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Linda Floyd

Wings2C|United States

LINDA FLOYD AND HER PETS NEED YOUR HELP - STROKE PATIENT IN NEED OF MEDICAL AND VETERINARY ASSISTANCE Thank you for reviewing my profile. I am writing to request assistance myself because I am alone and have no one to help me with these needs: Past and current medical bills, upcoming surgeries, medication and supplies and, especially veterinary care for my 2 elderly dogs with medical problems requiring expensive medication, transportation, moving expenses. Any, assistance will be so appreciated. I have cared for those in need and now I understand the depth of what they were really going through. In May of 2009, I suffered a stroke affecting my right leg and arm. My speech did not suffer, but my cognitive function did. I have tremendous medical bills from that and the mini-stroke 1 had a week after I got home from the hospital. I, finally, was awarded disability, but had to wait 2 years to get Medicare. I have a mound of bills from that time for follow up, physical and occupational therapy and equipment. I have had 4 hand surgeries in the last 3 years and need a joint replacement for my thumb. I also have severe stenosis from L5 - S1 and received multiple injections and physical therapy that did not help. I, also, need back surgery to correct this. All of this along with fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, chronic hypertension, major depression to name a few. I need assistance with care after the surgeries and now, as well. I can't afford the back brace I need. To give you some history, I was a single Mother and worked hard to go to school and became a nurse. I worked as a nurse for 30 years providing care to those in need and in poverty. I have a passion for animals, wildlife and the environment. Before, my circumstances, I was active in animal adoption, rescue and bird/wildlife watching. I was in a position to adopt and care for my animals and even raised a developmentally damaged rescued squirrel from Hurricane Katrina. I was actively supporting charities and volunteered with the local ASPCA. I lived in Alabama until 2008, until I moved to Wisconsin. After 6 months in my new job here, I was terminated due to my medical problems of back disease, high blood pressure, stomach problems, etc. that required frequent doctor visits and physical therapy. I had a home in Alabama that went into foreclosure and my car was repossessed because I could no longer make the payments. I could not find a job, as there was a hiring freeze during this time and I didn't have a car or the financial resources to move back home or to even go and find a job in another city. The reason for the detail is I am alone in a rural county in Wisconsin. Paying for transportation is using so much of my money. I have no neighbors to help and the churches are very small and don't have the resources I need. Currently I am trying to pay my rent, utilities and food and keep my pets fed and comfortable. My disability resource worker says I need to move into the closer city so I can get some of the resources I need. However, I can't take my pets and don't have the money to move. My Son is in Florida now. People will say "Get rid of your pets". But, I can not and will not do that. They are the only ones who loved and cared for me during all of this. They are who gets me out of bed everyday. I am all they know. They don't have much longer. Now, it is my turn to try to help them, if I can get the assistance. I don't want them in pain and even if they needed euthanasia, I wouldn't have the funds to help them. I was able to care for them when I got them and for all of their years. I came here with 4 dogs, 3 cats, 1 squirrel and a rabbit. Now I only have my 2 Sister dogs and a rescued cat. They have all passed over the rainbow bridge. So, those that were left? We help each other grieve. They are my pals and my company when I am so lonely. If you can't find a reason for me, please find one in your heart for my pets. Thank you so much for reading my story.

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Thank you for reviewing my profile. I am writing to request assistance myself because I am alone and have no one to help me with these needs: Past and current medical bills, upcoming |المـزيد

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Hi, my name is Lori I'll find and show you what you want! video here http://cutt.us/j21xxx


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