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البحث في الفيديو ، الأعضاء، أحداث ، ملفات صوتية ، صور ومدونات البحث
Anthony Beckman-Klaus

klauss|United States

I'm Catholic from birth and don't plan to ever change that. Can't say I'm really spiritual much, but I do have a belief in GOD, and it is this belief that has carried me along all this while. I have a strong faith in GOD for a positive fate!

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klauss [العضو]] انضم إلى الصلاة [[عنوان]] [اسم]]

klauss [العضو]] انضم إلى الصلاة [[عنوان]] [اسم]]


Jesus sid to her "I am the Resurrection and the life; He who belives in My will live even when he dies, and no one who lives and belives in Me will ever die. do you belive this(Hon 11:25-26)"



CROSS TV हिन्दी

Welcome to my cross.tv, it is a wonderful group of family-friendly online Nondenominational Christian community for our encouragement and empowerment. Many Blessings!!!

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