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البحث في الفيديو ، الأعضاء، أحداث ، ملفات صوتية ، صور ومدونات البحث


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For quality visit tyre shop online Abu Dhabi

Sep 06, 2019

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Having a quality vehicle and maintaining it perfectly will keep you rolling along but the most important thing, what you think about your vehicle's tyres? As tyres rubber hits the road but you need to know about your vehicle's tyre's details. Putting cheap quality tyres on the vehicle of millions is just like you are wasting your money. So, have a complete check about the tyre's quality and you can try Dunlop Tyres Abu Dhabi or can visit tyres Shop online Abu Dhabi.  Accordingly, when you buy new tyres after a few years, they may look perfect and jet black, but apparently, they are perfect, you can't judge the tyre's age and quality at that time.  To know about its quality, you need to know about the following things; 

  • Durability vs Grip

  • Rolling Resistance of vehicle's tyre 

  • Try to understand vehicle tyre's codes 

  • Know about tyre's rating 

  • Have an idea about tyre's designs 

  • Estimate the tyre's age 

  • Know about the pressure tips 

  • Complete knowledge of tyres' reviews 

  • Know about the maintenance tips

  • Choose the best quality tyres 

These are the things you need to know about your vehicle's tyre. Tyres are the back bone of your vehicle. Following is the detailed discussion;


Durability vs Grip

Every tyre's rubber mix and the pattern is different and is a compromise between multiple requirements like durability and grip. Normally, a soft tyre gives a perfect grip but leaves extra rubber on the road, unlike a harder model. Racing tyres are the best example of it. While durability is another thing, it is not measured easily. It depends on the technical knowledge you have. 

Rolling resistance of the vehicle's tyre 

Rolling resistance basically relates to the energy required to move a car along the road. Accordingly, lower rolling resistance means less fuel required. 

Try to understand the vehicle' tyre codes

Tyres marking are different to pick the perfect type and size of your transport. It is basically a confusing mixture of numbers, letters, and measurements in inches and millimeters. The following are the meanings; P175/ 65R14 82H, where P means passenger tyre and 175 is its width in mm, 65 is the aspect ratio or percentage of the tyre's profile. This is a ratio between tyre's section width and tyre's section height. Here, R means radial, which is the famous construction process for passenger's tyre, 14 in diameter, 82 is load rating index and H is used for speed rating index.


This above is the short description about the tyre's information. If you are owning a car or another vehicle then take the right decision for your transport. Tyre's quality and its perfection will bring to the destination safely without any problem. Just keep in mind that you choose the perfect quality while changing the vehicles' tyres. You can order it online or can visit multiple tyre shops in Abu Dhabi. This is not about the appearance but this is about the quality of the product you are using. So, save yours and your loved one's lives with the right decision.