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البحث في الفيديو ، الأعضاء، أحداث ، ملفات صوتية ، صور ومدونات البحث
Undrajavarapu Yesuratnam


I am doing the pastor and evengelist, work now so need help and assistance in develoopment of this service and ministry so can you help me in assisting or supportng the minstry please let me know and thanking you team and sir, the direector cross,tv.

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undrajavarapu كتب على حائط debiavila

undrajavarapu كتب على حائط hans2

undrajavarapu كتب على حائط hans2


in Gospe help and assisetnce, please contact me by post mail and email also, thanking you member and team member in.Cross,Tv. thus;-bro,U.Yesuratnam,Evangelist Narsapuram; Lankavaripet,at NTR new Colony,AP;India;534275,pincode. uyesuratnam@gmail.com,.


christian greetings to you from India. I am brother & Evangelist,U.Yesuratnam, is writing to you sir, and team members in Cross tv, so I am interested and liking those services and let me know and you can contact me in further service and participation and I need your help and assistence further.

undrajavarapu كتب على حائط cara3


Greetings to you from India. I want to know more about this ministry and tv tours, and service so please contact me by email and post mail and thanking you sir, I need your help and assistance in christian ministry, and thanking you sir, and team in. bro.u.yesuratnam,

Hello, My name is miss lillian zaba a single girl,I saw your profile at please contact me through my private email..misslillianzaba27@yahoo.in., I have something important to tell you Thank you lillian


how are you today .my name is miss gift from africa i saw your profile today and become very interested .so please it is urgent that you have to contact me immediately through above email id (giftjohn739@yahoo.co.uk) so that i will tell you my mind and give you my picture.thanks so much for your u

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