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البحث في الفيديو ، الأعضاء، أحداث ، ملفات صوتية ، صور ومدونات البحث


SENIOR PASTOR : Through my life the LORD Jesus Christ to be glorified

البلير الخـاص بي

Father, LORD JESUS CHRIST, I absolutely depend upon You for the Goverment Permit about the Church Building. I have a dream how Your people in the village will able to present the daily |المـزيد

إنضم لـصلاة

مجتمع الإعلانات

The mercy God for all . Nov 29, 2011 1 التعليق

Oh God ,thank your for your will done in our heart.Let people understand your way and they will come to you.Bless each one who listens your parole and accepts you in their heart as personal saviour.Enter in their heart and purify them so that they 'll be cleaned for your service. rev. Louis M.

Godana Aug 06, 2011 4 تعليقات

Lord Jesus Christ. I believe that you are the SON of GOD and the Only way to GOD: that you died on the CROSS for my Sins and rose again from the dead. I renounce all my country's sins and I turn to you Lord Jesus for mercy and for forgiveness, and I believe you do forgive us. From now I want to live for you, I want to hear from your voice and do what you tell me. In order to receive your blessing, Lord, and to be released from any curse over my life, I confess any known Sins committed by us, or by our ancestors, or others related to us......... Lord, I thank you and I believe you have forgiven everything that I have confessed, and now I want to say we also forgive all other persons whoever has harmed us or wronged us. I forgive them all now as I would have God forgive me. Further more, Lord, I renounce our contact by ouryselves, or anyone related to us, with satan, or with occult power in any form or any kind of secret society. Also, we commit ourselves to remove from our houses; any kind of occult objects that honour satan and dishonour Jesus Christ. With your help, Lord, we will remove all. And now Lord Jesus, I thank you father that on the cross you were made a curse that I might be redeemed from the curse and might receive the blessings. Because of what you did for me on the cross, I now release myself from every curse, every evil influence, and every dark shadow over me or my country, from any source whatsoever. I release myself now, in the name of Jesus. Amen


Father, LORD JESUS CHRIST, I absolutely depend upon You for the Goverment Permit about the Church Building. I have a dream how Your people in the village will able to present the daily ceremony so they can praise and worship You. I beleive in You, You are the Almighty God so everything are possible for You. I am waiting for You in my daily prayer day and night. Father in Heaven, You know the society of muslim will close the church and they are so proud to do that.....we are small and have nothing BUT THERE IS A WOUNDERFUL HOPE because we have You JESUS.

Silent steps... Jul 28, 2011

Have you not heard his silent steps? He comes, comes, ever comes. Every moment, every age,  every day and every night  he comes, comes, ever comes. Many songs have I sung in many moods but all their notes have always proclaimed,  `He comes, comes, ever comes.' In the fragrant days of sunny April  through the forest path  he comes, comes, ever comes. In the rainy gloom of July nights on the thundering chariot of clouds  he comes, comes, ever comes. In sorrow after sorrow it is his steps that press upon my heart,  and it is the golden touch of his feet  that makes my joy shine. my beloved god may i always be close to you as i am now in this moment...

confession Jul 19, 2011

So I kneel down, bow my head, close my eyes, open my heart, grasp for the truth and confess what I even hid from myself. Confess to god wordless, silent, full of hope and love, that he understands, that he helps, gives me wiseness,  strength and a clear vision for the next step to go, to act, to love, to be as he wants me to be... My beloved god enlighten me...


LORD JESUS CHRIST MY FATHER IN HEAVEN. I hope all my sister and brother in over the world, You bless them richly...I want to hear that they are always rejoice in You. Please heal the sick, strenght the weak, open the blind, make they are always enough for everything they need. Bring them to Your will and purposes according to Jeremiah 29:11.


Father in heaven, I give thanks for everything You've done in my life and in my ministry. I proclaim You are the One, there is no one like You. You are the Almighty God and there is no imposible in You. When I was child I hear about You that You helped our parents so they were able through away the big storm......really at that time nothing to do ......nothing to hope.........! I knew my mother always bowed down before You and her tears wet Your throne. You ansered her prayer. You are so faitful LORD; You can do the great great things. Really I believe Your Word is aboslutely True.............. Romans 10:11, Jeremiah 17:7-8, Psalms 34:11 WHOEVER READ MY PRAYER, I HOPE THIS WILL MAKE THEM STRONG AND STRONG.....!

CROSS TV ENGLISH May 16, 2011 19 تعليقات

Please pray for our Brothers and Sisters in the Southern States of the United States. They are being hit by terrible floods and other natural disasters. Officials in the South faced some tough decisions about having to open spillways and evacuate roughly 2,000 people in order to save the larger cities. Please pray for wisdom and divine guidance in all of these decisions, as they are certain to be difficult ones. Please pray for protection for all of the people affected by these disasters, as they are very trying times. We know we serve a powerful and merciful God, and we pray that His Love shines through in all of this. For more information about the flooding please take a look at our blog http://www.cross.tv/blog/24270