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june purnell

Junie|United States

Please pray for our cross friend Mary Kishore. She has been invited from her war torn area Orissia India to speak at a conference in USA. She has had great challenges planning trip. Never done this before. If you can help let her know.

البلير الخـاص بي

Dear friends, Our home has been for sale now for over a year. It is a very nice house and needs no work done on it. Price is very low and I feel the enemy is keeping us from sale. It has |المـزيد

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voice of cross

We welcomeing sister junie blessings to you

voice of cross

hello sister junie greetongs to u in jesus name how are u now?a long back i wrote wish u again i come to this cross page please remebar once in your prayers about my joy ministrires. blessings rev.yohhan(john)

Sonsoftheking Inc

God bless you Junie! We are a corporate ministry with a global membership from all walks of life. We welcome your membership. www.sonsoftheking.org


Hello to all my friends. I have not been on cross tv now for a very long time. Hope all is well with all of you. I have been keeping up with our friend Mary Kishore and she is in desperate prayer right night. she is on cross tv. she is in North India.


Nice June Mom for being here...how are you?

voice of cross

hello sister junie so much thank you for your kind message for me how is sister mary kishore orissa is not in north india i think she belongs to south india near andhra pradesh how is she is doing sister junie.we are praying for you May God bless u.

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