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البحث في الفيديو ، الأعضاء، أحداث ، ملفات صوتية ، صور ومدونات البحث


                                 COIMBATORE,SOUTH INDIA
                                   Bro.C.DONALD ABRAHAM

Bro.C.Donald Abraham is the founder of the Miracle of Jesus Ministry. Born on August 30, 1966, he had a very tough life being torn by the ailments of poverty and agony of unemployment.

Unable to bear the agony of these problems, on April  20, 1986, When I’m am young I got attacked by pneumonia fever. I was left by the doctors without any hope. My whole family was keeping on shedding tears. We all prayed together. I took one vow to God: If I got healed I’ll do the ministry of God in full time. God gave me full deliverance and on the same time I have committed my life to God to do His ministry. His mind was transformed and he returned home enlightened.

After this incident, things started happening in him supernaturally. There arose an unquenchable thirst in him to spend hours together poring over the life-transforming pages of eternal Truth - The Bible, discovering secrets that could revolutionize human life. He spent hours talking to God and sought Him with all his heart.

                             The High Calling


On April 22, 1986, he tarried at the feet of the Lord Jesus in prayer till midnight. The Lord opened His eyes and with a radiant face, addressed him with a smile: 

"My beloved son! I am Christ! Because you have been seeking me diligently, I have come seeking you myself, to bless you".

Yes! For three full hours he saw Lord Jesus face to face. The Lord gave His commission that has made his life a continual blessing to countless.

"My son! People might have heard of my love, but they haven't tasted it. So, I pour my love and compassion in your heart! This love will console their broken hearts and heal their diseased bodies. You will be witness to the power of My Holy Spirit."

                                                                          The Power of Anointing

On September 1986, BRO.C.DONALD ABRAHAM was anointed by the Holy Spirit. Since then, whenever he preaches and prays at public meetings, he displays a rare power of interpreting different languages, and speaks the word of wisdom and knowledge.

During the prayer time at public meetings, guided by the Holy Spirit within Him, he calls out the names of people who are in the crowd and exactly reveals their spiritual, mental, emotional and physical conditions.

In some meetings, he calls out a few people from the crowd and right before the huge crowd of over four hundred thousands, and reveals their past, their present and foretells the future. People are amazed by the powerful acts of God.

Initially I did the track ministry. I use to go to villages and project the Jesus film and then preach the word of God.

            From 1990 in our city of Coimbatore every year I’m conducting the “Blessing & Miracle Festival” and call leading speakers to deliver the word of God in those meetings. I also use to deliver the messages. Many thousands and thousands of people have been blessed through this.

People use to call me to preach and prophesy the word of God in other churches, in many places of our country in the crusades.

            All Sundays evening’s Anointing service in one rented huge hall prayer meeting is going on and many people participate in that.      

            All months I’m conducting Full night prayer and so many number of people took part in that and getting blessings of God.

            I use to conduct the Fasting prayer meeting in our city in one rented great hall during first Saturday of every month.

            Every Tuesday and Wednesday I’ll be in fasting and many people come to me for counseling, prayer, prophecy and deliverance. I’m leading this meeting in one rented room which is situated in the midst of the city.  

            With the burden that many people should be blessed and saved I’m did the television ministry. Please pray.

            I’m very happy by reading your mail. I like to join in your  Church family.

            We are doing ministry with our whole family. My wife’s name is Sarala Donald and I’m having two little children studying in schools. First is boy named D. Nathanael David Godson and second is girl named D. Princess Deborah.

            Here we do not have own building for our ministry. We are doing only through rent. No vehicles also provided to bring the people to attend the meeting. They will reduce their financial support by thinking, So by joining in your organization I kindly request you to provide your financial support. In future let us do television ministry and so many ministries by the will of God.

                            You pray the Holy Spirit lead and talk with you, you please reply.

                                            I am waiting for your reply this mail.


            I am filled with great joy in communicating through this mail.


                                                                                             In Christ’s work,

                                                                                            C. Donald Abraham.

                                                                                My Address

                         MIRACLE OF JESUS MINISTRIES

                              13 KATTOOR STREET



                                    SOUTH INDIA

                                       PIN 641037.
                             PH.0091 9842219223


                 miracledonald@gmail.com            miracleofjesusministrries@yahoo.com

                     Web: http://www.freewebs.com/miracleofjesus/
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