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How to convince users to download your app instantly

Jun 16, 2020

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Application Preview Guide: Convince Users to Download Your ...

Consider yourself as an app user and think about the steps which you go through when it comes to downloading an app. Usually the first one is the recommendation or the ad which you see that drives you to playstore to download it, but when you need more information about whether the app is worth your time or not, then you need go to the preview.

App previews are the place where you will find most of the important information and it is also the one thing which convinces you to download the app. So today we will see how top branding agencies in Dubai strategize the marketing plan to sell their products or services quickly and the same one that we can use in getting downloads:

  • Identify the important and stand out features

Whenever you are trying to sell a product and convincing people to buy it you always focus on its important and stand out qualities. The same you need to do here. You need to list down all the features and things that make your app one of a kind and then incorporate it in your preview. Show people what you are best at which will help you in gaining confidence of the users.

  • Don’t forget to share the visuals as a prop

One of the major things that a visitor is looking for in a preview is the look and feel of the app. If you fail to deliver the look of the app and sharing the glimpse into how it would feel in using it then there is hardly any chance that people would want to download it. But while doing so, don’t forget that you don’t need to make it a tutorial but just the glimpse into the look and feel of it. Don’t get lost along the way.

  • Draft out a plan

Once you have thought out the preview of what it must consist you need to look out for the script. Don’t directly dive into production of the preview, but instead aim for a thought out script and screenplay. Run with different ideas with the chosen mobile app development companies in Dubai and see how it plays out. Choose the one which looks the most appealing as being and audience and then go for it.