentado, como no voy a serlo yo, si a ti que sabia el enemigo no podia contigo, te tentó, no puedo yo pensar que no lo haria conmigo pero para eso mi Señor amado Jesucristo, bendito sea tu nombre por siempre,amén, cuento yo contigo, porque yo se y estoy convencida Señor que no por nada me buscastes, porque no fui yo señor amado, no fui yo, fue el Dios altisimo el Padre de la gloria el que me llevo contigo, porque tu sabes mi Señor Jesucristro, que nadie viene a ti si el Padre no te lo da y se Señor que de tu mano camino y se que corro riesgo, pero tambien se que tu me cubres con tu sangre preciosa y con tu manto me envolvera para que nada me pueda hacer equivocar de nuevo y yo pueda seguir confiando en ti como siempre lo he hecho señor esta suplica no es por miedo, sino por reconocimiento a mi amiga que si puedo estar equivocada, y no ser de tu parte mis creencias, cuando digo que tal cosa viene de ti, y que tu me dijistes sin saber porque pienso que eres tu, ya que mi mente es humana... Pero solo tu sabras y solo tu puedes tomar control de mi mente Señor y tambien de mi lengua Señor, no permitas Dios del cielo que hable mi boca por hablar, te lo ruego Padre amado, te pido que me perdones si lo que he dicho no viene de ti, y tambien te digo que ciudare mi lengua para volver a decir algo que no este totalmente segura que viene de ti ... Ámén Señor quedo en tus manos y esperando de ti me controles... y me orientes Señor ya que tu eres mi Pastor y yo se que contigo nada me faltara, Señor Bendice a Carlos Andres de Creelo. org; al Dr, Serafin contreras de Renuevo de plenitud; y a mi Amiga Ctolica a quien aprecio senceramente y amo en el amor de Cristo-Jesus y en especial a todos los de Cross, tv que son miembros compañeros de fe y que cada día hacen mi vida mas creyente. Bendiciones de mi parte para todos en el Nombre de Nuestro Señor Jesucristo "AMËN"

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LORD JESUS ,I pray with my brothers and sisters for MISSIONS be build according your heavenly picture Lord LIKE IN TIMES OF OLD, LET THE MENS BE BOLD!!

Hillsong TV Jul 06, 2009

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Tu Arte en Mi Jul 04, 2009 6 تعليقات

Señor...Gracias señor por tu misericordia...por tu bondad, al no tomar en cuenta mis debilidades y pecados, tu sabes cuanto se sufre, al andar entre la gente que no conoce tu perdón, tu sabes cuanto pesa la cruz de nuestros pecados ya que por ser tan bueno la llevas a cuesta y sin darme cuenta sigo cargandote con mis debilidades, hoy te pido perdon señor, perdon de corazón, como debi hacerlo desde siempre pero el mundo ofrece cosas que se tocan con la manos y pensamos que eso llena, pero solo es eso llena "EL EGO HUMANO" mientras que día a día, se siente que ya no hay vida, porque no se ve la felicidad, no se ve la tranquilidad, no se ve el compañesrismo, no existe la igualdad, se va, se pierde el respeto a todo, señor, se pierden los valores, se pierden señor los principios y nadie se opcupa de decir "DIOS EXISTE"... Por eso señor hoy vengo a ti humildemente a pedirte, implorarte te apiades de mi, yo se que no lo meresco, pero igual se que eres Dios de perdón, padre ante todo, y nunca desamparas aquel que se arrepiente de corazon y promete caminar de tu mano, y te pide señor levantame de donde estoy, sacame con tu poderio de este infierno en que he vivido, Señor tu eres la vida, y yo necesito esa vida... igualmente señor quiero hoy que me siento tu hija con derechos de estar y confiar en mi padre, aquel que me da todo sin esperar nada mas que deposite todo mi confianza el el...y que desde ya luchare por encima de todo para que nunca mas se me vaya la confiaza de mi corazón... Darte las gracias señor bendito por haberme tocado con tu gran poder señor... y hacer que despertara de mi vida vacia,.. y permitir que camino de tu mano señor, asi en este momento mi señor te pido ilumines el camino de otra gente que se encuentran en tinieblas y que no conocen señor tu camino, señor muestrales, abreles el entendiniento señor, porque a veces pasa que no vemos, las cosas como tu quisieras, y las dejamos pasar, Señor, no por que querramos, sino, porque el poder de otra fuerza nos hace ciego para tus verdades, Señor nosostros somos tu pueblo, sacanos de donde estemos, tu sabes mejor que nadie quienes somos tus hijos y quienes no, señor , yo ahora clamo señor por tu bendición, por tu miesricordia, por tu bendito amor, para que ilumines el mundo en que vivo, y para que me des lo que necesito para ser tu portavoz, y poder gritar al mundo "YO FUI RESCATADA POR MI SEÑOR JESUCRISTO DE ENTRE LOS MUERTOS"... PERO AHORA VIVO...POR EL PODER DEL SANTO PADRE...POR SU BENDITA MISERICORDIA...POR LA GLORIA QUE PUSO EN MI Y QUE NO MERECIA CUANDO ME VIO... LE PIDO A TODO AQUEL QUE LEA AQUI... QUE BUSQUE ENTRE SUS AMIGOS ALGUIEN QUE LO QUERA DE VERDAD COMO LO QUIERE CRISTO JESUS, TAMBIEN APROVECHO LA OPORTUNIDAD QUE TENGO PARA ESCRIBIR AL PUBLICO QUE ESTO NO ES PARA JACTARME SINO PARA LLAMAR CONCIENCIAS, DICE LA PALABRA QUE NO HAGAS EN PUBLICO COMO PARA LLAMAR LA ATENCION, SEÑOR LIBRAME DE HACER ALGO EN TU CONTRA... A MIS QUERIDOS AMIGOS Y HASTA ENEMIGOS TE PIDO BENDICELOS SEÑOR, DALES LUZ Y PAZ EN SUS CAORAZONES AMEN... Señor no soy mas que tu hija implorando perdón por mis culpas que se y estoy segura ya fueron limpiadas y queda de mi parte mantener esa limpieza de alma y cuerpo, porque mi esperitu es tuyo y ese no lo pude manchar... Bendicones de parte de nuestro señor JESUCRISTO...AMENNNNNNNNNNNNNN

truePrincess Jun 13, 2009 8 تعليقات

(Молитесь этой молитвой за себя/маму/папу/тётю/брата/сестру и т. д.) Господь, я молюсь за себя/маму/папу/тётю/брата/сестру (хто бы то ни был, но за себя о б я з а т е л ь н о) чтобы Бог Господа нашего Иисуса Христа, Отец славы, дал мне Духа премудрости и откровения к познанию Его, и просветил очи сердца моего, дабы я познал/а, в чем состоит надежда призвания Его, и какое богатство славного наследия Его для святых (тоесть для меня), и как безмерно величие могущества Его во мне, верующему/ей по действию державной силы Его, которою Он воздействовал во Христе, воскресив Его из мертвых и посадив одесную Себя на небесах (на основании послания к Ефесянам 1:16-20) Для сего преклоняю колени мои пред Отцем Господа нашего Иисуса Христа, от Которого именуется всякое отечество на небесах и на земле, да даст мне, по богатству славы Своей, крепко утвердиться Духом Его во внутреннем человеке, верою вселиться Христу в сердце моё, чтобы я, укорененн/ая и утвержденн/ая в любви, мог/ла постигнуть со всеми святыми, что широта и долгота, и глубина и высота, и уразуметь превосходящую разумение любовь Христову, дабы мне исполниться всею полнотою Божиею. (на основании послания к Ефесянам 3:14-19) Аминь!