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البحث في الفيديو ، الأعضاء، أحداث ، ملفات صوتية ، صور ومدونات البحث

Haitian Christian Television Network|United States

The Home of the Haitian Christian Community. We gather Haitians around the world in one place to worship the Lord and let the whole world knows about our values and talents : http://www.haitianchristiantv.net


Haitian Christian Television Network was founded in June 2008 by Hubert Dalexis.We stream live services, concerts, revivals,social events etc.. Since 2008, we have travelled to Haiti, The Domican Republic, Canada , Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, Georgia, etc.. If it Live, it is on Haitian Christian Television Network. People can watch our shows Live or On-Demand on our website:  http://www.haitianchristiantv.net ; http://www.haitianchristiantv.com ; http://www.telelouange.com .

We have a social network where people can make friends, chat, blog etc..http://www.hctvnetwork.com. We also have our own Video Tube: http://www.legliztv.com were people can upload videos of their church, their band etc..

We publish all the information regarding the haitian christian community on our News Network: http://www.hctvnetwork.com/news.



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Haitian Christian Television Network قام بإضافة فيديو جديد بعنوان HAG Brockton-Majeste

HAG Brockton-Majeste

Haitian Christian Television Network قام بإضافة فيديو جديد بعنوان L ap reye pou tout tan-HAG Brockton

L ap reye pou tout tan-HAG Brockton



Haitian Christian Television Network قام بإضافة فيديو جديد بعنوان Maestro Jean J.O. Normil-BMBC 40eme

Maestro Jean J.O. Normil-BMBC 40eme

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