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البحث في الفيديو ، الأعضاء، أحداث ، ملفات صوتية ، صور ومدونات البحث
Chanel Sumpter

chanel2|United States

Proverbs 31: 25-31 God be praised may I aways follow your words with grace and pose. Thank you Father :)

البلير الخـاص بي

Thank you Lord for the many blessings coming our way, in your time and in you will. I love you Lord and I lift your name high! Thank you father for another year in paradise.

إنضم لـصلاة

مجتمع الإعلانات

Happy Birthday Jesus! Dec 25, 2011 1 التعليق

Father God we praise you! Where do I begin and how do I express my unwavering love for you! We thank you Father for sending us you in flesh walking the Earth some 2,000 years ago! For you loved us so that you gave your only son Jesus (Emmanuel - God with us) to teach us, and die for our sins even though we are not worthy! Oh my God how you loved us even before we took our first breath and you love us even when we return to you. Let us not forget your unfailing love, your unlimited devotion to us, your steadfast hand in our lives, the good, the bad, and the ugly still only you Lord carry us through. Thank you Father for giving us life, love, and You. May we always remember that the true reason we are here is because of the tremendous sacrifice you gave - your grace and your mercy. You reign forever and ever in our lives! Continue to remind me of who I am and who's I am. I love you Lord! In Jesus name! AMEN!