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البحث في الفيديو ، الأعضاء، أحداث ، ملفات صوتية ، صور ومدونات البحث
Ese Ibi


Take the time to form good relationships—with God, yourself and others. Good relationships make you happy


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I am a child of destiny! It all happened in July 1985 while in college. On this fateful day during the break hour, I was copying my course notes and observed that there was a preacher girl by name Ehbos who sat towards the far right of the back of the classroom preaching to some of my friends who had engaged her in some serious arguments. For one reason which I didn’t know then (but now know it was divine), my friends moved from the back of the classroom, came to a table away from mine at the front of the classroom, with the preacher girl still preaching the gospel. She did tell my friend that Jesus is real and alive and that He loves them despite their behaviors.

That He died for them to save them from sin. She asked if they really loved the kind of life they were living, and that really got to me. Sitting still copying my notes, I asked myself if I really liked the life I was living. And my answer to me wasn’t satisfactory.

Now I wanted to know more about this man Jesus and the life He brought. While the break time was over, we were going out on Agriculture practical, when I walked towards the preacher girl and asked her, ‘Is it real? All you told my friends, are they real? She replied with an emphatic ‘yes!’ Then I went on to ask how I could receive this Jesus into my life, and she replied, ‘All you need to do is go on your kneels and ask Jesus to come into your life to be your Lord and Saviour and He will. ‘Is that all? I asked, and she replied ‘Yes!’ Guess what! I just couldn’t wait to get back home from school that day. I eagerly wanted to do just what the preacher girl said.

But as soon as I got home, I ran straight into my room, shut the door behind me and fell on my kneels, by my bedside and said, “Dear Lord Jesus, I believe in you, please come into my life and be my Lord and Saviour”, and bingo! Something happened, yes something definitely happened. I was changed! I knew it, I knew I was changed! Now I was born again! I ran out of the room, came over to the balcony, looked at the sky and it was brighter than I have ever known the sky to be. Inside me was this joy unspeakable and full of glory! Straight way, I ran back in, got to my immediate elder sister who was a year older than me and a grade above me in the same school. Excitedly I told her what had happened to me, that I was born again and that it was real.

Seeing my excitement, she asked what I did and I narrated by encounter. Still excited about this new life and unknown to me, she went into her room, did the same thing and she got born again. She came out with that same excitement and glow- now my sister is born again. The Next Day at School: The joy and excitement was still there.

I needed to see the preacher girl to let her know what had happened to me. We met and I looked at her with this huge smile and said, ‘I am born again’. Of course she hugged me took me to other Christian Sisters (It was a school for girls only), got me introduced and I was so warmly welcomed. It was then I met a very wonderful Christian Sister by name Linda Oyakhilome who became a very special friend till this day.

My old friends couldn’t take it. They said I had been deceived, and brain washed. They gave me two weeks then, after which they said I will return to my senses. But thank God I never returned to my senses (for to be carnally minded is death).

The Holy Ghost completely brain washed me and gave me a new mindset. The old is gone and the new has come. Praise God! These new people were more than friends, they were my family. I had come to the citizens of Zion! I can speak in Tongues! Having been introduced to this beautiful family, I began attending the school fellowship with other believers, preaching the gospel as well.

On one the fellowship days we had some of the alumina come to visit and these sisters were on fire. One of them was Sister Kate Oyakhilome (Now Evangelist Kathy Woghiren). The meeting was awesome and that was the day I got filled with the Holy Spirit, spoke in tongues and I was drunk in the Spirit. It was really refreshing! My Destiny Revealed: Getting to know Sister Linda for me was the next part of my destiny revealed.

I loved to hear her talk about her Christian Parents and siblings, especially her elder brother whom she told me handled a fellowship in school, held a lot of crusades and performs a lot of miracles. The testimonies were mind blowing and all I wanted was to meet with her brother she was so proud of. The day came when in school she told me her brother and his friend were coming home from school. Really, I couldn’t wait to see them.

Well I did and boy. . . seeing Pastor Chris was seeing a physical Jesus.

He was so handsome, calm, peaceful and meek. I remember telling her she has a very fine brother. Then she introduced me to her brother (smiles. .

. ). Pastor Chris greets me, asked my name, and gave me a compliment and boy!!!!!! I was introduced to a new kind of love. I joined the House Fellowship in their house and that was where my life was built.

Few months after my first encounter with Pastor Chris, he asked me, “Sarah, what is your gospel?” I didn’t think I had one, but he said to me, “Matthew had a gospel, Mark, Luke all had a gospel. What is your gospel?” Pastor made me know that my encounter with Jesus was my gospel and he told me then to write ‘The Gospel According to Sarah’. I did, and I have here titled my testimony of salvation as “THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO SARAH-WEALTH”. Today, I am a Pastor and I am fulfilled.

Appreciations: I here will like to show my appreciation and thanks first, to Father God who sent His only begotten Son Jesus, to die for me, giving me eternal life, and filling me with the Holy Ghost. Secondly, thanks to Ehbosereme Ewah who preached to me and led me on how to receive Christ (I do hope you are still serving God). Pastor Linda, thank you so very much for being a friend and dear sister who led me to the unveiling of my destiny. I will always be grateful.

My deepest appreciation to Pastor Chris; meeting you was a fulfillment of my destiny in God. You begat me in the gospel; you have nurtured me, fed me with God’s Word; guided and guarded me; you have greatly influenced my life as a Father, Coach and Mentor. I am God’s dream because of you. Great is your reward Sir! My appreciations to; Rev Ken Oyakhilome, Rev Tom Amenkhienan, Rev Ray Okocha, Evangelist Owase and Pastor Tom Obiazi, whom have been my Pastors at one time and have contributed immensely to my spiritual development; whose faith and testimonies have been an anchor for my salvation.

I love you dearly. To all who are reading my gospel, I do hope you have been greatly inspired. Know assuredly, that Jesus is alive and He is the same, yesterday, today and forever. What He did for me, He can do for you also.


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mandaddos كتب تعليق على الفيديو Harvest Joy

Thank you Sir for coming to Nigeria

mandaddos كتب تعليق على الفيديو Technology, Faith And Human Shortcomings

Thanks a million Sir.

mandaddos كتب تعليق على الفيديو Technology, Faith And Human Shortcomings

Thanks a million Sir.

mandaddos كتب تعليق على الفيديو Technology, Faith And Human Shortcomings

Thanks a million Sir.

mandaddos كتب تعليق على الفيديو Technology, Faith And Human Shortcomings

Thanks a million Sir.


My Mother's Day all mothers, I salute u all. God Bless U all

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