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البحث في الفيديو ، الأعضاء، أحداث ، ملفات صوتية ، صور ومدونات البحث

CROSS TV Български|Bulgaria

Благословен ден! Прочетохте ли вече новия блог?

Artist and Band Accounts:





As a band or an artist you can now take advantage of cross.tv's unique artist account, allowing you to build your own social network for your fan base, your contacts and your friends. You can use it to promote your music and your projects globally in multiple languages and to network with other players in the industry. Some of the features which your free cross.tv account offers are:


  • Artist page with multiple pages, personal menu and option to add pages in multiple languages You can specify the language of your page when creating it. Your visitors will automatically see your pages in their own language, if you make it available in their particular language.

  • Video sharing & archiving. Unlimited server space, all common video file types accepted.

  • Control over your “Artist Channel”, giving you censorship over user uploads of your music videos and audio files. Simply apply for control over your “Artist Channel”.

  • Audio sharing & archiving with unlimited server space.

  • Control over making your media downloadable or restrict it to “streaming only”.

  • Photo sharing

  • Event management tool to announce concerts, tours, festivals and other appearances

  • Private discussion forums

  • Fan forums

  • Audio/Video chat

  • Blogging

  • Video embedding

  • Newsletter/Group messaging

  • Prayer network feature

  • Building a local and a global fan network

  • Automatic notification to your contact and fan network on your latest uploads & blogs

  • Free postings in the global calendar

  1. Create an artist account by submitting an email address you have access to into the “Enter Email” field on the start page in the upper right corner. 

  2. Go to your Mailbox and click on the activation link. Check your spam folder, if you don’t find the activation email in your Inbox within 15 minutes.


  3. Log into your new artist account and use the “invite friends” function to send invitations to all your band members, management, label, friends and fans you want to join your new online family network. 

  4. If you are a band, send an invitation to another email address of your own to connect yourself with your artist account. You will then have your personal account connected as a band member to your artist account. Note that you need a different email address for any new cross.tv account you create because your email address is an alternative user name to log in with which could come handy if you forget your user name.

  5. When inviting band members, professional liaisons or friends to join your artist network on cross.tv, simply enter their email address double check for correct spelling and select the RIGHT RELATIONSHIP TYPE. You can invite band members as “Members”, Staff as “Staff Members”, friends as “Friends”, etc. This allows your artist site to reflect “who is who” to your fans and it allows you to share certain media, blogs or private forum access with your band members, staff or management only.

  6. Check with everyone you invited to make sure they understand what it is for, why and how to accept the invitation. 

  7. Create and design new pages with text and photos and any information you want to share about your music, events, projects, etc.

  8. Upload videos and photos and share them with your fans and friends or with your band members, staff or management only.

  9. Do a search among the “Artist Channels” under “Videos/Artists & Bands”. There may already exist an Artist channel with your name or band name. Open your channel and click on “Apply for Artist Channel” to send an application to cross.tv to take control over your artist channel. Cross.tv will contact you to verify the legitimacy of your claim with you or your management. This is to ensure, that no one else but you can take charge over your artist channel. Once verified, cross.tv will connect your Artist Channel with your Artist Account, allowing you to add media to it and delete user uploads that are being dropped into your Artist Channel. This way you have control over what is being published about you on cross.tv and gives you the opportunity to replace poor quality user uploads with your own high quality material, to ensure you are “in the right light” always.

  10. Make sure to link to your website from your cross.tv and to your cross.tv from your website. To add a cool, purple “.tv” Button with a link to your cross.tv Artist Account next to your other social network link buttons, go to our “Banners Page” or click here. You will find embeddable .tv Buttons in various sizes.

CROSS TV Български قام بإضافة مدونة بعنوان Добре дошли в 2013!

Добре дошли в 2013!

Ние навлязохме в новата година - още един нов сезон на възможности да благославяме света, да се насърчаваме един друг и да сме лъч в тъмни места. Това време на годината носи със себе си и възможност и анг…

CROSS TV Български قد أصـبح صديق مع Suvi F

CROSS TV Български Благословен ден! Прочетохте ли вече новия блог?

Помогнете ни да запазим cross.tv порядъчен!

Знаете ли, че можете да оценявате видеоклипове, блогове, коментари, фото галерии и дори аудио файлове? Освен това можете да сигнализирате за видеоклипове, фото галерии и аудио файлове като неподходящи! Молим в…

CROSS TV Български Благослен ден! Прочетохте ли вече новия блог?

Сляпо 5-годишно момиченце е чудо-пианист!

Исус казва: "Всичко е възможно за този, който вярва." (Марк 09:23) Понякога може да е трудно да повярваме в плана, който Бог е приготвил за нас. Може да си мислим, че задачите, които Бог ни възлага са невъзмож…


защото риска е минимален." Блез Паскал


"Бог или съществува, или не. Аз мога или да вярвам или не. Губя единствено в случая, че Той наистина съществува, а аз отричам това. Така, че по-добре да вярвам, защот

Стартира нова cross.tv начална страница!

Както може би сте забелязали, нашата начална страница претърпя пълна промяна. Работихме усилено върху новите функции докато началната страница най-сетне стартира миналата седмица! Логването е на същото място, …

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Добре дошли в 2013!

Добре дошли в 2013!

Ние навлязохме в новата година - още един нов сезон на възможности да благославяме света, да се насърчаваме | المـزيد

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