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Are healthy gums the solution to every oral problem?

Jan 23, 2020

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If you are one of those people who are always scared of what might happen to your teeth if you skip brushing at night because you were way too tired and how can you manage the health of your teeth in the best way, then don’t worry. You are not alone.

We are revealing a secret for all such people, and the secret is your gums. Your gums are the roots of your teeth and the best way to ensure that your teeth are healthy is through roots. Unhealthy gums can open a portal to every new problem that you teeth can face and it’s better to keep that portal shut for as long as possible in the healthiest way. Gums are capable of infecting the teeth with different bacteria, plaque and tartar along with tooth loss. This is usually labelled as periodontal disease which has a potential of attracting different health hazards and medical conditions such as heart disease and dementia etc.

It is very easy to determine if your gums are healthy. You can simply check in with gum specialist Dubai or for a simpler approach, you can take a look in the mirror and determine the colour of gums – if they seem pink and firm then they are considered healthy. In case you have been dealing with bleeding gums and inflammation, it is always a good idea to get in touch with a professional.

When you visit the best maxillofacial surgeon for different purposes, the first thing they would ask you to take care of would be your teeth gums. They are mainly the root to every problem and they are also that one thing which can stand between your aesthetic facial surgery and you. Next they will ask you to minimize on stress and completely stop smoking because those are the things which can put you at a higher risk of gum diseases and as already mentioned, the results of gum diseases is not a very nice one.

There are so many things and so many ways that you can deal with gum disease and prevent them at the same time. For starters just try to maintain the basic brushing and flossing habits and you can slowly graduate to other healthy ones.