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البحث في الفيديو ، الأعضاء، أحداث ، ملفات صوتية ، صور ومدونات البحث

My name is Are Saiman.MY parents are christains and even their parents too.I was born in good to a well educated mother,obidient daughter of God,sucessful wife,to me first teacher,first pastor,first doctor,first councillor,first loving friend,first sponsor.She never showed her weaknes before her son,whom she wanted to serve the Holy Father of the Bible.Taught me Bible teachings to live wise and face the enemy with strength.I am previlise to have  the Holy mother.I am proud of my beloved mother.She showed me her Holy life and i am following her foot steps.

My mother prayed and made promise with God,if she gets a male baby, he will be serving the Lord Father.God blessed my beloved mother with male baby.She found the way to dedicate her loving child,named him Saiman.I grew up in luxury and with love of my mother.My mother's God protected me well.Though i am far to see and enjoy the my father's love.He was serving Indian Army.He never treated me well.In my childhood beated me badly.My mother suffered lot to save me from the brutal angry husband.He use to beat her as drunken man.He illtreated ,made wound in my life.He shade my blood,made my mother to cry after her loving son.My teenage spent out side the home,far from home.Never allowed to mingle with family members.I was enjoying as youth pastor,but not discouraged.This is my mother's strength and blessing.

I was studying second class standard,i suffered with stummering.Not able to speak even a sing word. Everyone in the school and out side,even reletives mocking me because i am stutter.I comlplained my mother that i don't want to go school and out to play with any child.My mother advised me to pray god can heal you and make you to speak well.I prayed but still every one mocking me.Finally i decied to stop going to school and play with children.My took me to the room alone taught me to pary and to ask Father as wise child.Miraculasly i started to speak with fluence,started to sing with sweet voice.I was hesitate to go to sunday school,but i have become sunday school teacher.I started to teach to the children songs and stories taught by my mother in the same second standard.This is life changing miracle in my life.When ever i stand to sing ,to address the word.People say about my weakness in the childhood, praise God.

I am in the sixth standard.One day the elders of the village come to my mother and asked to join the Hindu feativa Sri Ramanavami(marriage of God,Rama and Sita).My mother rejected to join.They got angry and  went angry.The next day the elders of the village came again as a group men and women.They warned  that they will discommunicate us.My mother never paid attention to tose threats.In the night they again and said,you may not need to come to the idols.You have to contribute and sedn your children with our children.Immediately my mother said no.I was standing with my mother and defending my mother.

The community called "Pedapulivarru",judge us.That we have to leave our home and go out of the village and not to talk with any one in the village.That made me to cry in my child hood.Because my father never treated us well.Now the mother staying out of the village like untouchable community with five small children.I am eldest son.I am bold enough to stand with my mother.Ateacher in the school,ill treated and mocked  me bacause i am belongs to discommunicated family.That made me great pain to suffer.We suffered almost four years.Finally there was problem began in the community,the unity was broken.The community bacame three seperate groups and started to blamme each other.There was no peace in their families.They realised and came to my mother asked forgiveness and welcommed my family in to the community.Mean while I LEARNED HOW TO LIVE AS LONELY PERSON.God knows that i am going to face lonliness in my life.My enemy warned me not to out and meet people.He is controlling my finance and my water cup.He filled with his poision.He is taking out everything from me.He killed my mother.He killed my only brother.His brutalness occured in my life.He says he is belongs to bible and working for the mission.But that is not  true.He is the lier.He has been killing my people.He killed my girl friend,whom i suppose to marry.He taken out my luxury life.My father sold out all his properties.I never hurt,because he never shared his finance with me,but he blocked my financial sources.He put me in the debth.I have to pay the money ,what is not my responsible.He has taken out my rights from the family,taken my money and before he dies in 2014 he put me in the financial troubles.I am feeling as burden.I am going ahed with my ministry.Even if there is no one in my life, i never discourage or never pay attention.Because alradey i have trained well.

Now i am styaing with my wife at her palce.All the sources havebeen blocked.Still i am not paying attention,i do not want to turn back.I am going ahed with the word and the talents i got  to praise the Lord Father..

I am looking for the organisations,church,persons to connect.I need  work with supportive ,defendable base.I am looking for people who can recieve me.You can contact me through my postal address,E-mail:id,Phone number,Mobile number.You can support through finance.You can send through Western Union and Bank Account number you can use. May the Lord Father  be with us. Amen.


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